What game are you playing?


West of Loathing is probably my favorite game on the Switch at the moment, but to give that absurd claim some context, I played it after Hollow Knight and it was the perfect palate cleanser. Had I played it at another time, I might’ve put it down never to return, like I do countless other games, so idk. It’s absolutely something special, especially for long-time RPG fans. I accept that my opinion is slanted, however.


Switch: Golf Story, Breath of the Wild (no, I still haven’t beaten it), and trying to scrape up money for Octopath Traveler and Hollow Knight.

PC: Nothing really. Ever since I deleted League of Legends I’ve been focusing time on other devices. A bit of Overwatch and Realm Royale with friends.

3DS: Pokemon HeartGold (I’m to the Kimono Sisters and they’re fuckin’ hard).

PS4: Shadow of the Colossus. You can watch me take down the first 4 bosses here.

Check out my full spreadsheet (and recommend additions) here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zg-SOYI8DlH-ibSNslfPtq0xJB4sEMb_7OHKbq2qclk/edit?usp=sharing


It’s such an accessible experience and it really does just want to give you the time to focus on the world and the writing instead of stressing about skill point allotment and builds and all that. The message that comes up early on offering to automate the level-up process and just build you a well-rounded character was so comforting to see for someone like myself that gets overwhelmed and intimidated about that. It was interesting, while playing WoL I started to get that same feeling Patrick got while playing Hollow Knight (which I also love) where I knew this was going to be one of my all-time favorites.


I picked up Burnout Revenge on sale a few months ago and only just now got the old 360 plugged in to the internet to download it

I think it’s safe to call that game inferior to Burnout 3. Like, straight up, the first problem is the menu is a nightmare. Unlike Burnout 3, where you picked a continent and scrolled around a map of events, here events are broken down in to difficulty tiers (1-10), within each tier is a list of locations (2-4 locations per tier, out of a pool of 6+), and within each location is a list of possible event types (5-7 events per location.)

Navigating to something specific is impossible. I cleared an event with a silver and the game kicked me out of the menu because I ranked up and it took me like 10 minutes to figure out which tier, environment, and event I was on so I could go back and try again for a gold medal.

And there are SO MANY CRASH MODE EVENTS. I worked my way up to the 4-star tier and I’d only played two of the Traffic Attack (or whatever) events, which are super fun event types where the goal is to keep traffic checking pedestrian cars in order to maintain a combo and put time back on the clock. Meanwhile, I’d also probably played 10-15 crash mode events by that point. Often you’ll hit big chunks where they’ll ask you to do 3+ crash events in a row before unlocking anything else. I don’t hate crash events, but I do need to be in a specific mood to want to do them and the game is always twisting my arm to do more.

The big thing about this game is the concept of “rivals.” If you get taken down by someone they are marked as your rival in that race and you get bonuses for getting revenge (hence, the title). The problem is, any time anyone takes you out, the game has to pull the camera away from your car to show your new rival, which means the signature ability to control your car after crashing (aftertouch) is basically impossible, which means it’s also impossible to get the ever-important aftertouch takedowns (done by steering your car’s flaming carcass in to oncoming racers).

The only way you get aftertouch is if the game thinks you crashed by accident, and the emphasis there is “if the game thinks it was an accident.” It’s possible to have an accident and get assigned a rival even though that guy didn’t do anything to make you crash. Aftertouch Takedowns are an important way to get back on your feet and keep a big, full boost meter, and being blocked from having that sucks.

Then there’s the new traffic checking system, which is great when you’re just barreling in to pedestrian cars, but it makes Road Rage events ten times harder because now they expect you to achieve takedowns largely by shooting pedestrian cars in to opponents. Just slamming in to rival cars is never enough to score a takedown anymore. I end up just kind of rubbing them in to a wall for a while and then giving up.

And I’m just really not having fun.


I played a bunch of Gravity Rush 2, and I’m really enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with an open world-ish superhero game since inFamous: Second Son. Some of the missions aren’t designed in an enjoyable way (stealth missions in an engine not built for it, wandering around to find a thing without being told where to go), but the look and feel of everything is so vibrant and fun that I really don’t mind. I hate to think that the series won’t continue because of poor sales. Kat is a hero that deserves to live on.


Started Final Fantasy 12, for PS4. Played the original maybe halfway back in the day, so excited to get back to it. I’m looking forward to doing much automatic sped up grinding. Picking jobs is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life.


I picked up Mugsters for $15 on Switch. It’s a top-down polygonal action game in which you control a little dude on an island, who has to free the captured humans and destroy a few objects before escaping in a plane from invading alien forces. The islands are littered with switches, explosive barrels, jumps, and a variety of cars, which are fun to control. A fun touch is the way that the cars will keep doing whatever you were doing if you jump out at full speed, leaving them doing endless donuts and such. It has a cute overexposed cartoony look, and controls pretty well.

I’ve been following the developer on Twitter since he came up with the idea, so it feels like the culmination of an emotional investment for me. Overall, I’m pleased! The game’s good! The only downside is playing it in handheld mode. While the medium is appropriate for this kind of game, and it performs without a hitch, everything is really tiny on the handheld screen. Take a look at the screenshots in the eShop to see if it would work for you.

Also, it made me want Absolute Drift on Switch very badly.


Friends convinced me to pick up The Division while it was on sale and I’ve been playing that over the last few weeks now.

I like the gameplay of the game quite a bit especially the Darkzone. The story part is where I’m incredibly split on the game because the main plot stuff is just really dumb and some parts of it, especially the Rikers related stuff, just feels like the writers sat around and tried to come up with scenarios and things people could say that would just make people mad.

However, there is some well-written side story stuff in a number of the phone calls and I kind of wish that was just the entirety of all the story elements.


I recently bought the Wolfenstein 2 Pack of The New Order and The Old Blood. I come to them in a bit of an interesting situation because I did play DOOM first before these games, so its interesting to see how i view these games. I think overall i liked Wolfenstein more, that stealthy-shooty gameplay loop just really hooks me for some reason, its a power fantasy in just the right way for me. In contrast to DOOM’s 100% in your face all the time, which honestly kinda ground me down towards the end of the game.

I did feel like BJ moved kinda clunky, and i suppose that is the tradeoff when you have to face enemies with hitscan weapons. Doom, with its more elegant movement and projectile enemies, deaths felt a lot more “i died because i wasn’t good enough”. My deaths in Wolf were most certainly the same, but the hitscan weapons, combined with the health and cover system made me feel like a lot of deaths weren’t my fault. Both series have clunky progression systems that feel a bit obtrusive and searchable collectables that i personally am not interested in at all. But Wolf at least doesn’t have actual character upgrades tied in to the collectables and exploration, so i consider that a point in its favor.

But the biggest point is yeah, the story. For as much as DOOM tries to turn its nose up at things like plot, or characters (Despite the fact that Doom definitely tries to have its cake and eat it too in that department), at the end of Wolfenstien, i wanted to kill the fuck out of Deathshead, i wanted to learn more about the world, and disrupt more nazi plans and hang out more with the Kriesau Circle. I wanted to do these things way more than i ever wanted to just kill more demons. DOOM presents a game that says “why should you give a shit about shooter stories” and Wolf and its complex emotional moments and motivation feels like the rebuttal almost, despite actually releasing earlier.

That being said I think both Wolf and DOOM are in the same quality level generally. Doom didn’t quite make it onto my games of the year list in 2016, but i feel like Wolf probably would have gotten there if i had played it back then. I would recommend Wolfenstein TNO and TOB highly, good games. (sorry for the long ramble, but I had a lot of thoughts on both wolf, and thoughts about DOOM that i never had an outlet for when i played it 2 years ago)


I haven’t been playing them but I have been rewatching some Meta Gear Scanlon and man, Kojima has some bad politics.


Finally dove in to the Yakuza series with Kiwami, and I’m hooked. I’ll follow it up with Kiwami 2 or Zero, not sure which is the best path to take.

I also just finished Pokemon Crystal, that was the first Gen 2 Pokemon game I’ve played to completion, really the first that I’ve played beyond a couple of gyms. Which is odd, considering that I played Red/Blue/Yellow at least a dozen times, and also played FireRed, Emerald, and Sapphire in gen 3. I’ve yet to even touch any Pokemon games after Gen 3, but I’d really like to play them all before whatever it is we get on Switch next year. Without a DS or 3DS that’s going to be challenging.


I am right there with you about Kojima’s politics, but I will give the man credit for calling out what was essentially “fake news” all the way back in MGS2. Maybe we do need a La-li-lu-le-lo. :wink:


I’ve forgotten how horrendous Vaan is. His appearance and manner and, the cherry on top, that awful bratty voice. Imagine the intended version with Balthier as the main protagonist! :heart_eyes:


I spent most of the weekend playing “what have I forgotten to back up from my old PC?”, setting up all the various games and softwares on my new machine.

The move to a new PC has improved my Far Cry 4 experience, which was such a buggy mess on the old machine that I had given up on it.
I hadn’t played for a fortnight, due to things I was supposed to interact with not appearing in the game, or other scripted events not firing and having to restart missions multiple times.

I fired it up just to see how it looked on the new PC because it was fairly fresh in my mind, and ended up playing for an hour without a problem.


Currently trying to replay Mass Effect 1. I got an Xbox One X recently so I have been reinstalling a bunch of old xbl arcade games, original Xbox games, 360 games, and so on. Games like Witcher 3 that I got 70 hours into and then realized oh GOD this is not the final mission, there is still like 15 god damn hours left.

Maybe once I get a PS4 back I will trrrry to get through Persona 5. Jesus, Japan, give us a solid story based RPG with 15 hours or gameplay, or even 7 or 8. I realize your market is teens who have a lot of wealth and free time and idle hours to waste away with games. Believe it or not, many entreprenurs or self-employed people or really anyone working full time does NOT have that time, and probably doesn’t want to sit down and try to remember the 400 different mechanics to your combat system or think back and wonder why this character is mad that the other one is dating her instead of the other girl because you haven’t played a month and you forgot the current plot details.


I got about 45 hours into Persona 4 Golden, thought I was reaching the end, looked up how much was actually left, then promptly sold my Vita and that game and never looked back.


Yeah, I knew going into P5 that it was easily 90-100 hours which I don’t necessarily hate. I really like the writing and music and design of P5, but the combat is really just boring. The bosses can be fun but the regular grind is tedious. The game almost seems like it knows it’s tedious because once you find a mob’s weakness, it will always let you know what it is so it’s just a matter of hitting that weakness with your 3 guys or swapping in someone who has it or just setting up your personas in a way that you have to swap as little as possible just to make the combat go by faster. And they even have that fast forward option to make it faster. Like…if I was making an RPG I would not make the combat so trivial and tedious that it just feels boring after 2 hours into the game.


I also bought P5 knowing what I was getting into… I played about 20 hours and haven’t touched it in a year. I agree about the combat. It starts out entertaining and fun, but the stylish animations quickly get tuned out by my brain as I just go through the flowchart of figuring out a new enemy’s weakness or crushing an old enemy using what I already know. The only time you have to leave a dungeon being when magic points are running low or you’re about to encounter a boss.


Honestly, I would rather just have the game condensed into the dating and the story. More like a Telltale game with no combat. I feel like the game would only be like 25 hours if they ripped out all the combat.


Since Heaven Will be Mine just came out, I’m kinda obligated to plug it. It’s an interesting visual novel so far. It does that thing where it builds the world without giving context as far as I can tell, so it feels a bit dense at time, but that just plays into the anime/mecha tropes.

It’s also all the Big Gay, so check it out if it’s something you think you might even possibly like a little.