What game are you playing?


Im playing summoners war: sky arena, awesome tactic turn-based online RPG


I’m playing Into The Breach (now it’s come to OSX, hurrah!). It’s taken me a while to stop being so paranoid about avoiding grid damage - I never got to the end game in my first playthrough, so I didn’t realise what grid power gets eventually “spent” as in the final battle - and stop restarting every time my grid power reduced more than a few points… [I also got obsessed with completing at least 3 islands, as I never unlocked the 4th island in my first playthrough, either, and of course, kept restarting long before I got off island 2 in any subsequent run]

I think I’m over those particular issues now, though, as I actually completed a 3 island playthrough on Normal (my first ever win, with the Rusty Hulks), and unlocked lots of new teams with new tactical opportunities.
[As with FTL, I’m not completely sold on the “get achieves to get points to unlock new teams” thing. If I was terrible with the initial team of mecha, I think I’d give up long before I unlocked alternatives that might gel with me better.]


LA Noire, for some reason, because there’s a bunch of stuff I should probably be playing instead.

Either way, it’s a good game, guys. It’s good.


It is a good game!
Reminds me of the time my brother played this game. He wasn’t really into games at this point, but he started playing this game and got real into it. One day I found him playing, just aimlessly driving around the city. Turns out he had beaten the game and gotten every achievement and just didn’t want to stop playing. We had a whole stack of PS3 games available to play, but he was content driving around in LA Noire.

This is all to say, yeah, that game draws you in!


Inspired by Natalie tackling Bloodbourne despite not thinking it was for her, I’ve started playing Dark Souls Remastered on PC. Having a lot of fun, and finding it a lot easier than my attempt at Dark Souls III a few months back. I might start streaming it, since I’m playing pretty consistently a few hours every night. I’ll let you know if I do, if anyone is interested (not to step on Big Boy’s future turf).


Gonna signal boost two smaller games that I bought recently.

First is Cosmic Star Heroine on the Switch (link is for Steam), This is a fantastic sci-fi RPG in the style of 16-bit games like Phantasy Star 4 or Lunar. The combat system is much deeper than the standard “attack-attack-attack-attack all” that you find in other games. Overall very polished and satisfying, especially as a pick up and play on the Switch.

Second is Star Traders Frontiers on PC/Mac. This is a game that manages to model several type of systems and push them together successfully. You have a deep working economic system, factions and contacts, ship combat and RPG customization, personnel combat with RPG customization, and a storyline to boot. All crammed inside a clunky-looking, spreadsheet-awkward package. Extra points for having an excellent Mac version which does not overheat my laptop and avoids just slapping on a crappy port/WINE wrapper.


I recently downloaded Halo 5 Forge on PC and omg… I was blown away. It’s compromised as fuck as a PC Port but man, I played Swat with the same 5 people for about 3 hours on keyboard and mouse and it was fucking awesome. I felt like a kid again when I hoped in for the first time and saw Halo on my PC. The community is pretty dead but man. I wish I knew a group of friends to play this with. I know Halo Online exists but something about loading the Main Menu and hearing the fucking stupendous music of Halo 5 and the cool DMR in the crazy grid level is just so much more worth it to me. Halo 5 had problems, I even refunded it on Xbox one like 2 days in but something about it running on my little laptop at 60fps with keyboard in mouse was so ceremonious as someone who considers themselves a “stan” for the Halo franchise. sorry for the run on sentences, im just so passionate about Halo its exudes off me every time I talk about it.


Got a weird urge for some shooting, so spent the weekend replaying Max Payne 1 and 2. I had a few thoughts while going through them.

  1. The first game does not hold up action wise. Most of the levels are boring and so many encounters are repeated.

  2. Boy is the damage system unbalanced. Sometimes you’ll be instantly killed by a couple of lucky bullets to the head, other times you’ll make it through a long encounter without taking a single hit. Absolutely huge variance.

  3. Much of what I remember being in the first game is actually in the second. The first is surprisingly basic. Only a couple of TV show scenes, barely any contact between Max and Vladimir, and almost no scenes starring both Max and Mona. Their combined screentime is probably about a minute.

  4. The second game is far superior, which was also not as I remembered. Better encounters, more character interactions, good weapons, reasonably interesting pulp story. It’s still a good game.

  5. Sam Lake shines in both games. I love how he goes from being Max to Max’s alter ego in the second one.

I may head into the third game or Alan Wake next. Never beat either, so could try to push through.


Regular Overwatch with friends taking up most of my gaming time means it took me around 6 weeks to finish Far Cry 4. I hated all the people you’re doing missions for, but loved the outpost takeover stuff.

Over the weekend I found out that Yakuza 0 runs beautifully over my Steam Link, so I’m going to make that my next long term gaming project.


The one-two punch of playing Sreet Fighter II at a bar/arcade with friends and watching EVO had me hankering for a fighting game. So I picked up Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is the DBZ game I’ve dreamt of since I was ten.

I have also jumped on the OSX Into The Breach release. So far I have unlocked four islands but have not won the game with any squad. I don’t know if it is for me but I’m going to keep poking away at it.

Finally, I wrapped up Slay The Spire. Over the course of sixty hours I managed to achieve victory with each character plus once on daily challenge run. I will be checking back with it as updates roll out and for the odd daily. This game rules!!


The Dishonored Collection was recently on sale for 25 dollars, and i figured since i’ve enjoyed pretty much every immersive sim-ish game on the market, it was pretty weird that i haven’t ever gotten around to playing any of these. So i bought it, and recently plowed through a Low Chaos Run of Dishonored 1 And i liked it. Its plot is pretty fucking terrible, in many aspects, but they were very impressive levels, and i heard they keep gettting better in 2 and DoTO. So i’m hopefull. I have to Plow through Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches before i move on to Dishonored 2. I’ve heard they are fairly plot critical for it. Is this true?


I’m replaying Earthbound and it’s bringing me back to the summer vacation in high school when I played it for the first time and discovered the Talking Heads midway through. I’d put The Name of this Band is Talking Heads on while playing each day so I associate the game pretty heavily with that album. Both the game and David Byrne’s early lyrics are a simplified deconstruction of life in North America so they gel together really well in my mind. I think the combination did something to my brain because during that summer I started to see the suburbs I live in as a silly place and really wanted to move to Toronto ASAP.

I’m also now actually hearing the soundtrack for the first time as I play and goddamn! There is a lot of material there and a lot of it is wild.


Finally tracked down an SNES Classic (I had stopped looking for a while there), so I played through Donkey Kong Country over the past couple of days. I tried streaming it, but didn’t realize that my capture card was adding in the smallest amount of delay, so all the very precise jumps and clicks necessary to complete most stages were made that much more difficult… You’d think after a while you’d sort of calibrate to the constant delay, but it was miserable. It took me five hours to get through the first two worlds or so and then two to get through the rest of the game after switching to the normal output.

All in all though, still a great game that has aged beautifully.


I’ve been playing a ton of Exapunks, but I worry that I’m getting close to hitting the Zachtronics wall, the point in all (or most) Zachtronics games where you have to step back and say “I don’t have a fucking clue how to even start solving this mess.”

Luckily, they’ve gotten better at pushing that wall back further into the game in recent years. There are 8 or 9 “planets” (groups of levels) in SpaceChem and I only made it about halfway through planet 2 before throwing in the towel.


Started up Alan Wake. Two hours in and I’m bored. There is just too many bland combat encounters. All of them are solved in the exact same way and there’s no tension to it. I remember why I put the game down in the first place five or so years ago.

Shame, because the environments are absolutely lovely. I’d love it if this was more hiking, less semi spooky shadow dudes.


You don’t need to have played them to get the gist of Dishonoured 2. But there’s details about the main villain (and a few other things) which turn up in the DLC. So, having played them makes Dishonoured 2 “richer” for the extra cues.


Finished Subnautica. What a wonderful experience, overall, discovered during a period of my life where I really just needed something relaxing to do. Ended just when I was starting to getting tired of the mechanics of building stuff.

Unfortunately, the stinger at the end of the ending sequence somewhat spoils the experience. Sure, the story had constantly hinted at how awful the corporation was, but considering everything else that happens in the game, it felt so cheap and un-needed.

I’m just going to choose to remember the rest of the game.

I’ve started in on XCOM 2 (which I’ve somewhat avoided, despite being super excited about it) and Dead Cells. Both have been really working for me. Dead Cells has just about the right level of difficulty and communicates feeling of being awesome, but maybe not quite awesome enough. (rather than the more common rogue-lite message that ‘you are terrible and died because you are terrible’). XCOM2 is tension building and obviously very good. I thought I’d be bothered by the concealment phase + the time limits. But I’m really not, which is a nice surprise.


Please keep playing it because it doesn’t take too long for the game to just lose its mind and keep going in that direction forever.


The DLC is better than the core game, it’s seriously worth it.


I might. But the game has put me in an awkward spot. I’ve apparently missed an ammo pickup and am stuck at a checkpoint with almost no ammo and enemies in both directions. Can’t backtrack to refill, can’t move ahead. Best option is probably to restart the entire episode. Thank you, designers who did not include a melee attack, a sprint that lasts longer than five seconds, or backup checkpoints.

I’m sour >:/