What game are you playing?


Just bought Dead Cells today and boy howdy is it fun.


I’ve been playing a ton of it over the weekend. It’s oddly relaxing, even in the late game where so many things are happening at once. It’s one of those games where I do a run before bed and feel really satisfied no matter the outcome


I picked up Frostpunk on sale and played through the main scenario. It’s a pretty good little game. Super mild spoilers ahead:

I managed to get a “not the worst, some struggle” ending without child labor or going too far with religion and didn’t lose too many people. I didn’t Cross The Line at least and while there is some stuff I wish I hadn’t done, or had done different, I feel okay about it.

I haven’t seen it mentioned much elsewhere but the music in that game is really, really good and the last days of the scenario when you’re trying to survive a superstorm are fantastic, the music builds and builds as you hope your people hold on until the storm breaks and goddamn if that wasn’t the most tense thing I’ve ever experienced in a city builder

I really like the Laws mechanic which I think neatly subvert a lot of your well-trained Videogame Instincts in a gradual way. I know I’ve seen a lot of Gamers^TM mad about getting told off by the game for their choices which is Good, imo


I’m making some progress (not too far – 3-4 levels in), so it’s not quite the brick wall that it seemed to be at first. I’m still in the phase where it’s fun to play around with new weapons (vs what apparently happens later when you pull too many blueprints and can’t get a decent weapon roll), and the game seems to reward slower, defensive play – knowing when to strike and when to bug out and regroup. It’s fun to play around and experiment, and the game gives you the space to do so for at least the first couple of levels.


Sunset Overdrive ended up being pretty good. The writing was often groan inducing and there were a few questionable moments, but the areas opened up a bit more towards the end and so the traversal smoothed out. Felt like a b-movie equivalent to Ratchet and Clank.

Decided to play Metroid Prime next. Interesting one to replay as an adult with the patience to scan and read everything. Feels like new.


Tip: there’s lots of cells and gold behind timed doors. Also scrolls.


i’ve been slowly making my way through no man’s sky! i’m still pretty early in it (just got my hyperdrive a little while ago) but i’m really enjoying this universe so far. crafting mechanics definitely feel like space minecraft but that’s fine because i like minecraft and the materials gathering gives me an excuse to explore planets more thoroughly than i otherwise might. i also love how the game doesn’t let you automatically understand all of the aliens upon meeting them; puzzling out what people are actually saying to me adds some extra mystery and fun to what would otherwise be pretty rote NPC interactions.

the thing that’s most fun to me, though, is seeing all the animals. perhaps i’ve just been lucky on the planets i’ve explored so far but the ecosystems i’ve seen have had a surprising amount of coherence for something procedurally generated. i can almost imagine how these creatures evolved alongside one another based on the characteristics that unite them.


Lately I’ve been going through what is widely, with zero dissenting opinions, acknowledged as the greatest series video games have to offer: Kingdom Hearts.

I played 1 and 2 back in the day but wanted to play through ~all~ the games finally before 3 comes out. What I have completed:

KH1: it’s a pretty bad game nowadays
KH2: it’s still pretty great and the intro is one of my favorite sequences ever
Re: Chain of Memories: I did not enjoy my time with this game so I quit playing it and watched an LP of the rest.
358/2 Days: Really loved this one, surprisingly. I decided to actually play it instead of watching the movie version in the PS4 collection because a friend of mine really insisted that it was worth it. Turns out she was right and I had a great time. Roxas/Axel/Xion the GOAT trio.

Currently playing Birth by Sleep then will move on to Re:coded and the 2.8 collection. I’m really enjoying my time with the series. Getting more and more into the larger story too, once Nobodies and Org XIII got introduced it felt like things really took off.


I started playing Homeworld: Emergence(Originally Homeworld: Cataclysm). Miss some of the features Homeworld 2 introduced, but really enjoying the campaign.


I have been playing waypoint favorites Hollow Knight and Prey and surprise: they are both extremely fucking good video games. Its interesting playing two exporation-heavy, fairly open-ended metroidvania games at once. They have a lot of things in common and seeing the wildly different ways they approach similar ideas about worldbuilding, exploration, player choice, and character growth has been really interesting.

Also, good god I am in aesthetic heaven right now with these games. The music, the monsters, the shockingly detailed and evocative worlds, the spookiness, I love it all so much. These two games embody pretty much everything I love about the medium as a whole and would’ve been my GOTY’s if I’d played them the year they actually released. Though I guess Hollow Knight still can be since the switch only just got it and that’s where I’m playing it. Very excited to try Mooncrash once I finish the main game, as well.


I played Donut County. It is a chill and can be relaxing, but it is simple and around two hours long.


ooooohhh I really gotta revist Metroid Prime on the GameCube. That game was sooo erie to me as a child and almost felt like a horror game. I love it when Nintendo does horror stuff because its WEIRD and COOL.


Timed anything is my least favorite way to play any game – particularly something as hard and stressful as this one. And from watching Patrick stream the game, it doesn’t seem like it’s really worth it. The few times I’ve tried doing it made it seem ridiculous and futile.

Or to put it another way: if the game is eventually going to require me to do those timed doors, it is getting deleted right now. :upside_down_face: Playing a roguelike is already tripping my limit for arbitrary rules bullshit; add a timer and I am out of here.


Was in the honkering for some Diablo 3 (sidenote: love popping a disc in the machine and having a 10gb patch download before I can play). Started a witch doctor, haven’t tried it before, and also as a seasonal character, because I haven’t tried that either. I’m not sure what the benefit is. Maybe I should make a normal one so I don’t lose the progress. Anyway, that’s one very fun game.


I’m playing Devil May Cry and Dragon Ball Z Sagas


Oh, then absolutely don’t worry about the timed doors! :slight_smile: They’re not necessary in the slightest.


It definitely has a horror vibe, and some surprisingly good music. For whatever reason I thought the game was all atmospheric sounds with no background music, but sure enough, I get a nice little surprise when a new song kicks in when switching areas.

Also fun is playing an FPS pre-dual stick camera controls. Kind of like playing the original Kingdom Hearts and using its shoulder buttons camera. Interesting to think about what had to go into the design knowing that the user couldn’t easily look around (you basically have to stop moving to look up/down or left/right).


I thought I was going to have to wait for a long time to play Into The Breach on a portable system. Then it’s stealth released on the Switch. Started playing it at about 8pm in the evening, didn’t put it down until 2.30am I am now very tired at work.

Believe the hype, what a fantastic game.

I used to love the command and conquer games but outside of Xcom and FTL I haven’t really touched many strategy games over recent years. I’ve been sitting on Crusader Kings 2 and Warhammer Total War for years, but I know these games will require time and committment to get into properly. No such problem with Into The Breach. It’s easy enough to get into. Easy enough to get your ass handed to you, but easy enough to restart and just keep hammering through the campaign.

It just has this delicious bleakness too. Like you are constantly fighing a losing battle and the way it makes you gamble between saving civilian life or going beyond to reach one of the bonus objectives. But the way the story keeps pushing you through this cyclical misery of mankind on the brink of extinction. Things become meaningless, all that matters is your next move and what you are going to do with it.

I feel kind of stupid waiting for games to release on Switch. First Hollow Knight, now this. Easily two of the best games I’ve played in a long while.


That reminds me of when I was playing FF3 on my friend’s old SNES, but my soundtrack was Classic Yes. That game has some great music, but the one-two punch of the best Final Fantasy and some early Yes was sort of helping me deal with some depression. I went back and replayed the re-released FF3 (number corrected to 6) on the GBA a few years back, and it was like experiencing something totally new but familiar at the same time.

Talking Heads is a far superior band. Still love Yes, but Talking Heads is GOAT. Didn’t discover them, really, until I watched Stop Making Sense a few years back. Before that, I just knew a few songs from the classic rock radio station. They are so much more than Psycho Killer and Once in a Lifetime.


Holy shit, I had no idea that Cataclysm had been salvaged. I loved that game, it told a great cosmic horror story and the Kuun-Lan was dope as hell.