What game are you playing?


I’m honestly worried about Danielle now that she can carry ITB with her wherever she goes.


Sounds like playing on the Switch works well. That’s good to hear because even though I unlocked everything on the PC version I am going to start all over on Switch, which is the kind of thing I pretty much never have time to do anymore. It’s THAT good.


Believe me, you feel a lot dumber buying it for a second time when it comes to Switch. I felt real dumb buying Stardew, Mario Kart and Shovel Knight a second time, and I’m gonna feel like a real dummy buying Hyper Light Drifter when that drops.


As someone who doesn’t have a PC to game on, I downloaded Into the Breach shortly before going to bed last night. I am now quite tired and zombie-like today. This game is going to be a Problem, isn’t it?


Yeah, I never played Cataclysm. So I was jumping into this pretty fresh. I’m surprised how well the horror works in this. The voice acting is pretty good in this, maybe not the same quality as HW1. I love how my mothership overtime evolves into battle carrier to face up against this threat.

But yeah, I didn’t think the game would come back. You can buy it from GOG for pretty cheap. The nGlide tool doesn’t work very well for configuring the game, ended up having to go into regedit to get it to use openGL and run at the correct resolution.


I’ve been playing Heaven Will Be Mine very very slowly. I like it a lot but I have a hard time with visual novels in general (actually We Know The Devil was the first VN I genuinely enjoyed and could get into!) and there’s a lot of intentionally-vague worldbuilding that I’m struggling to keep straight. The characters and world really are interesting though, and I really want to see all the paths.

Also kind of half-heartedly replaying Mass Effect and prodding at Dark Souls again but not really feeling either of them right now.


I still think of the last stand of the Bentusi sometimes. It’s a great scene. Same for the scene where you basically shame the Bentusi while fighting them. One of my favorite little details is that the Bentusi actually stop firing for a while before they talk to you, and you can continue to attack while they don’t shoot back.

Not surprised that you had to hack on it a bit, the source code for Cataclysm was lost so GoG was basically stuck with it.

goddamn the more I think about it the more special that game was.


I’m glad I did move on in it because the story has gotten deliciously ridiculous in chapter 4 and 5. It’s pretty much given up on trying to spook you though, going for action instead. I don’t really mind since it’s not great at either, but it makes me think of how few verbs big budget games have. Can’t go without a gun for too long, the player might get bored!

Not that action can’t be used to tell a story or anything (didn’t like the early combat but at least having a threat out there helped set the mood), it’s just rare that I care for it.

Anyway, I’m liking it slightly more than Max Payne 3 at this point. Score another one for Remedy.


I just started Battle Chef Brigade and I have nothing to add, other than Thrash being the hottest thing on two legs

@Hartnote Man, Talking Heads were so crucial to my development as a teen on the spectrum. David Byrne was definitely my big REPRESENTATION moment growing up.


I was excited to participate in Waypoint’s latest 101, but Shadowrun: Dragonfall, despite being composed of all the junk I like, is hard for me to get into. I’m not sure why, it could be because I have it on my computer and I’m increasingly reluctant to play games on anything but my bed or a couch. It could be because the characters don’t really intrigue me. It could be because isometric styles, though gorgeous, kind of hurt my eyes. I know the fact that it isn’t fantasy/cyberpunk XCOM is a (minor) factor. I didn’t go in expecting that, though please give me fantasy XCOM, I need a new podcast game?

So, I’ve also played maybe two hours of Final Fantasy VII for the very first time. I was surprised how much I liked it and I’m excited to continue. That music is dope!!

With a year between now and my last save, I started up The Witcher 3 again. I was 80 hours in last I checked, so I must be getting close to the end now? I want to finish it, for sure. I’ve enjoyed my time with it and I want to see how it ends. My relationship with it has definitely changed, though. I was a lot more willing to just roll my eyes at the more egregious material in the game, but now my personal gripes weigh heavier in my mind. IDK, I still love the tone, I just want the setting/characters to be less trash.


I’m juggling Hollow Knight (played a ton of it before they started releasing DLC, then put it down to wait for all the content to be added), Hiveswap Friendsim, Not Tonight, and Enter the Gungeon. I’m dying to play Heaven Will Be Mine, but I just got laid off, so it’ll have to wait.


Hi there. Just a heads up, seasonal heros are playable once the season is over, so no need to start a new character.


I just finished Ni No Kuni 2.

I loved the gameplay. The combat, the exploration, the kingdom building, even the skirmish stuff I grew to enjoy after a while.

But holy crap the story was so, so bad. Just the most predictable, boring, stupid nonsense. There are barely any characters in it as well. No one is fleshed out, everything just happens and is 100% straightforward and works as expected.


Oh, that’s really good to know. Thanks!


Just got finished playing through Donut County. On the one hand, there’s some very clever, funny writing that manages to walk the line between criticizing gentrification without devolving into NIMBYism.

On the other hand, the way the game doles out the mechanics left me feeling frustrated. It doesn’t introduce its cleverest mechanics until probably 75% of the way through. It makes me wish they had either introduced them earlier so I could get more out of them or just left them out completely. As it is, it just feels frustrating.


No Man Sky is pretty much in charge of my free time at the moment. About 50 hours in and just started doing the community stuff they launched this week. Made progress through some of the story but I won’t spoil it here.


Oh gosh, what am I not playing right now?

I started a new game of Dark Souls 2 a few weeks back. As of this week, I’m very close to the end, just trying to get to the point that I can fight the Darklurker, but the Abyssal challenges are tough for me, and I can feel myself stalling out right before the finish line.

Also, impulse purchased Into the Breach when it was announced for Switch and that’s been sucking up a good chunk of my free time, even though I’m still terrible at it, and having trouble clearing 2 islands in a timeline.

Also also, just got my copy of Divinity 2 for PS4, and I started a 2 player game with my partner (who, as a rule, doesn’t do games), and we spent about an hour on character creation and the tutorial yesterday. Hoping to get another couple hours of it in over the holiday weekend.

And finally, I’m also trying to keep up with Fortnite’s current season, and I also recently splurged on MK8 for the Switch, and play some rounds of that from time to time, and I’ve got a cheap copy of LA Noire en route too, cuz I can’t resist a deal! Basically, I’m drowning in games, even though my work-life balance is out of whack and I’m working 50 hours weekly at the moment. It’s a good/bad problem to have.


finally got a switch, and the first game i’m playing on it is hollow knight! i’ve been interested in this game for a while because the “dark souls with bugs” aesthetic is Exactly My Shit, but i often have a hard time playing games like it on the console or pc because of a poor attention span. now that i’ve finally got it on a handheld console, though, i’m having a lot of fun! i just beat the first boss and the world’s starting to open up for me.

despite loving to do platforming puzzles in video games, i’ve never played an actual platformer before, so i’m glad it’s finally happening.


I feel exactly the same way about games on the Switch. My attention span for games goes through weird phases of 4 hours nonstop to barely being able to play for longer that 15 minutes.

The Switch’s portability, flawless sleep function and simplicity make it all a lot easier to play a lot more of games I would otherwise give up on. And to that end I’m nearing the end of Hollow Knight and I have absolutely loved it.


Currently deep in my second Hollow Knight playthrough since I first picked it up in 2017. I hadn’t gone back to it after all the updates, and wow, it’s been something special. I already loved the game from the get-go, and now it feels like an even more improved, nearly flawless piece of art. Just incredible from end to end.