What game are you playing?


Playing Lamplight City for review, the newest game from Francisco Gonzales, a regular contributor for Wadjet Eye and mostly known for making A Golden Wake and his Ben Jordan series.

I can’t say much due to embargo, but I can say that it is easily his best work to date. It’s a detective game with a really cool hook, it might be the only steampunk game that makes wise use of the setting (aka keep it in the background for exploring social constructs instead of having gear hats), and the puzzles are well integrated with the investigation set-up. It’s not like Unavowed, where you solved puzzles to get to the next part. Instead, the aim is to use your own logical reasoning and figure out how to continue with different leads in a case.

It comes out mid-September, check it out then.


I took off a few days so i could go see my family for Labor day weekend, and the news of Nintendo C&D efforts made me nostalgic so i fired nuzlocke run of Pokemon: Volt White 2 on my laptop. Its a white 2 romhack that isn’t very hacky, its mostly just getting all the gen 5 and previous Pokemon into it and a much harder difficulty level.

It makes me nostalgic for my previous laptop where i had a dozen different romhacks on it, and the seeming death of the easy access to the community. Its also made me sad that increasing technology means we won’t get to see much if any hacks of of the new games, seeing as how i loved the Pokemon themselves and not much else from x/y and Sun/moon.


Same with Shadowrun. I like tactics, I like cyberpunk, I even kind of like the world of Shadowrun itself. I think the combat doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe I need to give it more time but it was just so slow to me.


Just finished Prey this weekend, and it was alright. The world building and immersive sim aspects were top notch, as was the ending twist. That said, I found it got way too bogged done in loose feeling combat and Typhon enemies that were never that interesting to me. Plus, the load times between sections were brutal on my X1X, which made the last few missions a real slog to run through Talos 1.

The other game I’m playing that I have absolutely no reservations about is Night in the Woods. Holy moly did I miss something special last year. I just want to banter with Mae’s mom all day. :relaxed:


My partner and I just blew through :doughnut: Donut County and we both really enjoyed it! The hole swallowing mechanic is a ton of fun. The music and visuals are great. And the writing is funny yet not afraid to tackle serious topics like gentrification. It’s also felt like the length (just a few hours) was just right.

I also just downloaded :robot::bug: Into the Breach on my Switch! I’ve played for a few hours and I’m enjoying it so far, but I don’t know if it will hook me the way it seems to have a lot of other people. I got a two island victory with the Rift Walkers on my second run, which was a pleasant surprise. I appreciate how the game lets you choose your own difficulty and playstyle, but I’m not sure how long unlocking new mech teams will keep me coming back. Looking forward to exploring it more though!


Just wanted to say I just finished the game, and yeah, with this and Unavowed, it is a very good year to be a fan of point and clicks.


When I first played NITW it dawned on me that Mae’s mom was the warm, sardonic gentile mother I never had. But now you’ve reminded me that I should maybe finally finish the game. Been playing it in chunks, and I’m reluctant to finish. It’s note perfect so far and I’d be so bummed if it didn’t stick the landing. As someone from western Pennsylvania, it hits too close to home to not take a lil too personally.


Yakuza 0 on PC is my current long term game. I’m around 8 chapters in right now.
There are a few icky moments with how it treats women (the cat-fighting league is terrible), but generally it’s a perfect mix of silliness and self-seriousness.

I finished Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, and enjoyed it despite everything feeling sorta rushed towards the end. There was some genuinely some of the worst voice acting I’ve seen in ages in those last 2 episodes.

I started a new playthrough of The Banner Saga as my new side/shorter game, with a view to continuing straight into parts 2 and 3 afterward. Its still beautiful, and I love the Scandinavian accented voices in the opening.

It’s my third playthrough, so I’m putting some thought into who I want to be alive in the sequel. There’s a big decision coming soon. I’m still undecided, but in terms of narrative I’m leaning towards Rook fights and dies in the final battle, Alette survives.
I haven’t played part 2 before, so don’t know what that impact it will have. It just seems right for the story.


Just finished Donut County and actually laughed out loud in several places, it was that good! Currently playing Hollow Knight on Switch in addition to a lot of Overwatch as always and also getting ready for Destiny 2 Forsaken by finishing off the dlc missions I haven’t played yet.


I know it was a mistake to do this just a week before Spider-man comes out, but I also started up Divinity 2 on PS4 over the weekend, and let me just say: it’s really damn good. Like, really good. It’s definitely grabbed me in a way the first game didn’t, despite my best attempts.

I’m still in the first post-tutorial area. It appears to be giving me at least a half-dozen quests I could use to escape, but so far I’m purposely avoiding completing any of them because I don’t want to leave yet.

It has been a bit buggy, though. One bug in particular that I’ve run into a couple times has turned all the text into completely unreadable gibberish. I’ve been able to fix it each time by quicksaving and restarting, but it’s pretty weird.


I recently started a Final Fantasy PC marathon, but I’m doing it a bit differently, alternating between oldest and newest while working towards the center. So I’ve finished 3, and recently 15; then it’ll be 4, 12, 6, 10, 7 and 9.


I spent the first half of the weekend playing Two Point Hospital. As a lover of Theme Hospital, this was just what I wanted from a new business sim game. It doesn’t change too much, but just enough to keep it interesting and amusing. I really like the very clear goals set out to progress through the game I’ve 3-starred 5 hospitals already.

Last night I playing Kingdom: New Lands. It’s a minimalistic survival/kingdom builder. You ride around on a horse, gathering people and building things that will keep you stocked on resources (the only resource is coins). I’m a sucker for a survival sim and ended up playing this for 6 hours straight, even though I had other things I should have been doing. Haven’t managed to get past the 2nd island yet though.


I got hooked on Hollow Knight.

In the past, I wasn’t a fan of this style of game. I bounced off the Castlevania games super hard back in the da, and while I liked the theme of the Metroid games, I never finished one.

But this game is a potent mix of theme, concept, tight controls and an ever expanding repertoire of things to do and things you can do.

I’m terrible at the boss fights (but super proud when I finish one). Worth every penny.



It is Good.



I’ve started replaying Mass Effect Andromeda because I never finished it when I played it at release.

I still really like this game. The premise is great, Sara Ryder is a fantastic character, and the supporting cast is pretty good. The response to that game was completely ridiculous. Mass Effect fans killed Mass Effect.


Great insight. I LOVE Mass Effect but didn’t play Andromeda when it came out because of life / other games. The internet’s reaction definitely soured me on the game too. I figured I wouldn’t approach the game with an open mind when surrounded by all the negativity. I look forward to giving it a shot.

In response to this topic overall I am playing:

Hollow Knight
Divinity Original Sin 2 DE on PC
Dragon Quest XI


Lately, I’ve been switching off between Battletech, Ark: Survival Evolved and No Man’s Sky. Enjoying all three (especially BT) quite a bit, but maaaybe made a mistake putting Ark and NMS in the same rotation; I’m definitely feeling the burn-out on survival games creeping in…

Once I’ve had my fill of those two, it’ll probably be back to shorter, more story-driven games for a while. Which is fine, as I’ve been missing those and really need to start on NITW and Nier: Automata finally!


I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that Andromeda was a good game, at least not without several qualifications, but this is probably the most succinct encapsulation of the doomed relationship between Mass Effect fans and its creators. If you read about the development of the game, it’s obvious how the game ended up in such haphazard shape, but it’s definitely a jewel in the rough. What it lacks in say, species diversity, meaningful narrative choices, or even planets (how many were there? 5? 6?), the game still provided everything I actually wanted from a Mass Effect, namely, getting to smooch and hang out with a bunch of hot people (of various species) in my very own space ship. I would’ve gladly played a sequel, even if I was ultimately disappointed by the conclusion of the game. It definitely isn’t bad enough to have cancelled the entire series. That fanbase is one of the most toxic out there.


I shouldn’t get too far into it because that’s not what this thread is for, but absolutely. Mass Effect Andromeda has many problems. It had many more on release. Was it a disappointment? Well that depends on each individual’s expectations ahead of time. I know it was disappointing for me personally since I loved 1-3 and had very high hopes for the premise of this next game. Was it the worst game that year? That I have a very hard time considering to be the case unless extreme amounts of hyperbole are being employed.


That’s… pretty indicative of why the fanbase rejected it, though. Species diversity, meaningful narrative choices (barring the obvious ME3 controversy) and interesting worlds were what the previous games were known for. And why the blame for that should fall on the fans, and not EA who put their C-team on it and rushed it out the door, is unclear to me.