What game are you playing?


Finally managed to break my streak of being unable to get into Dark Souls 3 with the character pitch of “Lady Trunks With Knives”, going well so far. I always do better with the weapons nobody else uses.

Dunno why it’s been so hard for me to make a character I really like in Dsrk Souls 3 lately. Like, I LOVE this game. I’ve played through it loads before. From a critical perspective I think it’s a genuine masterpeice. But for whatever reason I’ve been struggling with making a character that I actually want to stick with.

PVP can be a bit of a hellscape though. If you aren’t explicitly built for it you’re likely gonna feel like everyone just has infinitely more resources than you, because they kinda do, sort of. I did have an absolutely spectacular fight with a character called Abyssal Spawn(or “Abys**l Spawn” according to From’s inscrutible censorship system) that went on for like 5 minutes and came down to us both completely out of estus, FP and health, ending with a double KO via throwing knives. It was the most Dragonball Z shit, we even stopped in the middle to just clap at each other for a bit. Belting.


Dipping my toes back into For Honor because Marching Fire seems awesome. It’s still real good. I’m trying to branch out from just maining heavies, and I think I fucking love the Centurion? Something about just straight up decking some samurai or viking nerds feels SO GOOD.


For Honor is a game I’m constantly telling myself that I should get back to playing. The last time I dipped back in was around when the Shaman was released. I started out maining Conqueror, then switched to Berserker. I’m really glad that Ubisoft is dedicated to keeping that game alive.


Oh absolutely, I doubt For Honor will ever have the profile of Siege, probably because it’s just harder to immediately classify, but it’s great that it seems to have a real future. These overly complicated multiplayer focused games are the best Ubi has to offer right now.

And Conqy is definitely my favorite heavy (though that’s probably going to change when I get my hands on Jiang Jun), they have some of the best emotes by far, I love how they characterize Conqueror as a giant dork.


Mass Effect Andromeda broke into my house with The Entire Population of Russia and The Missing Spider-Man Puddles and killed my dog, and that’s why it’s okay to send death threats to random strangers.

Kidding aside, I’ve played a bit more of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It remains faux-intellectual, white centralist gobblygook with a bunch of cartoonish yet confused racism thrown in (THEY HAD A BLACK GUY SAY CIGAWEED), but it’s certainly good at making fun stories from the mechanics.

After going through the police station, where I managed to talk my way in yet still decided to sneak around vents and hack locks to find goodies, I found myself with an inventory filled with everything I could carry from the armory with plans to sell. However, this meant I had no healing items. Of course, I decided to go through the sewers to knock out three gang members for experience, and managed to knock out the first two with ease, but took bullets while dealing with the third.

Crawling out from under a manhole, I encountered a group of hobos enjoying a nice trashcan fire, noticing a pristine bottle of trash whiskey in some garbage. I grabbed it and swug it down for health, which instantly made me nearly pass out as my eyesight when fuzzy and I crouched to regain my composure.

Imagine being one of those hobos. You’re just getting warm with your buddies as you see a trench coat wearing cyborg philosophy soldier crawl out of the sewers, covered in bullet wounds, crouch walking towards your newly purchased bottle of booze, taking it down in one go, and then trying to stop himself from falling over before leaving to his high end studio apartment.

Just another night in Detroit!


I keep totally forgetting that newer Deus Ex games even exist now, it’s like Mankind Divided was so unremarkable it’s cursed.

Such an ignoble fate.


My biggest disappointment with Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t even the boring (side)quests or the multitude of bugs I experienced, but the way that the game treats its characters as mere happy-go-lucky explorers with zero commentary on their actions whatsover, at least from what I’ve played. For a series that was lauded for taking consequences, politics and ~morality~ kiiinda seriously, the condescending way that everyone treated the planets and its inhabitants with no repercussions was just irritating to me. I get that it isn’t what the story was about, but I still hoped that there would be some exploration on the more morally questionable aspects of the whole colonization effort in Andromeda.

Thing is, I played MEA for about 30 hours, realized I had enough, put it down and moved on with my life. The way a portion of the fanbase acted as if a video game that fell short of expectations was some kind of sin committed against them is ridiculous.

Anyway. I’ve been playing a lot of itchio games lately, and a cool thing I only got around to recently is The Zium Museum, which is basically a virtual space in the form of a museum with digital installations featuring lots of different people, so not exactly a game, but as someone who really loves museums and exploring spaces, this was pretty cool. They’re about to launch a “sequel” to this project, The Zium Garden, in just a few days.


I’ve been playing Yoku’s Island Express and Crypt of the Necrodancer on Switch. I’d played Necrodancer a bit on PC, but picked it up since it was on sale in the hopes I’ll be able to play it a bit more. So far so good. I blazed through zone 1 in a much shorter time frame than on PC, and am making progress in zone 2. That game rocks, but the Switch’s built-in speakers, nor my cheap earbuds do the soundtrack justice.

Yoku’s has been great as well. Metroidvanias are extremely hit or miss with me, but this one is sticking. I like the art, music, characters, and the pinball action. I can see myself going for full completion in this one.


So after years of umming and ahhhing about Dying Light I finally jumped in and gave it a shot and I absolutely love it, only played a couple of hours with just having my daughter but my god its good. Night in the game is unbelievably scary, to the point i’ve not been out once since the obligatory introduction to the nighttime mechanics.


my copy of Kiwami 2 came in so I’m working on beating yakuza 6 right now. I’m at the part where they warn me to wrap things up before the end, but my game bugged out so I didn’t unlock the baseball minigame, which should have happened much earlier, until now. I’m enjoying my time, it’s still a yakuza game, but I have to fall into the camp that feels like this is one of the weaker ones. Iirc the development of this one was kind of rushed because they were still on their annual cycle of releasing games, but this was the first game on their new engine. It kind of shows. “major” side activities like the cat cafe seem kind of empty- all you do is wander around until you find a cat- and in general it just seems like there’s less to to. Fewer side missions, fewer side activities. Combat-wise it feels like there are fewer heat moves and the new heat mode doesn’t feel that useful. Combat feels more limiting. The game is also unusually buggy. I haven’t had problems in previous entries, but missed triggers to substories like the one I mentioned above doesn’t seem to be uncommon, based on some googling around. I also discovered that apparently spearfishing should have advanced for me in a way that it didn’t.

The story didn’t grab me the same way as previous entries have, either. The stakes are supposed to be bigger, but it didn’t do as good of a job as making me as invested as previous games did. It’s especially a bummer coming after 0, because I think it hit the mark across the board for one of those games. The best story in the series (haven’t played kiwami or original 2 though), the best/most engaging minigames (hostess bar/real estate), the funniest substory writing. 6 is still a Yakuza game, so I’m not having a bad time, but it’s easily the worst one in the series for me (although it’s been like, over a decade since I’ve played 3 and 4 so grain of salt perhaps).

I’ve avoided basically all coverage of Kiwami 2 because I love Yakuza enough to know I would play it either way, but I’m hoping the extra time with the new engine will make it feel like a more complete, less rushed game.


Into The Breach hitting Switch killed any other game for me.
Except a little Kiwami 2 here and there.


I’d beaten it before, but I recently started up a fresh save file in West of Loathing and that game keeps surprising me with how consistently funny it is. It’s just so densely packed with jokes that aren’t all “fall out of your chair laughing” funny, but are at a minimum “oh, heh, that’s cute” funny. And while some of the humor skews slightly into the “lolrandom” category (which I’m not a huge fan of in general), most of it is solid word play, sight gags, and just silly stuff. A few examples of jokes that got at least a chuckle out of me:

  • Every bottle of sarsaparilla you find in the game (and as a Western game, you find quite a few) is spelled slightly differently. You’ll find bottles of sarsparilla, sarasparilla, sarsaparillia, sarsaparilila, sarasaparilla, etc.
  • You can learn necromancy from “Nex Mex” books you find
  • On the outskirts of the starting town, there are a bunch of empty lots (NPCs you meet can set up shops there). In front of each one, there’s a sign that says “Lot available”. Except for the last one, which says “Not a whole lot past here”
I took screenshots of these 2 jokes because I liked them so much

I highly recommend it.


I was enjoying playing Dying Light right up until nightfall came.

Holy crap. That was terrifying. I was not prepared for it at all.


I’ve been playing XCOM 2: War of the Chosen again after taking a break after a rough campaign some months ago and this game just keeps getting better. After starting over a few Ironman campaigns, I’m having a pretty good run in my current campaign. I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons and had some key players eat it, and I’m starting to worry about the AVATAR project, but once your squad starts leveling up it’s amazing seeing all the fun synergy and ways all the classes can interact. I thought I wasn’t liking the classes in 2 as much as 1, but the range of builds is wonderful.

If you enjoyed any of the Tactical Tuesday stream, go play this silly, stressful, incredible game


I still cant bring myself to go out at night, as soon as the in game clock hits 19:00 i make my way home


I’ve been playing the original Metal Gear Solid for the first time, and it has been a delight so far. The folks from the Bullet Points podcast are writing a retrospective on the series, so it felt like a good time to pick up a series that has felt like a gaming blind spot for a while. I never played the game as a kid because I grew up in a Mormon household and was forbidden from playing M rated games. I played and enjoyed MGSV, but I was completely baffled by the story and mostly didn’t pay much attention to it. All this, along with the the series’ reputation as being silly and over the top, put me off playing MGS until now.

This game has surprised me in a few ways. First off, the game plays very well. It has been hard in the past to go back to games from this era, but MGS feels simple and precise (except for the shooting). The stealth rules are easy to understand and feel really intuitive. Second, the story and setting grabbed me immediately. The starting exposition was brief, but also easy to grasp. The actions you are taking feel important to the narrative, even in the first areas. It’s varied and engaging in a way that I feel like few games are these days.

I also played like 7 hours of Final Fantasy 15 , and I think I hate it. Everything about the game, from the character designs to the product placement, is just so baffling to me. I can’t tell if it’s bad because I’m spending all of my time with it in disbelief. This is my first Final Fantasy game actually, but it makes me feel like my preconceived notions about the series were right.


For the love of god, don’t judge ever Final Fantasy based on 15.


Still playing through Into The Breach here, having finally gotten over my dislike of “imperfect” runs, and unlocked all the non-secret squads. The Hazardous Mechs (which need to take damage as part of their mechanics) are really good for teaching you not to be so finicky, and be more aggressive… (as was actually working on the Blitzkreig achievement for doing the first two islands in 30 minutes).
I’m a bit grumpier about the more random aspect to some of the remaining medals - like FTL, there’s an achievement which relies upon a random event happening on one of the maps, and you properly interacting with it, but that event is pretty rare. So, sigh.

I also got back into playing Super Hexagon, after being reminded that Chipzel did the music for it, so that’s good. Super Hexagon is still one of the best “flow” games I’ve played…


I just finished Fallout 4. This is my first “Bethesda RPG” so I was pretty excited because I have always heard about how intricate they can be. It was pretty disappointing. (I played the base game on Xbox via game pass.)

It is very buggy for a game that’s been out for a while.

I found myself reloading or zoning in and out of an area because quests wouldn’t trigger properly a lot. It got to the point where I just assumed something was bugged instead of me just being stumped because of the frequency. On top of that I had several complete freezes where I had to quit out of the game.

My favorite part of the game was building settlements despite the bad controls. Near the beginning of my playthrough, I built a complex castle at Sanctuary and then later realized settlements weren’t used for anything. I didn’t even get the satisfaction of seeing my base fend off an attack. Narratively, the faction I chose had the perfect reason to use a group of well defended settlements. It was such a logical progression; I even ended up doing quite a lot of these terrible copy & pasted side quests thinking that it had to unlock the option. It never did.

I just didn’t see the cool complex interactions I thought I was going to get. Sure seeing a vertibird swoop in and then run into a tall tree or structure was funny. But when it happened a dozen more times throughout the game it became less of a funny event and more of a highlight of the poor AI. And how did they never stop companions/NPCs from blocking passageways. That happened so frequently that I can’t imagine them not seeing it was an issue.

Even if I ran into no bugs I think this would still be a letdown. The story, world and quest design were just so boring and bland. At least the shooting was good.


Spider-Man is good? The swinging is fun as hell, I can take photos during it, and the combat is actually challenging. I also get to run around in that goofy Noir suit, which rules.

But, it’s also thematically weird right now. JJJ, this time as a ranting podcaster, throws out lots of accusations towards Spidey and they’re correct, like, half the time. He attracts villains? Yeah, at least a little bit. Fisk’s arrest has created a power vacuum? Yep. His relationship with the NYPD is troublingly close? Yep. And he uses a Nolan-Batman style surveillance system to spy on people? YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS. It’s very early on, I think I only just got out of the tutorial missions and what Klepek and Ben Pack have said about the story has me intrigued, but right now it’s iffy.

Also, the faces look weird. I wonder if Insomniac used some new tech or something, because they’re all just one step away from leaving the uncanny valley and it’s slightly unnerving.