What game are you playing?


It is worth noting that it is basically impossible to compare any of the recent FF games to each other.

It’s standard evolution of mechanics and ideas up until IX, where it does a backtrack in mechanics, and then every game after just sort of does its own wild thing.

X has no turn party member switching, XII is a political drama with a real time MMO-like battle system based more on the very strange and different FF Tactics subseries, XIII simply removes exploration and plays around more with concepts of auto-play, both XIII sequels are radically different in play style and even subject matter (with Lightning Returns managing to stand on its own with little issue), and then XV goes in the opposite direction and has a strange road trip premise with Kingdom Hearts style combat.

As for character designs, well…yeah. You can mostly blame it on Nomura, who has a type of character he likes and does it far too much. It never worked for me in 3D outside Lightning Returns, oddly.


Third Age: Divide and Conquer, the best Lord of the Rings game and the best Total War game.


I re-downloaded DOTA2 to try the new hero, Grimstroke. All in all, seems pretty cool. Just not quite sure I bring myself to start playing PVP again… :poop:


That’s all cool. He does finger guns to strangers on the street.


I just finally pulled in a win with the Secret Squad on Into the Breach to cap off my 100-hour obsession, right in time for my in-laws to gift me Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the Switch for my wedding this weekend. I can already tell I’m gonna sink a lot of time into getting that raspy little Backpack Boy to 100% haha.


danielle’s unending enthusiasm for into the breach convinced me to buy it on pc where i kinda found it a bit too hard, but then for some reason i bought it for switch and now i’m just in it. it’s so good. everything about it. the ui and all the visual design, the combat itself and its focus on forced repositioning, the bleakness of the world. i’ve managed to reach the 4th island but not clear it, and i only have 2 squads, but i’m excited to unlock more.


I finally beat Yakuza 0. What a good game.

I’m gonna pick up Kiwami after a bit of a break. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also kinda worried 0 will be the high point of the series for me. I’ll miss the 80s Japan setting and getting to play as Majima.

I think I’m going to play Donut County next. It looks very cute and it’s supposedly pretty short which I a plus.


I bought Dead Cells 2 weeks ago to both bridge the gap between my Dishonored playthroughs, and because of the stellar reviews. I really really love it, probably going to be on my top 10 for this year. But I’m probably not going to finish it. Is that weird?

The pros are very obvious. The game is fast and fluid, combat is snappy and it feels great to just get in the groove. The unlock system is also great, as its a nice way to drip feed you with rewards for playing. (a minor gripe is that i wish the unlocks were scaled a bit down in cells, but its a very minor gripe) The weapons all feel good to play, and finding different cool builds is neat and special when you get a fun one (Double ice grenade with an explosive xbow that deals +100% damage to frozen targets yesssss). Its simply a game that just feels really really good to play, and sometimes that is all you need.

Though on the other hand, i find myself running into a problem i have with some rogue likes. The fact that the game’s skill curve and mine seem to diverge after a while, and it quickly becomes, spend time doing stuff i can easily do so i can practice at the thing i have trouble with. Fortunately and unfortunately, the thing in Dead Cells i have trouble with is the final boss. Unfortunately, because after 15-20 attempts, I’ve been pretty unenthusiastic to go on another hour or two session just to try again at the boss. Fortunately, because of this being basically the end, i don’t feel too bad for what i what i feel will be me not finishing this game before i set it down.


0 is the high point for me. I think Kiwami is a little hampered writing wise because of having to stay faithful to the original. I’m liking 2 so far, though. Because it’s on a yearly cycle, they didn’t really get to use feedback gained from 0 into any of their games until 2, which has a Majima story in it apparently, and also stuff like the hostess minigame from 0 and the clan creator from 6.


This is one of the big reasons why I’ve never been enthusiastic about roguelikes – they’re designed to limit your progress by never giving you enough time to practice against late game enemies. And given that there aren’t that many levels in Dead Cells to begin with, it’s a reasonable guess to say that this is why it’s a roguelike – you don’t need to make more content if you keep forcing the player to restart.

Anyway, Dead Cells being as hard as it is, I don’t think it’s weird to not “finish” it. I’ve found more fun in playing around with different weapon builds on normal enemies, than trying to cheese bosses. If all else fails, there are Steam Workshop mods for damage reduction that might be helpful for practice.


Looking on the Steam community page for Dead Cells, this seems to be an ongoing hot topic of disagreement amongst players, so I don’t think you’re alone. (The usual split in the community between people who think its fine that you have to play through the rest of the game every time because “that’s the challenge”, and those who think it’s a bit too much, especially because the mechanics of the last boss differ from most of the other challenges in the game, and it’s a bit of a difficulty spike right at the end.)


The last game I finished was Yoku’s Island Express, which I loved. It was so bright and breezy and infectiously cheerful. I might go back to scoop up the last few collectables (I found most of them during my regular playthrough, which is usually a sign of a good Metroidvania), but I don’t want it to feel like a chore, because the rest of the game never did.

I’m getting close to the end of FFVI and I have mixed feelings. There are some surprisingly effective character moments in the World of Ruin (It was hard not to smile at Strago and Relm’s reunion, and Shadow’s dreams have been suitably disorienting) but I’m starting to see why some people think it’s too formless. My bigger problems are with the completionist areas, particularly the Colosseum and the Veldt. I know I don’t really need everything from both areas, but I also know I’ll be bothered if I didn’t at least put in a good effort. So I’m sinking hours into both, and they’re boring, repetitive and not fun at all. I’m glad games have moved away RNG mechanics like these.

Other than that, I’d guess I’m about 2/3 of the way through The Messenger, which is bold as hell, and I’m still not very far in Yakuza 0, which is pretty delightful. I’m itching to start Hyper Light Drifter on the Switch, but I’d like to finish at least one other game first.


Continuing down the rabbit-hole of megaman-likes, I finally tried out Mighty No. 9 this last weekend. It’s really not as bad as I was expecting. The characters have a lot of charm and the voices and storyline are actually acceptable compared to anything that’s ever been in a Mega Man game. It’s neat how in addition to the powers you get dealing more damage against the next boss, the ones you beat actually show up in later levels and get rid of some hazards.

My big gripe is in the punishment of repetition. The majority of each level is a breeze, with one or two difficult platforming parts that will instantly kill. While this isn’t unlike the games it’s paying homage to, I’ve found that MN9’s levels are just a bit too long for this style of game. It feels real bad to lose a bunch of lives to a cheap trap at the end of a level, then be forced to play through the whole thing again just to get another couple tries.


233 hours into Oxygen Not Included. Send help. I like building games in general, but ONI has adorable little “dupes” (duplicants) who are running around doing the building, having happy conversations, and mourning their dead. When you’re building your asteroid base, you have to make sure to include enough features to keep the dupes happy, including massage tables, water coolers, and workspaces with plenty of art.

Then, of course, there’s the serious problem of finding enough oxygen, controlling heat in the base, and using water efficiently. It’s a twofer. Haven’t made it past 100 cycles yet.


I’m currently trying to play mostly shorter games while grad school kicks my ass, so I’m part of the way through Oxenfree, which is pretty great so far. I didn’t get to finish Yakuza 0 before school started, so I’m coming back to it every once in a while, but I really like it. I was trying to save Unavowed for winter break, but I couldn’t wait anymore so I also started that last night. I promise I’m not starting anything else until I finish these three. :sweat_smile:

I’m also pretty excited for Life Is Strange 2 and I need to play the first episode of TWD: The Final Season at some point.


Look up Lamplight City when it releases on the 13th! It was done by Francisco Gonzalez, a Wadjet Eye regular, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s on the same brilliant level as Unavowed.


I’m playing a lot of Unexplored, but not making much progress. It’s a very particular game world where you have to figure out the basic rules of how everything works more or less as you play the game.

By now I think I’m getting a grasp on it, but still dying horribly fairly early and often. I feel like I’m constantly on fire. Literally. There are so many ways to just combust instantly.

I’ve watched Austin’s playthrough and another youtube let’s play, but I still think I need help with this damn game, even though I like it so much. A friendly wizard who says “oh you’re on fire, just press such and such to roll around in the dirt”


been having a blast with the battlefield 5 open beta for the past few days. sadly it’s over, and now the long wait begins…


Let me ask question please suggest a What is the best Unbalance X2: After Story game and manga?


Been playing it a bit too. It’s pretty fun but I don’t think it’s quite my jam. Too difficult for me to see what is going on, too easy to die.
Really wish it was still possible to play 1942. It’s very sad that game is just dead and buried somewhere.