What game are you playing?


I’m finally getting back to playing Super Robot Wars V again, after a long break from streaming due to unplanned construction on my room/office (Yay for being out of the room when the shelf in my closet collapsed! Double Yay for the cats also being out of the room for said collapse)

I really like how this series ends up writing Shinji - by generally giving him a solid support network of people who have common shared life experiences. That and I’ve started playing Shadowrun: Dead Man’s Switch as something of a lead up to Cyberpunk 2077.

EDIT: Oh, and I got Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 from GameFly. I kind of like the parts of that game in the castle a lot more than the parts in the “real world”.


I’ve been playing a foolish amount of Dragon Quest 11. Which is bad cause I gotta practice from fighting games for an upcoming tournament.


Is Oxygen Not Included as absurdly detailed (for better and/or worse) as something like Dwarf Fortress? That was the vibe I got from the Unfinished about it a while back over at Giant Bomb, but I might have been simply projecting what I wanted the game to be onto what it actually is (or was, as of when that was recorded).


Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still incredibly stupid. I mean, Deus Ex has always been a little bit stupid (Area 51, the internet exists entirely in one single location, ect), but Human Revolution is really starting to test my patience here.

bloody blur spoiler not working grumble

Seriously, the big twist for the Montreal chapter is that the most popular news reporter in the world is a propaganda AI that somehow has the power to block all of the satellite transmissions in a city wide area…and she somehow gets attracted to Adam Jensen, the a plain two by four of charisma, and betrays the conspiracy she’s in.

Deus Ex has always had some serious leaps in logic but this is somehow dumber than the evil demon fox news announcer in DmC because at least there was a built up sub-structure of mind control drinks and magical influence that made his reporting effective for controlling the masses. This is just implying that a single cable news channel completely controls public opinion, which is laughably ridiculous, especially when it implies that the AI is doing this solely by being really good at being a TV personality. I just.

Also all these mercenary guys suck so much. If they all just ganged up at the FEMA camp, they could have wiped Jensen out in a split second, AND THREE OF THEM WERE THERE. And why is Federova so popular!? She doesn’t even get any lines!!


I just graciously received Battle Chef Brigade from @vivimd over in the Giveaway Thread and boy, this game feels like it was made for me.

Super stylish animation? Anime as hell story about battling chefs? frantic match 3 puzzles to cook beautiful monster food? All great. This game is great.


Just finished Andromeda. I enjoyed it. The ending was pretty cool. I’d really want to see where it goes next, except… that’s probably very unlikely to happen. It’s a shame.

Next is… I have no idea. I’m pretty bad at this part, where I decide on what game to play next after i’ve just finished one. Might go back to Dark Souls 2 Scholar for a little while just to pass the time until I figure out what to do next. In terms of new releases the next i’ll probably play is Assassins Creed Odyssey but that’s a month off yet, so maybe something from my backlog will jump out.


Fire Pro Wrestling World has been fun and even though the start of the story mode seems to lean heavily on dating sim kind of interaction I feel it has moved away from that & I don’t think I am ever going to get the chance to date any of the masked luchadors or the stoic dude with a mohawk.


So I finally beat XCOM 2: War of the Chosen last night on Ironman mode last night and the only thing I want to do is play it again. I have mixed feelings on the final fight though. It was definitely tense and tactically engaging but I wish it was a bit more dramatic encounter than kill three Avatars, like maybe fight an actual elder or something!

Overall I really enjoyed it! If I do play again I’m going to really miss my squad. It’s amazing how easily this game builds emergent character stories through it’s systems!

Edit: they should also let take a photo after the final mission


I finished Assasin’s Creed Origins. I really enjoyed it, and even platinumed it. The exploration and combat were quite good. I found I like Egyptian myth and history a lot more than I had previously thought. I absolutely loved Bayek. Something about him just drew me in, and was totally into finding out more about him. My favorite part was probably the relationship between Bayek and Aya. Anytime they were on my screen I was happy, and every time they parted way I wanted more. Something about their relationship just felt real to me. It was also great to just see how much Bayek loved Aya. Every time they met Bayek seemed to be so happy, and she was just as happy to see him. I want more of that in video games. Their relationship seemed so much more natural than something out of a Bioware game.

I’m currently playing through Horizon Zero Dawn. I just got past Maker’s End, and oh boy does that game pick up from there. I unfortunately had to stop when Aloy is going through the Zero Dawn facility learning about Gaia, specifically about Hades. It made me say “Woah!” and “What?” so many times going through the facility. I was enjoying the game before, but not really expecting much. After this though, I’m super excited to keep playing. I want to know how it plays out. What else there is to learn about the “Old Ones” and the robots. I’m sitting here typing this debating if I should take a half-day at work just so I can go home early to play it, and few games have pulled me in this much, especially after the start of the story not grabbing me very well.


Wrapped Spider-Man, loved most of it. Yeah, Spidey’s a cop and that sucks, but a big part of this game’s story is Peter paying for naivete, Aunt May dies, Otto loses himself in bitter rage and Manhattan is almost destroyed because he refuses to see the darkness brewing in Octavius and step in, so I hope the inevitable sequel will take that aspect and extend it to the power structures he upholds by being so friendly with the NYPD. Fingers crossed.

Either way, I’m really buckling down on Assassin’s Creed Origins so I can be ready for Odyssey which, hopefully, will be the first game I write a proper review of.


The backstory to Horizon Zero Dawn is absolutely incredible and I envy that you get to experience it for the first time. Wish I could again.


I am currently playing street fighter…


I can’t afford Dragon Quest 11 at this time, so I’m playing through Trails in the Sky to make up for it. I like its fairly relaxed world and plot (so far). I also really like its battle system. It has the turn order thing like FFX, but also bonus effects on certain turns, encouraging and rewarding clever use of turn manipulation.


I picked up (well, downloaded from the eShop) the Switch version of Cities Skylines last night. It’s… it’s a bad way to play a good game. I’m not saying that it’s a bad port or anything, it’s just that it’s a game that really, really benefits from having the high resolution of a PC monitor, the moddability of a PC game, the fine control of a mouse, and the amount of dedicated hotkeys on a keyboard.

It still could be fun to play around with in unlimited money mode. A city that loses money but looks nice enough is certainly doable. The biggest problem right off the bat is that it’s really difficult to make fine adjustments and accurate placements of stuff. So most of the roads are slightly crooked, all of the manually placed buildings are slightly offset, all of the intersections are slightly misaligned and asymmetrical. From what I’ve played of the PC version, getting a city up and running self sufficiently requires an amount of precision that just doesn’t seem feasible (at first glance, maybe I’ll get used to it) with Joycons.

Still, I’m glad it’s on the Switch at all.


The story and explanation behind the machines and everything in that world totally changed my feeling about the game. Before all of that I was just thinking it was an ok open-world game with an interesting combat system against those machines, but nothing spectacular. Then I started learning more about the story and the world and I couldn’t put it down. I think I played for a solid 2-3 hours straight just wanting to learn more. I still have some left to go, but man I haven’t had my feelings on a game switch so drastically like that.


I’m currently studying abroad and only have my work laptop with me which really can’t handle graphically demanding games. This means I’ve gotten back into hearthstone, I also started playing civ V again and probably gonna reinstall into the breach.

These games are good time sinks but I would also like to play something story based. So does any one have tips for small, low demand, story games?


First thing that came to mind to me was Pyre. It’s a Supergiant game that is part sports game, part visual novel. It’s wonderfully unique!


yeah that might be a good choice. Will do some research to see if my computer can run it. Really like what I’ve seen from that game and have liked supergiant’s other stuff aswell. Good tip, thanks!


Bought Devil May Cry HD Collection based solely on the strength of the new DMC5 trailer song and how much I liked Metal Gear Rising. I have a cursory knowledge of the series going in (I’ve seen DMC3’s opening cinematic, basically nothing from DMC2 besides the general consensus that it’s “the bad one”, and of course DMC1’s infamous ending monologue) so I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than “stylish action and also demons probably?”

Devil May Cry 1 is a weird start. There’s not a whole lot of the over-the-top action the series (at least to me) is known for, and it’s a lot moodier than I expected. It’s very easy to believe this started as a Resident Evil game - the whole thing takes place in one location, you can examine a whole bunch of objects for some oddly phrased flavor descriptions, and the music (outside of combat) is suitably ambient and creepy.

Honestly though I kinda love it?? It’s basically nothing like what I thought it would be, and there are some really rough aspects of the design that immediately date it (the fixed camera angles being the most notable offender, especially whenever platforming is involved). Despite all that though, the mix of proto-“character action” demon fights and slower-paced exploration of what are some genuinely cool gothic environments is really working for me. I especially like how few abilities you have at the start: having such a limited moveset initially makes every upgrade feel like a huge help and forces you to get really familiar with how Dante controls. Even some of the rougher parts are charming in their own weird way - idiosyncrasies like the first-person swimming and the way it always lets you backtrack to any previous room (despite there rarely being any reason to) are what give the game a lot of its flavor.

I am still looking forward to the point in the series where things get ridiculous, though. Starting a song in complete earnest with “the darkness of night falls around my soul” pretty much instantly sold me on these games tbh


So in between my playthrough of Dying Light, I’ve played Life is Strange for the first time. I just finished episode 4 and what a twist (though I seen it coming only 10 mins earlier)