What game are you playing?


Trails in the Sky is a game that I hated so much I had to stop playing partway through. From what i’ve read i’m in the minority on this though. Maybe my resistance to Anime Nonsense isn’t that high.

What I did love was the other game in that series, Trails of Cold Steel. Not related to Sky at all, it’s entirely separate. It’s also absolutely amazing, and both 1 and 2 are on Steam now. 3 is coming… eventually.


This may be a way too late take, but OnRush is pretty damn good from what I played. I’m going through the single player campaign before working up to multiplayer, but so far I’m impressed with how its game modes are constructed. I didn’t think there was much more to do with the driving genre outside of racing and car combat, but I’m happy to have been proven wrong.


I spent most of this weekend finishing The Messenger, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a tiny bit harder than I thought it needed to be; the cloud-stepping never felt as natural as I wanted it to be, and the way you stick to walls took some getting used to. But I’m nitpicking, and I never would have noticed any of that if I didn’t go for all the power seals. Even though I had an idea that there was more to it than meets the eye, I was still surprised at the sheer amount of content it hides away. It hurts my brain to think about how much thought must have went into designing the map without giving away the twist(s). It’s just an exceptionally clever game. Oh, and the music was great as well!


So hey, The Surge, pretty good game so far. Probably played it for a grand total of an hour but it is scratching an itch. I thought Lords of the Fallen had pretty messy combat (sluggish combat that goes far beyond anything I’ve experienced in Dark Souls) and while this is still “messy” it clicks just enough. Souls game x LOOT GAME = 100% my jam. Still trying to wrap my head around why I wouldn’t do some things. Was disappointed in seeing the lack of bosses (the IT factor of the Souls games for me), but loot and the way you obtain it scratches a whole separate itch. Won’t enter my FAVORITE GAMES OF ALL TIME discussion but a nice little surprise, sometimes that’s more than enough.


I’m replaying Mass Effect now, because Giant Bomb’s Mass Alex series finally pushed me too far into wanting to do that. Trying something other than the Colonist War Hero Soldier Paragon that i’ve played… five times? Infiltrator, to still get my sniper rifle gameplay I enjoy, but Earthborn Ruthless mostly Renegade. It’s actually kind of shocking to me how much of an asshole Shepard can be when she’s doing mostly lower right conversation options.

Gameplay isn’t great, naturally, but the story and characters are still the best in video games.


Infiltrator is a lot of fun if you’re a fan of sniping in the later games, just don’t be afraid to use that cloak you get and run from cover to cover, the rewards are great. It functions a lot like Vanguard in a sense, in that most every move you can make with them playing correctly is extremely dangerous, but the payoff is far and above any other class. The big difference is that one is based around keeping distance and supporting your team, and the other is about getting in the face of the enemy and taking them out one at a time as you make fast progress.

I had issues with ME1 paragon and renegade choices, in that it’s impossible to do a mix without it sounding jarring. At lest it doesn’t punish you mechanically for going variable, unlike 2 (do not even get me started on 2’s ridiculous morality ratio checks).


I’ve not played Diablo 3 for a while, so I’m quite looking forward to starting a new character later for season 15. Not sure whether to go with Monk or Witchdoctor…


I just finished Titanfall 2. I really liked it, but the pacing was not completely wonderful. And I am terrible at the MP.


I have an endless list of backlog to get through, but my life is all Overwatch right now, and it’s actively preventing me from playing anything else. Please. Help.

That said, I started Kentucky Route Zero in the hope that something small & story-based could shift my gears a bit. Already loving its art design & aesthetic.


I just finished Hob … and while I really loved the look of the game, and some of the ways it reveals its story, it’s honestly a hot mess.

So you know those kids “puzzles” that have a bunch of starting and ending points, everything in between is a giant mass of squiggly lines, and you have to figure out which two points are connected? Hob is basically that as a video game. The levels are basically platforming habitrails, and the puzzle is figuring out what starting point connects to the ending point you’re trying to get to. This sounds reasonable, until you realize that the game frequently puts those start and end points several screens apart from each other, and then further obscures them by leading you into piles of dead ends … which are also several screens apart.

Once you realize that this is the game’s one and only trick, it just becomes a matter of figuring out how much bullshit, misdirection, awful platforming, and game crashes you’re willing to gut through to get from point A to point B. The game does like to pay off solving its little maze puzzles with over the top cutscenes and wordless reveals about the world. Whether that’s enough to make the rest worthwhile is a hard call. I did finish the game, but it definitely overstayed its welcome by the end.


Mass Effect 1 done. Still an amazing game.

Next I think will be Crosscode, since that just came out. We’re two weeks out from Odyssey and i’m worried that if i’m in the middle of a longer game when that comes out i’ll switch to that and never finish the first game I was doing. I have a problem with that a lot of the time.


Started playing Subserial Network since it recently released on Itch. So far it’s been a very interesting post-human cyberpunk game (the developers call it an “interactive”), touching on how we view ancestry and fate. It’s refreshing to play a sci-fi game that dives head first into exploring the weird interesting sides of its setting instead of just presenting a cool backdrop. I’m very keen to see where it’ll go.

Also continuing to slowly make my way through Yakuza 0, my first contact with the series. It’s often incredibly good and in between those moments somewhat mediocre. I prefer that to how many other modern story heavy games settle for a constantly somewhat-good experience, even if I wish some of the more boring stuff (not the minigames) would be cut a bit.


I’ve been playing FFXV over the course of this month and it’s honestly been great. I’ve just started a new job where I’m surrounded by people who I’m pretty sure are really terrible, so coming home to this bizarre gestalt of design ideas packaged as a road-trip has been really soothing.

This game does not know what it wants to be and I really love it for that. Sometimes it’s a traditional MMO, sometimes it’s a stilted road-trip simulator, occasionally it’s Dragon’s Dogma, at one point it just becomes freakin Bayonetta; it’s completely scatterbrained. And then everyone’s wearing Louis Vuitton boots and one character has a Vivienne Westwood dress and everyone’s got fucking smartphones but also you inherit your ancestors swords? Utter nonsense and it’s great.

I’m currently stuck on the legendarily shit Chapter 13 and can confirm that it lives up to the infamy. I have no idea if I’m going to finish the game but I’ve had a lovely time so far.


I definitely felt all of this with my playthrough of the game. It was incredibly cool to see the world twist around and change as dramatically as it does sometimes, but the puzzles did get tireing after a while.


Finally finished Nier Automata. I started it in May and found it to be a total slog to ending A and put it aside for months. I finally finished the A route, and after that I was hooked until I got to the final ending. I don’t know why I found the first playthrough so tedious compared to the others when you would think it would be the other way around, but once it actually started doling out revelations and the nature of the greater world it became far more interesting.

That game was still an absolute chore to play and traversing the world was an act of self-flagellation, but I can finally see why so many people loved it.

Now I’m… playing Pro-Wrestling for the NES on my Switch because I’m a fool. I haven’t decided if I’m going to finally finish Breath of the Wild, or finally start playing Prey.


Finished Spider-Man. Everything I have to say about it is included in this tweet and I’m pleased to say I improved on the game with the addition of an important musical interlude.

Always been a fan of @insomniacgames, so it's great to see #SpiderManPS4 doing so well. I just finished it and loved it. It nailed so much of the character and story of Spidey whilst capturing those New York sunsets beautifully.

But there is always room for improvement... pic.twitter.com/nNwIgjSCin

— Charlie THE Phair (@chazmaster2000) September 18, 2018

Currently I’m playing ALOT of Destiny but also Shadow of the Tomb Raider which is… fine…

It’s more of the same but with more stabbing assault rifles from bushes. I guess they rebuilt the engine from the first game and basically iterated upon it to be bigger for the second game. That’s fine but the worst part is, that I’m really not digging this portrayal of Lara Croft anymore. The whole ‘it’s all your fault, Lara’ as well as the ‘predator’ gameplay is kind of off putting - like it’s trying too hard to be edgy. The first game felt of the time in which the Hunger Games were a thing, but after two sequels it just feels kind of dated now. Lara can hide in trees and hang enemies from branches, she can use fear arrows to send hapless mercenaries into gun toting fear frenzy and it just… that’s never been what Tomb Raider has been about. I guess she’s still building toward becoming the Tomb Raider - which… as a long time fan of the series… completely sucks.

But… It is a really good looking game - the environments all look amazing and the art direction on the tombs in particular is admirable. I’m taking lots of photos, it’s probably where I’m having most fun with the game to be honest. I’m enjoying it as a Uncharted styled gameplay. Nathan Drake says ‘crap’ alot when the floors crumble below him, Lara says ‘shit’ a lot.

I’m also playing it on the hardest difficulty, and I have to say, the way you can customise the difficulty on various elements of the game is really cool. On default difficulty the game will give you subtle clues on where you have to go next, but you can turns these off completely. The only drawback is the checkpoint system which can put you back a good twenty minutes, but I am finding the combat encounters slightly more tense. Playing it stealthy feels like the way to play it. I’ve been spotted a few times and when everything devolves into a firefight, the shooting feels a bit rubbish. Playing Destiny next to it, has probably not helped.

I don’t know what they do with Tomb Raider next. More actual Tomb Raiding presumably, more puzzles, more platforming, less combat, more silence and isolation.


I’m playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.

Rise of the Tomb Raider would be great game if it wasn’t for all of the murder. It just feels wrong to me to have this version of Lara Croft to be an unstoppable murder-bot. I am kind of okay with the parts of the game where she uses wilderness skills to take out a few amoral paramilitary types. But the body count is getting seriously uncomfortable, and add that to the letters home and overheard conversations that portray some of the paramilitary types as relatively ordinary people looking for an adventure (There are other series’ of letters, of course, that portray complete sociopaths, which is equally weird), and I can’t help but feel that there were multiple agendas at work in the creation of this game. .

But I sure do love the challenge tombs, and the open world-y wilderness bits and exploring are super well done. I would have really liked some version of this that was less Lara murders paramilitary folks for hours and more an exploration of exploitation vs appreciation of antiquities and ancient societies.

Also: I just finished my first ever vanilla XCOM 2 run.

I find XCOM 2 a little frustrating. On one hand the theme, strategic management and tactical gameplay come together beautifully. As a complete package there’s almost nothing I’d rather play more right now.

On the other hand, that so much of success is based on not accidentally triggering groups of aliens at the wrong time in the tactical turn, while at the same time the main way to overcome poor odds is to flank or destroy cover makes the game feel at odds with itself.

It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before, but I’m just waiting for a game to figure out how to do this better and change this genre forever.

But then again, I immediately started an XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign. lol.


My partner picked up a copy of WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2006 for PS2, and we started playing GM Mode against each other and it’s a blast. I would have never expected that a competitive multiplayer management sim tucked into an old wrestling game would rule, but it’s fantastic. It makes me really excited for them to hopefully bring it back for the current roster, because an update of the game with a much deeper roster (especially the women; the player who picks RAW gets the women’s belt and the division only consists of 6 people) would be such a joy.

I’ve also been playing Into the Breach and Bad North on Switch, as well as some 20XX.


Furiously chipping away at Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s very good. The best this series has ever been I think.


I was stunned how good it was honestly. As someone who got thoroughly burned out on the games around 3, i was shocked about how into it i was. I think most of it has to be the most beautiful open world i’ve ever played in. I’m very excited for Odyssey.

In my own gaming exploits, i just finished Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider Both were excellent, the best games i’ve played so far this year on a mechanical level. On a story level, eh, DotO had a nifty thematic through line, and i thought it ended really well. Overall, i’m kinda sad that they didn’t sell that well, though that seems to be par for course for imsims. idk, i’m glad to have played these at the very least.