What game are you playing?


I got Cities:Skylines last year, but didn’t put too much time into it until recently. I’m really enjoying it, but some of the road building can be frustrating when you’re trying to get just the right layout. Other than that, I love it.

I can’t imagine how the Switch could handle rendering large cities, it seems your edit says as much.


I tried playing Mafia 3, and was really diggin the storytelling and themes, but I found the gameplay to be too much of an obstacle. I cleared the first section or whatever (the section ends with a ferris wheel scene), but I had a hard time following the who and why of clearing each area. I understand the overall goal is to get to the top, but I didn’t feel like it was properly motivating me to go after specific people other than that they are obviously racist baddies who work under the people I really wanted to get. The ‘bosses’ felt no different than any of their henchmen, and finding/killing them wasn’t especially satisfying because of that.

Mechanically, the combat is punchy, but basic, and hunting down the little dollar signs on the regional map to meet a quota of ‘damage’ was tedious and unsatisfying. I also felt that the world and the combat arenas are too flat, without much verticality across the entire map.

In the end, I saw the gameplay loop, and found that I would go days without playing anything because I didn’t want to play Mafia 3. I just uninstalled it and moved on with my life. Kinda sucks, I wanted to get through that story.

I moved on to Rise of the Tomb Raider, which kicks ass so far.


I recently finished the story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I…like that game a lot. I mean it’s got…issues in terms of how it presents the story, but it’s gorgeous and great to play and I appreciate that it tries to say something even if it flubs the execution at times.

Now, I’m playing the hell out of Forza Horizon 4. These last couple of Horizon entries have scratched precisely, like down to the microscopic level, the itch I have for a racing game. It’s huge, it’s gorgeous, it drives really really well (it feels believable-adjacent without being too simulation-y or too arcade-y), it’s packed with such a variety of stuff to do (both in terms of the types of actual races and events and just the stuff to see and do in the open world) that I never feel bored, it has a great photo mode, and it’s got the kind of attitude I like in a racing game. It’s not the “HEY BRAH SICK I’M GONNA BE THE TOUGHEST BADDEST GENERIC GUY IN THIS UNDERGROUND STREET RACING GANG BRAH dubstep drop” that things like the NFS games have been lately. It’s bright and cheerful and happy and the voices you interact with are nice and you can make a cool driving character and give them fancy clothes and it’s all about music and having fun driving and everybody’s upbeat and having a great time. I genuinely love FH4. Oh and I can buy houses!

Also, I happened to run into our own Glorgu this evening in the open England and we made a convoy and did a series of races, including a summer seasonal offroad buggy championship that had a classic come-from-behind-on-the-last-lap victory for us. It’s great fun.

Next, my copy of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey unlocks tonight, and I am unreasonably excited for it. It sounds like exactly what I wanted, and I’m looking forward to being Historical Fiction Wonder Woman for a hundred hours or so.


I’m not yet done with my first Borderlands playthrough (I just have to finish two DLC campaigns), but I went ahead and started a second playthrough and switched from Lilith to Mordecai. Lilith’s elemental buffs, assassin branch, and phasewalking are great, but Mordecai’s Bloodwing is one of the most ridiculously broken specials offense wise, and he has an entire branch for sniping and accuracy buffs. As the scumbag sniping and shotgun runner, this is VERY relevant to my interests.



(CW: genitals)



I’m itching to play Forza Horizon 4. I’m based in the UK so am really looking forward to racing around the best parts of the rainy British countryside.

At the moment I’m committed to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I’ve said more about it in the other thread specifically about Waypoint’s review of the game. As a big Tomb Raider fan, I was sort of left in the cold by Rise of the Tomb Raider. My main memory of the game was stabbing chatty exposition spouting PMCs from bushes. For the most part Shadow follows exactly the same story - woman comes in to liberate a suppressed people by allying with their resistance - but with an emphasis on covering yourself in mud and shanking fools - fulfilling this weird predator or batman power fantasy in which you make your enemies soil themselves as you lurk in trees, and presumably become the infamous Tomb Raider.

I decided to play it on the hardest difficulty which mutes some of the ambient markers in the game world. The result is a far more engrossing play through, in which I’m savouring all the vistas especially with the photo mode. I’ve taken about 500 pictures so far. I don’t know what I’ll do with them, maybe put them on facebook as a holiday album. One of the problems with the difficulty is the checpoint system. One false move can result in instant death which takes you a long way back - which can be annoying but it is raising the stakes of the game. The old games had you be far more in control and precise with your movements but the new Tomb Raiders play out very much like Uncharted and platforming feels pretty automated.

As the game is taking longer to complete, it feels as if I’ve played a lot of it and absorbed it more intensely than an easy playthrough, I don’t feel as if the game is purely a combat game like I did with Rise where I’m put in these environments that are basically arenas from which to utilise Lara’s bow and stab afforementiond dudes from bushes.

If anything it’s been more a mix of exploration the tombs and jungles in isolation or interacting with the various settlements in the game. The first settlement you come across, is a town of shacks under the shadow of large oil piping. The second settlement is a tribal community in a valley amongst Mayan ruins. It all looks fantastic, and Rise never had that same scope. It almost reminds me of the part in Uncharted 2 after the train sequence, in which you find yourself in this mountain village where no one speaks English and Drake has a conversation with a cow. Almost… By default everyone speaks in accented English, though there is the ability to have the NPCs speak in their normal accent. Though Lara will always speak in English which kind of sucks.

Then there are the tombs themselves which have been expanded and feel more like a prominent part of this Tomb Raider game, when they felt a little like attachments in the last two games. They can be dark and scary, and full of old school spike traps. One false move and (because of the difficulty) it sets me back by 20 minutes. :sob:

In a strange, completely unforseen way, Shadow of the Tomb Raider feels suprisingly chill at the moment. Just exploring crypts, finding all collectibles, learning all about the Aztecs and taking lots of photos. I’ve probably used my bow more for creating ziplines, breaking barriers or pulling off badass poses for the photography mode, more so than headshotting PMCs… Come to think of it, the game has given me a bunch of firearms but I rarely use them…

The way you can change Lara’s facial expressions via the photo mode into a benign smile so you can get this perfect ‘gap year’ style image just feel at odds to the way in which the game has been marketed. I’ve just reached a turning point in the game, where things have gotten a little stabbier, Lara’s fallen into the water and emerged as a kind of avenging angel to kill all dudes and shoot all exploding barrels they may be standing next to. Dudes are literally standing in front of me as I approach and though they’re heavily armed and could just shoot me, they’re all worked up into this debilitating fear of me. Kind of falls flat to the genuine feelings of wonder, exploration and descent into these uncharted crypts - which are so very much of the Tomb Raider experience. But the game has thrown another settlement at me, which feels a lot more ‘chill’ again - the quirk of this one seems to be that this one will have a Christian slant to the archeological trappings.


I think a lot of people have written off the new Tomb Raider game and I can see why. There are problems with the game addressed in Dia’s review. Aside from story and the way in which they depict Lara, Partly I believe much of the problems of the game stem from the way it is built on the original engine they used for the first reboot in 2013. Meaning much of the design and mechanics remains the same even if the artistic scope that wraps is far greater. Open world games continue to change and challenge what was the status quo a year ago. So these games, can have a habit of feeling a little creaky, especially when you reach the threequel.

I have no doubt, AC: Odyssey may handle all these things much better, especially with an Ancient Greek theming and hanging off Zeus’s mighty stone phallus. In some ways those games have taken the Tomb Raider throne. And God of War had a richer story built around a mythical world. But I’m still really enjoying Shadow. Despite problems, what I’m getting out of the game has been completely engrossing and satisfying.


I just picked up Labyrinth of Refrain, and whoo boy is it fun.

The UI is a bit cramped (I hate having to scroll to see stat changes when changing equipment), but the story isn’t bad, the art is memorable, and the battle animations are pretty great. Watching your puppets fly into the enemies when a combo happens never gets old.

I’ve also been playing a LOT of Puzzle and Dragon. I can’t believe how much depth this game has. Also also Girl’s Formation, which is way better of a mobile game than it has any right to be.


I had a long-ish bus ride this weekend and I was looking forward to getting in some quality Switch time, but it turns out playing video games while in motion makes me sick now :frowning: So that was unfortunate.

I still managed to finish Hyper Light Drifter. As much as I wanted to like it, it just didn’t do anything for me. It was beautiful and atmospheric, but I mostly just found it infuriating. It felt like there was a split-second to delay to combat that I couldn’t adjust to. I tend to gravitate towards difficult games (not because of the difficulty, though), so that’s not the issue, but something about this frustrated me in a way Tropical Freeze, Celeste and Dark Souls didn’t. People whose opinions I respect seem to love it, so it was disappointing to realize it’s not for me.

Aside from that, I’m on the last level of Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, and I restarted Hollow Knight on the Switch. I’m trying to go through the latter a little more slowly and soak up more of the lore, since I loved it so much when I played it on PC last year.


I’ve been super, super enjoying AC: Odyssey. It feels great, the world is stunning, and Kassandra is such a warm, funny, and likeable protagonist that she’s becoming one of my favorite game protagonists. The quests feel more fleshed-out, the people populating the game are great so far, and I’m just loving it. It’s what I wished for from Origins, which I liked but really wished I could have had the choice to play as a woman.

Also I’m loving the evolution into full-on RPG.


Got my X-box out of storage (that I bought to play Forza Horizon 3)… to play Forza Horizon 4.

Discovered that the Game Library thing and that FH4 was on it and figured out that would work out cheaper given I’ll only be playing it for a couple of months. I might give some of the Fables a go as well.


Assassins Creed Odyssey is taking all my time, as expected. I really like it a lot. There’s so much game here, but it’s all stuff I want to engage with so I don’t have the issues with it that other people do. The dlc is a bit gross and should be criticized but i’m doing fine not engaging with it at all. Maybe if I don’t buy any of it they’ll stop making it.

I love Kassandra, she’s the best. I put on the assassin ladies skin for my ship crew as soon as I got it, with a few female lieutenants giving their stat boosts. Hell yeah girls let’s go fuck up ancient greece.

And a small anecdote. I had a quest that was expiring in a day where the last goal was to kill one more Athenian leader. Problem is all the regions of my level that i’d been to were controlled by Sparta. So I fight a battle to help Athens take over the region. Then I kill a fort-full of Athenian soldiers to make their leader leave his guards and then I kill him to complete the quest. I have another quest though. To fight one more battle on the side of Sparta. So I help Sparta take the region back.

Hundreds of people are dead and nothing has changed except i’m a little richer. I’m a bad person.


Rented destiny 2 and making my way through the campaign, as I mostly play all games solo. Not a huge fan of the mmo-like trappings, but I forgot how good a bungie game feels. Played so many hours of all the halo games that there’s a unique good feeling I get just running and jumping around in them, not to mention the shooting.

I haven’t unlocked the other classes for my hunter yet, and apparently they’re RNG drops and I should have, and am just extremely unlucky? That’s unfortunate, because not really liking the lighting staff super, whatever it’s called.


It’s been a while since I did the main D2 campaign, but I’m pretty sure the other subclasses are drops from Public Events and completing Lost Sectors. Grind out a few of those, and you should get one of the items to drop pretty quickly that starts the subclass-unlock process.


I know I’m very late, but I played Captain Spirit over the long weekend, and gosh that was lovely. I grew up in a rural area with an alcoholic parent, so parts of it felt very familiar to me. It did a good job of capturing all the seemingly contradictory moods of that setting; boredom, isolation, dread, wonder, freedom, etc. I swear I spent afternoons exactly like the one in the game running around the woods near my childhood house in between sessions of PS1 JRPGs. I’ve had narratives like this feel cheap and exploitative, but this one worked for me. Now I’m really looking forward to starting LiS 2 within the next few months.


I haven’t had much sit down game time so I’ve been playing a mobile game called Azur Lane that features anime girls that represent WWI/WWII era boats. The F2P aspect is pretty fair, as you still have gacha but you can’t buy them with real money. It’s very grindy, and the art is definitely not always something you want other people to see, but I like it.

Weird that anime lady boats have more than one game now.


Currently playing through Yakuza Kiwami 2 and enjoying it. Need to stick to the main story a bit, unlike 0 I have found Kiwami 1, 6 and 2 the substories are a bit lacking overall and deflate my enjoyment a bit overall? I am enjoying the main story and need to stop disrupting the flow. Looking forward to finishing it over the weekend.

I have Life is Strange 2 Episode 1 lined up too, just want to find a time to play through it all in one go if possible. Not really feeling in the headspace for it currently knowing the incident that occurs around 45 mins in, need to be in a better mood I think.

Other quick games I tried/played recently:
Hyper Light Drifter: Third time trying, love the music, art, and animation…just do not enjoy the ‘feel’ of combat for some reason. I will have to admire from a distance. It’s not the game it’s me.
God of War 3: Came through PS+…really disliked it, but was fascinated blasting through on easy. I see 13 year old me loving it.
Guacamelee 2 and Iconoclasts: Very different I realise, but both I came to realise I disliked. Guacamelee 2 was the feel thing again…I don’t like the fighting game applied to platformer feel. Iconoclasts I just didn’t get on with, I found the gameplay quite boring and the story didn’t engage me, unfortunately.
Yoku’s Island Express and Donut County: Again very different, but both hugely positive. They were short, fun and full of joy. I think I just needed some uplifting or odd games to give me comfort recently.


i decided after hour 1 im gonna play this a few times, so I decided to go tanky human guy just to get used to everything before I go to my true calling of roguish rogue with a heart of gold


Been messing around with some SNES and Genesis games, mainly Parodius, Super Buster Bros and Lightening Force aka Thunder Force IV.

Also just started a second playthrough of Hollow Knight. I only got about 70% my first time through and it was pre DLC so I’m gonna try and do everything this time. That game is so good.


I started Borderlands 2 and picked Zero because I’m a disgusting sniper who refuses to play shooting games “properly” or “good” and just goes for an endless stream of headshots. Now I’m also running around like a slasher villain because that sword buff with Zero’s skill is INSANELY good.

Also I was aware he said haikus but I was not aware that one them included the line “you’ve activated my trap card.” This game is pretty great.


also playing chrono trigger for the first time and i’m only a couple hours in but it’s so charming and good and funny and everyone was right about it.