What game are you playing?


Is anyone playing TWEWY on Switch? I never played on the DS and want to try it, but also hear that this version isn’t great. Anyone have any experience one way or another?


I started playing Cultist Simulator the other day and it’s pretty neat. Deeeeeefinitely the sort of game that benefits from knowing somebody who knows how the game works so you can occasionally ask “why do I keep getting sick?” or “how do I learn Sanskrit?” or “so hypothetically if I killed a cop, would there be anything I could do to hide the body before anyone noticed? I currently have a book about hammers, a sick painting of an eyeball with a door in it, 2 stories about moths, and a coin with an engraving of 2 people fucking on it, if any of that helps.”


There honestly is no proper way to play that game other than on the DS. The changes made in ports and re-releases all take away a lot of what made the game so special. I’m normally not a big purist about playing games but TWEWY’s systems were so tied into how the DS functioned as a piece of hardware that there’s no way to properly play it unless on the DS.


I Finished Salt and Sanctuaryafter buying it the day it came out, quitting halfway through, and then finishing it a year and a half later. Its an… above average game? I certainly liked it enough to put 21 hours into it, which is not a small amount. I feel like most of the time the combat is pretty good, and except for the sometimes annoying timed platforming segments, i don’t feel like its too unforgiving. If i had any complaint, its that its can be sometimes very confusing, most notably in the skill tree, which i consider probably the root cause of me quiting the first time. If i would give one piece of advice, i would say make sure you look at the skill tree and make a plan before spending any points. Like a long term plan. It improves the experience immensely


Just finished Spider-man there which I think is the first game I’ve played all the way through immediately after buying it in a while. The ending packed a greater punch than I expected and sets up another one hopefully. Really enjoyed the gameplay and cements for me that Spider-man is my favourite superhero. Great stuff all round and looking forward to the DLC and blasting through it on the harder difficulty.


I just finished playing Mafia III thanks to PS+. Enjoyed my time with it! It really helps that the gunplay and the stealth kills feel… visceral. It never got old brutalizing racist fucks with a combat knife and a shotgun as I took over New Bordeaux. The animations really sold the violence you’re inflicting. Listening to podcasts outside the big story missions also made the experience a lot smoother.

I’m now deep into the spooky Halloween spirit playing through the silly jank and legit suspense of Friday the 13th. I’m surprised at how much I’ve gotten into it over the weekend, especially after hearing and seeing all the problems that plagued it in the first couple of months when it came out. I haven’t played any other asymmetrical multiplayer game, so maybe it’s the novelty that’s pulling me through, but right now, I’m having a good time! A lot of the technical hitches that people were having a year ago seem to have all been ironed out, especially with the addition of the dedicated servers.

The game being made “free” on PS+ also seems to have injected some life into the community. I haven’t had too much trouble joining games, and it’s just fun learning how to play with all the other newbies scrambling to get their bearings.

I like to think I have a relatively good handle on how to play as the counselors and as Jason now. Escaped and survived numerous times as the former, and I usually end up killing more than half of the counselors whenever I get to play as Jason.

Any other Waypoint peeps on PS4 interested in trying it out? I’d love to party up and give that actual team dynamic a go!


I had been playing short/smaller games this past month or so in preparation to keep my schedule open for RDR2. The most recent of those was Yoku’s Island Express which I absolutely loved! Sometimes pinball loses me with how much I suck at it sometimes and how hard it can be to really get a table, and Metroidvania games sometimes lose me with my refusal to draw a map or memorize shit when I need to. But Yoku was such a fun blend of both that it had me hooked on a long car ride last weekend! The pinball being integral to advancing made it challenging but not as do-or-die as most pinball tables are. I could see myself playing this again.

But now I made the poor decision to start Dark Souls 2 for the first time. There’s no way I’ll finish before next Friday for RDR2, but it’s ok so far. No Bloodborne.


I’ve started that game like 3 times and got pretty close to the end once but never beat it. I still feel bad about it! It’s such a great game, really good right from the start which is always a hang up with RPGs for me.


Finally got a charging cable for my Vita. I booted it up for the first time in years! I remember playing a bunch of Spelunky on it, and not much has changed. I’m no where as near as good as I was when I was playing it alongside Patrick when he had his Spelunky series way back when. Everything I remember about the game is true, great music, controls, and difficulty, as well as, me losing because I rush. Playing it and watching Giant Bomb play Rogue Legacy has really made me want to get Dead Cells. Continue to itch this rogue-like itch I’ve developed all of a sudden. Also maybe I’ll finally be able to use the remote play feature of the Vita too!


I’m about 8 hours into AC:Origins, I decided to pick it up after the muted coverage of Odyssey, and oh my god it was such a good idea for Ubisoft to make The Witcher 3 but with good mechanics and a primary cast that doesn’t suck. The CDProjekt Red influence is abundant, and by that I mean there’s a lot of bespoke writing. The difference is Bayek isn’t portrayed as an archetypal badass who can do no wrong. Instead he’s a grieving man who is genuinely empathetic and full of warmth. I know this sounds like I’m using this game as an excuse to beat on the Witcher 3, and that’s because I am because someone decided to take the genuinely good things about that game (the absurd attention to detail, the quantity of bespoke scripted quests) and put them in a game whose writing doesn’t piss me off.

It’s nice to play a game that has a genuine and encompassing concern for people, even if a lot of it involves stabbing folks.


Even though I have a moratorium on buying new games for a little while, i saw Doughnut county for close to half off and had that “well its a game i really wanted to play and its under 10 dollars so why not!” moment. Its a very charming game. Its very nice sometimes to have gaming experiences that one can finish in a single session or two. Is it an all timer? No, not really, but it will probably leave you with a very pleasant feeling leaving your entertainment session.


still playing hollow knight, just like i was over a month ago! i’m taking my time with it and mostly playing on weekends. i really adore this game. it’s rare for me to play games this difficult but i feel like i’m doing a pretty good job and i’m enjoying my time in this world quite a bit.

i’m not sure how far i am in the game since i have tried to avoid looking things up unless i’m really stuck but i thiiiink i’m getting close to the end of the main story? i’ve discovered and explored most of the game’s areas now and mainly what i have to do next is fight a bunch of bosses. i also accidentally unlocked the grimm troupe dlc right on time for halloween so i’ll probably try and tackle that too


and really rich, a lot happens and i keep thinking wow i’ve been playing for so long and then it’s just been 5 hours.


CrossCode on PC and Dark Souls for the umpteenth time via Darksouls Remastered on Switch. Praise the sun.


Unfortunately, I’ve not had a ton of time the past year or so, but I’m jumping into Octopath every now and again. Started Attack on Titan 2. About to finished with Luna-Terra’s path in Heaven Will be Mine. Then there is PUBG…

Which makes it sound like I actually have been playing a lot but all these games, besides PUBG, go untouched for a week or so at a time. In part, because my ability to focus is miserable, but also because work takes up a good amount of the day.


Just starting to play SoulCalibur 6. Mainly training mode. The cool thing is that Xianghua’s move set is mostly the same from past versions. Just wanna get accustomed to the changes in this game before jumping online to figure out match ups.


Playing Spirited Heart Deluxe, an early Winter Wolves VN for a series I’ve decided to start looking at the group’s fantasy game output. It was the first game in their Aravorn setting but also the one furthest in the future because ???

Better than I expected, despite the yuri expansion content not matching with the base otome content because the original artist was busy during the expansion’s development. It’s a pretty simple Princess Maker take off, not terribly impressive mechanics wise, but the routes are way stronger than I expected. Completed three of the yuri routes so far and they were all way better than I ever expected.

Ain’t no Loren the Amazon Princess but then again few VNs are.


I picked up Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, and I feel dumb for sleeping on it for so long. I bounced off it a few times back when it was originally released even though it’s right up my alley. I think my issue was that I was treating it like an open-ended stealth game like MGS or Dishonored, where the fun comes from seeing all the various systems interact with one another and exploring every inch of the map. There is an element of that, but it almost has more in common with traditional platformers. The comparison I keep coming back to are the last two Rayman games (Origins and Legends), because of good it feels to move around in both games; Ori and the Blind Forest is another one it reminds me of, at least in terms of movement. The most fun I’m having zipping through levels as quickly and stealthily as possible once I learn the layout. It’s maybe a little longer than I’d prefer, and some of the later levels have felt like trial and error, but I’m still having a great time with it.


I’ve just started playing Bomber Crew again on the Xbox since it is on gamepass. One of my games of the year last year, just brilliantly put together.


Fell for destiny 2 a lot harder. PC version was on sale so got the forsaken edition that gets me everything.

Still not convinced the structure of the game is for me, but I forgot how much I like how Bungie shooters feel.