What game are you playing?


I haven’t gotten very far, but I started up Swery’s latest, The Missing - JJ Macfield and the something something something.

As should be expected from Swery, this game is… something. You play as JJ, who goes on a camping trip with her friend/potential love interest Emily. The opening scene is very cute. It doesn’t last. JJ wakes up, Emily is missing, and during JJ’s brief search, she (and we) discover that she has the ability to regenerate from basically anything short of a brain injury.

This is the gameplay. You strategically burn, dismember, and otherwise mutilate JJ in order to solve puzzles. A very early example: run into a barbed-wire fence, lose a leg, grab said leg and throw it at a box which she can use to climb up to a ledge.

It is seriously disturbing, and not least because of the performance of JJ’s voice actor. You know how, in movies and games, screaming and crying has this controlled, rhythmic aspect to it? This game doesn’t. JJ’s crying is loud, erratic, snotty, despairing. When I was in middle school, I once slipped and got my foot caught in the lawnmower. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but my reaction was enough to cause the entire neighborhood to blanche. JJ sounds like she is perpetually caught in a lawnmower. It is seriously unsettling.

I think the game is very well made, and I like Swery, but I don’t know if I can subject myself to it.

The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (tw self harm/gore)

Friends at work all got Black Ops 4 so I thought I would give it a try.

Overall it’s honestly not bad but I wouldn’t also say it’s great. Black Ops 3 did something similar with a multiplayer only version but that cost only $15 compared to the $60 this one is which while isn’t something I feel like I should be comparing I can’t help but have that nagging at the back of my head while playing.

Also can we just talk about the really strange “single player” content? Like this Woods AI doesn’t even behave like Woods did in the previous games (or at least the first BLOPS). When did he turn into a early 2000’s gamer???

I also miss wall running :frowning:


It’s terrible, it’s honestly good that they didn’t try to make a full single player campaign with these characters because they’re all insufferable.



Still playing Zero mainly as a sniper.

But I’m also running into spiderants and psycho swarms more often now and those fights end up devolving into the following two modes:

ZERO IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. He’s a fusion of Brick’s melee buffs, Mordecai’s sniping and critical bonuses, and Lilith’s sneak attack move. He can’t take a hit but things just die whenever he’s around and it’s too much fun. He also gets accuracy buffs, which makes shotguns more effective for crits on spiderants, and investing in melee buffs with badass coins is really going to payoff while I work on the sniping tree.


You’re making me wanna go back and play Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel, AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.



The sniping character in Pre-Sequel is a rich lady with ice powers that treats everyone like her servants and I cannot wait to be her


From what I recall, my favorite character in that was “Jack” because he had a skill tree based on manufacturer gimmicks


I just started Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and uh, wow, that game is really something. I’m not saying anything new, so feel free to tune out if you’ve been paying attention to the discourse surrounding it in these parts, but I was not ready for just how insane it makes Lara. I don’t even mean in the regular video game protagonist mass-murderer way, either (sure, she’s slathering herself in mud and going full Rambo on enemy troops from the get-go, but that’s par for the course with this series by now), but her solipsism and total disregard for human life. After finding herself in the middle of (and maybe causing) a massive natural disaster, her response is… to yell about magical macguffins and immediately run away? I can’t even tell you how tone-deaf this moment is. The worst part is that, because this is a video game, she’s right, which just does not track on a gut level. I’d love to hear about the writing process for this game, because I’d bet anything this section saw huge revisions before it ended up in its current state.


I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it’s pretty great so far - it’s the first one of the series I’ve played. I know…I’m way behind the Zeitgeist on this one. I think I needed something a little more lighthearted to play and this has been good for that so far (although some things in the beginning make me think it might be going places).

Also, I have no idea what’s going on with the combat and I’m bad at button timings. But hey, the big guy became a small guy and that’s pretty wonderful. And Nia is number one best.


I got to Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2 and…why.

I knew there was going to be some bad white boy humor going in for this entry, but I did not expect a traumatized child speaking in random ebonics and sexualizing stuffed rabbits and bombs. The actress is trying but half of the material she’s given is just vile. Right when the game starts getting me to laugh with it (the tea party mission is actually really funny at points), it has to ruin things by deciding the next joke was having the little white girl suddenly make an incredibly racist impersonation of what bad 2000s era comics think black people sound like. I’m kind of dreading her DLC now.


Isn’t that Ashley Burch, voice of Horizon: Zero Dawn and a bunch of other stuff? I recall at the time thinking, “oh right, Anthony Burch wrote this so it makes sense that his sister is here doing the internet funny haha jokes” and then being floored by how good her performance was in Horizon some 5 years later.


Yeah. Apparently he asked her to audition because he realized he had put a lot of her in Tina’s character.

I’m troubled she didn’t take that as an insult upon getting the script.


The “general consensus” is that her DLC is the storytelling highlight of the whole game, but you’ll probably want to take that with a grain of salt. I only ever played Hammerlock’s dlc which is a big ol’ bucket of Yikes, My Boy.


I do know what awaits in the DLC, and if it was about literally any other character than Tina, I’d be excited for it and not dreading it.


I’m playing Hollow Knight. The game is incredible in a lot of ways. I think i’m technically able to face the final boss, but there is still a bunch of extra stuff i want to do in some of the side areas.



I can already tell this game is going to be an all-time favorite for me. The crazy systemic depths of Dwarf Fortress with a smoother user experience.

My colony started exclusively with women and the first recruit was also a woman. They seem to get along fairly well, except for the oldest who’s a night owl and both insists on waking up other people at night and then gets upset when people do the same to her. I eventually figured out how to get her to work night shifts but she’s honestly the best worker of the group and sometimes she has to work long hours. All these lazy young kids.

Luckily, things picked up when some kid called us for shelter. He was some 16 year old pirate on the run and we quickly had him join the group. We murdered his pursuer and had him bury the body. Welcome to the crew, kid! He’s a hard worker and keeps up with the old lady pretty well.

Mie, the artistic one of the group, made a sculpture entitled Toilet Habits of Linda (she’s the brainy one of the group). The game tells me it’s good art and looks quite beautiful, so I have it displayed proudly in the dining area.

Only other mishap was the unfortunate death of the bomalope in the middle of the base which caused an explosion and burned a bit of the base.

And this is maybe 3 hours of play so far. I’m eager for more interesting stories.


I understand the hesitation around wanting to play even more Tiny Tina, but Assault on Dragon’s Keep is a really surprisingly touching exploration of coping with grief (you’ll want to finish the main campaign before playing it, though).


Have you got a Bee shield? You should get a Bee shield!

Edit: also, the Tiny Tina DLC is genuinely well written and poingent, and is far more consistent with someone her age coming to terms with spoilers. It’s also about all the team as well, not just her


Once you’ve got a footing in the game, the mods really help complete the package (the Early Access has had quite a lot of what was mods become part of the game so there are less “required” mods now than before but there’s still some stuff that’s worth looking at like rewriting the script on romance). Onto my recently played and I’ve been doing the PC Game Pass dance…

Snake Pass seems fun from what little I’ve played so far. Did Gears 4 story and I’m really hopeful that Gears 5 pivots away from that protagonist (hopefully that story trailer they did indicates we have a lot less of Drathan Nake). I loaded up Halo Wars 1 and realised I didn’t really want to replay it (I watched the cutscenes on YouTube to remember what the story was from when I played it when it originally came out - in my memory there was more to it than what’s actually in the game or maybe my tolerance for middling SciFi tied to a universe I’m familiar with has gone down in the last decade).

I’ve played a lot of Forza Horizon 4 and talked about that in the thread on the topic. As a reason to get Game Pass, I’m extremely happy to have rented because I’m getting to the point where waiting for multiplayer lobbies to fill is a bit too slow and I’m going to exhaust the copious content on offer soon (the weekly rotations being generally extremely lacking, baring the one new story they added last patch).

I’ve poked at State of Decay 2 and will probably go into that once FH4 is exhausted. For some reason I’m playing ReCore and I’m not sure if I actually enjoy it or just want to tick it off the list of things I’ll lose access to when the Game Pass runs out - some of the jank makes the platforming more frustrating than it should be and I wish the game looked more like the CG trailer and less like even the patched release needs a few more patches. I also played through Halo Wars 2. That sure is an ending that seems rather sudden and waiting for a sequel or Halo FPS to actually provide a conclusion. The CG videos are as good as ever but the actual game sure is by the numbers. At one point I just turned down the difficulty and pushed through the short campaign (which lacks variety or much in-mission story) to get to that end.


i’m playing a fair lick of octopath travelever. it isn’t burning my house down but it’s a charming and sensible enough game that has some fun old timer graphics to the point that i know i’ll be down with it for a long time.

mix in some dead cells - this game is a rager, maybe past the point of my own attention. i don’t know if i’ll finish it - i suck, i can’t make progress, etc - but we’ll see.

and early in the morning i fire up arena of valor - never really played a MOBA before, and i’ve found a lot of fun over here. it’s free. yes, it’s free and i’ll play it. the complexities of high-level play seem kind of out of my interest and range - i’m not gonna read the internet all day to figure out build types and tactics - but it’s been really fun to win and really crappy to lose. that’s all i’ve got on that. give it a shot if you haven’t played a MOBER.

if it wasn’t obvious: all nintendo switch all day for me.