What game are you playing?


I’m on the fence whether or not I want to try Octopath Traveler… any idea if it would be good for someone who never played the old Final Fantasy games? I’ve thought about going back to play them but I struggle with a lot of older games if they didn’t age particularly well.

I have been playing Dead Cells since about the time it came out on Switch, keep with it if you can! I know that everyone compares games to Dark Souls nowadays but it’s learning curve is really similar in how enemies and situations seem unfair and borderline impossible become almost as easy as stomping on the first goomba in world 1-1 (though let’s be honest, we’ve all run straight into it a coulple times). I hope you stick with it, but that being said if run-based games ain’t your jam, it could very well not be for you. Best of luck!


I needed a good offline game for the Switch for a visit to my in-laws over the weekend. I ended up grabbing Will: A Wonderful World and giving it a couple hours.

You play as the amnesiac goddess Myth who, aided by her dog/pet/servant Will has the ability to change the stories of humans who pray to her.

To describe it as a visual novel would be an insult to the word “visual.” It’s closer to a Twine game. You are told a short story. Certain sections of the story can be moved around to change the outcome. An example from the tutorial: a busted lightbulb at a tennis court causes a student to forget her keys and be locked out of her apartment. Move the line about the broken lightbulb down in the story, and now it causes her to avoid a dark alley and instead take an alternate route home, stopping to play arcade games on the way.

The key is that you’re getting requests from multiple people, and if their stories are at the same point in the timeline, events can be swapped between them, whether the actual events are intertwined or not (early on some are and some aren’t but I get the feeling they’ll all connect eventually).

My problem with the game is that it takes the butterfly effect to ludicrous levels. In the tutorial example, the student changes her route, which also causes her to catch the attention of a stalker which leads to her ducking into an unknown neighbor’s apartment and interrupting his suicide attempt. That’s not exactly something you could predict from changing a broken lightbulb.

You can try to get S Ranks on every story for every character, but Will warns you that this isn’t necessarily a desirable outcome. There’s no penalty for retrying sections until you get the outcome you want, but once you decide to stick to a path, there’s no going back. That basically leaves the game as a statistical exercise. Figure out all the permutations, try them all, pick your favorite.

Still, while the unpredictability of the outcomes doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m directing the story so much as just choosing which story I want, the writing is strong enough and the characters compelling enough that it’s pushing me to keep at it.


Literally all it would take for me to like Tales of Berseria’s combo building system would be little videos of the moves like in every good action game these days. God of War does it too I guess.

The characters are so good though, they’re carrying the game so much. I love all these fucking gremlins.


Put Magilou in every game.


Started Grandia 2 and I really don’t care for the main character.

He’s pretty shitty to everyone especially toward the only woman he’s tasked to escort. I was told he gets better as the plot progress so we’ll see how it goes.

I love the first game and the gameplay stayed pretty much the same but Ryudo needs to chill out.


Ryudo has some SERIOUS baggage at start. He gets better pretty fast, and the apex of his character arc is really well done.

I highly suggest you keep playing because Grandia II, despite being so cliche, goes to some surprising places.

Mainly mass cult suicide sacrifice to become an evil god’s heart. You don’t get to see the person fall on a mountain of swords, but you do get to see the massive puddle of blood in the aftermath,


CS:GO is my favorite.
Also, Battlefield and GTA


I’ve been playing Enter the Gungeon off and on for a while, I just finished playing Disgaea 5, and I am playing Under Night In Birth (awful name I know) a lot lately.


I’ve gone back to Bloodborne. I never beat The Old Hunters or properly plumbed the Chalice Dungeons, so I’m going through them with a new strength build. I think I’ll go back and try a bloodtinge build after I beat it.


Currently pretty hooked on Diablo 3 for the Switch. Feels pretty good so far. I was worried it would have frame rate problems, but it seems rock solid so far.


Please, Under Night In-Birth was my father, call me Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]


That name gives me a concussion


They had to one-up Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code somehow.


The game’s transition screens are filled with paragraphs and english text talking about vague imagery.


That are, apparently, supposed to be in english, despite being a Japanese game?

Is this arcsys making fun of their storytelling? Is this is a deliberate parody?


I started Return of the Obra Dinn last week and it’s all I’ve wanted to play since. I’ve solved almost all of the “easy” deaths at this point, and the pieces are rapidly falling into place for me to solve the more difficult ones. It feels so good when you finally see a certain detail that contextualizes a scene, or you take a slight leap in logic and it pays off. It’s very good at scattering clues around in a way that makes you feel like you’re always right on the verge of at least one or two epiphanies; last night I felt like so many leads were close to paying off that I actually had to force myself to stop playing and go to bed. My one, very small gripe is that sometimes you’ll see something that should be illuminating, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what language the games wants you to use to describe it. Luckily that’s only happened a few times; otherwise I love it to bits.


I’ve put in about 2 hours so far before I got caught up with other things but I am really enjoying it so far. Such a great change of pace from the AAA fair.


I’ve been playing some old games^tm and really been having a good time. Currently getting closer to the end of the first half of Symphony of the Night and playing Gabriel Knight sins of the fathers for the first time. Really digging adventure games rn and might pull the trigger on thimbleweed park pretty soon. In terms of new stuff I’ve dipped my toe in Return of the Obra Dinn. It seems super promising. Very cool game


Finally got Prey to work, so I’ve been switching off a lot between that and Splatoon 2, which I started replaying mostly to justify my purchase of Nintendo online or whatever it’s called.

It turns out all of my swapping of options to finally get Prey to work led me to turn off basically all HUD elements without knowing. I had no health bar, reticle, waypoint, anything. It was actually really interesting to play the first hour or so of the game like that, and it made the whole experience really immersive. I had to actually pay attention to context and signs in world to figure out where to go in a way you never really need to otherwise. I had to rely on my suit to tell me my health situation. The only thing that seemed off was having to guess where in the hell on a monitor I was clicking. It wasn’t until I got a pistol and still had no reticle to speak of that I realized something had to be wrong. I’m debating turning off waypoints again, but I don’t know now that Talos has really started to open up if that’ll just be aggravating.


I played all the .Hack//GU games back on PS2 years ago, and a little while ago I picked up the Last Recode pack on Steam to play through them again.

They’re still fun games. I forgot how much of a shitty punk-ass Haseo was in episode 1. He gets better in episode 2 at least. The gameplay is incredibly easy but that’s more than fine with me I like being overpowered in video games. There are some discrepancies between gameplay power and cutscene power if you’re overleveled in episode 1 but they mostly stop doing that after that game.

Looking forward to seeing the bonus 4th episode they added. I remember nothing of the plot in general though so it’s all pretty much new to me. It’s anime as all hell but that’s ok.