What game are you playing?


A lot of the plot doesn’t feel very well explained in the moment and some of the twists feel kind of random and not set up very well.

I feel like maybe I’ve explained this scene in this thread before, but if I did, it was many months ago: my stand-out moment is early in the game, when rebel leader Banon is pleading with Terra to help them. At this point it’s only been barely explained that Terra is special – she can cast the three most basic magic spells (Fire, Blizzard and Thunder), but that’s all we really know about her.

Banon goes on this speech about needing Terra’s help against the empire, but never actually says what he needs her to do or why she’s so important, just that she’s important, and she needs to come with them, back to Narshe, where the game started.

And I was a little confused as to what, exactly, this scene was trying to get me to do, because it brings up a choice where you can accept and go with the rebellion to Narshe, or you can refuse. Obviously the answer is to say yes, but I wasn’t clear on what either choice actually meant in the context of the story. Barely any weight was put on Terra’s ability to use magic, outside of Locke and Edgar going “Wow!” the first time she uses it with them in the party, and it had been hours since the intro in Narshe.

The game is full of little confusing moments like that, and some of that I’ll blame on me only playing the game like, 30 minutes a week, but not all of that can be so easily explained away. Like how Celes is super against doing the opera, only to turn on a dime 180 degrees and instantly throw herself in to it. Like, nobody even makes an effort to really convince her from what I remember, it’s just “NO WAY I’LL NEVER DO IT THIS IS THE WORST IDEA… actually, this rules, I’m going to get dressed”

It feels like it WANTS to be this big epic story but they don’t know how to manage the limitations of the hardware so it all comes off feeling really half-baked in a way that, yeah, Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG and other classic RPGs of that era don’t. I keep picturing a Final Fantasy 6 remake that actually gives this story a little more room to breathe and establish things better.


I adore FFVI in its current state, but a really thoughtful remake willing to break free of the restrictions laid down by the source material could make it even better. The problem there is that even if SE wanted to do it, I don’t think I’d particularly trust them with it. Their modern games are even worse messes, and I like some of them, but there’s no point sending a messy team to do precision work and cleanup.


Time for Hitman 2 now. I’m finding it difficult to force myself to play the new stuff instead of just going back and doing all the content from 2016 GOTY Hitman 1 again. Geez this is still a good game.

Going to have to get used to the suitcases, too. It almost feels like cheating using it.


I’ve been playing The Evil Within. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t exactly this. After a fairly disappointing first chapter (I hated stealthing around the butcher) I was pleasantly surprised by the next few chapters and how there was some travel and different locations involved. Where I am now, at the end of chapter 5, I’m beginning to fear the rest of the game will be in the asylum. I hope that’s not the case, because I find it the weakest location.


I just finished playing Hyperlight Drifter for the first time (on Switch!) which turned out to be a pretty decent action adventure game with some really nice art and sound direction. However I felt it suffered a bit in comparison to my recent play through of Hollow Knight which had much more interesting world design and combat. In general I think I expected Drifter to be more Zelda like and exploration focused than it was.

Meanwhile my partner and I just started playing Steven Universe: Save the Light which is a really charming RPG based on an absolutely incredible cartoon! If you are an SU fan or an RPG fan you’ll probably have a good time with this. If you’re both - like me - then it is a true delight! The writing and character abilities all match the characterizations on the show quite well and are a lot of fun. The RPG battles are pretty easy so far but there is a good amount of variety and a timing system that keeps things interesting. So far it’s exceeded my expectations for this kind of spin off game!


I think that having massive amounts of down time in the middle of any story is going to be detrimental because it will give you more time to analyze it to its core.

That said, while FFVI is one of my all time faves and I’m certain nostalgia is blinding me to some extent, I don’t find that Bannon scene to be all that confusing. It makes sense that Terra would have personal stakes in the choice because she was a slave to the empire and probably have a grudge. As for there being barely any weight, it’s pretty well established at that point that using magic is a huge deal. It’s the entire reason the empire wanted Terra in the first place and it’s not something that humans can do. If you had to recruit someone to your cause in a fight, wouldn’t you desperately want to have the person that can set fire to things with her mind? Yes, it’s underwhelming for us as the player to have three basic elemental magic spells, but in the context of the world this is a woman who can summon lightning to hit the things she wants.

As much as I love that game, I think there are far more confusing character decisions throughout. If I had to pick something that makes the whole narrative crumble apart, the fact that anyone trusts a cackling madman like Kefka with anything more than a blunted butter knife would be it. I get why Bannon would want Terra, I get why Terra would want to end the empire, but I will never understand how the emperor is surprised by his betrayal.


I mean, it all eventually made sense to me, sure, but I just felt like the story could have been a little clearer about what was going on a lot of the time, especially early on.

In so many other Final Fantasy games, when you get to the person that can use magic, they’re always treated like they’re special, and usually its with good reason. Usually they’re a purely Mage-type character and their magic can really do some damage (Tellah or adult Rydia, for example).

Everyone in Final Fantasy 6 feels kind of overpowered in their own special way. Instead of the generic fantasy classes (Knight, Mage, etc.) or the job system from Final Fantasy 5, characters in FF6 are unique entities and each person’s unique ability feels a little broken in different ways. You get Edgar, and he’s wiping out entire encounters by himself with his crossbow, Cyan’s Bushido can just end fights with OHKO moves, etc.

So Terra gets introduced, and it’s like, ohhh, the War of the Magi, these guys are serious business, and you see her kicking ass in the Magitek armor… but her actual spells are really weak. With both Terra and Celes you’re better off using their swords because they will almost always do more damage than their magic will, and you never run the risk of hitting something with an element it absorbs.

“Terra, you’re the key to us winning the war” is meaningless when she’s so basic. And then, about the time everyone else gets the ability to learn magic, she REALLY doesn’t feel special outside of the game forcing her in to the spotlight.

When you only play a game for a few minutes a couple times a week, these are the sorts of things that stick in your mind, not the platitudes the game wants you to believe.


Slowly grinding my way towards the end of Yakuza 0. I picked it up immediately when it came out on PC, based on how excited people seemed when these games started coming over on consoles, and pretty much tore through what I think is the first third. The wealth of side activities has really interrupted the heck out of the main plot for me though. I always intend to do one side thing and then go on to the next story mission, but that one thing inevitably turns into a bunch of other fights and side quests and a mahjong game, and then I’m going to bed. I somewhat regret ruining the pacing for myself, but I’m still enjoying it.


Hey, I’ve heard about that Sunset Overdrive and it just came out on PC. Really glad I’ve got Game Pass because as MS keep telling us, their games come to Game Pass same day…

except this is only Microsoft Windows 10 and the Xbox bit of MS are still not 100% behind actually realising this is also a MS gaming platform so… it’s not on Game Pass. It’s not even actually searchable on the European Win10 Store (you have to find it via a direct link to the web store page rather than the app), unlike Steam where it is actually easy to find.

10/10. Making me feel like Game Pass is worth every penny and that I should give my attention to a four year old game. :weary:


I really enjoyed Save the Light. It felt like a super charming game for fans. Everything was really well animated and I loved the little ways they found to express the characters’ abilities (the team up where Greg and Garnet have a jam session is really cute).


Nice! We just started so we haven’t got that combo yet, but I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game as a whole. :grinning:


I beat Red Dead Redemption 2 (Don’t worry, this’ll be my ONLY post about the game in this thread).

Look, I can’t say how I’ll feel about this game with some time removed. Maybe I’ll read a super convincing critical argument against it, or perhaps my distaste for the terrible conditions in which it was made will override my current feelings, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I just wrapped a SHOCKINGLY moving experience which surpassed almost all my expectations and left me emotionally devastated several times over the course of its, admittedly, fucking looooooooong run time.

Check back with me in two years, that’s how long it took me to hate GTA V, if you want, but right now? Just, damn.


I just played an hour of Sunset Overdrive and yup this is everything I want on the first freezing cold winter-ass weekend and no I don’t anticipate doing anything else for the next several days. So happy it’s no longer gated to the one console I have no interest in owning.


Also playing Sunset Overdrive. This game is a LOT, some major issues (a lot of which could be summed up as early 2010s edgy), but gosh if moving through this City isn’t a joy


I dunno, I feel like more than anyone else Rockstar have become the masters of the smoke and mirrors, somehow convincing you in the moment that what you’re playing is somehow profound or carries weight and when you reflect back on it later you realize there wasn’t actually anything there. I see people gushing about RDR2 and wonder if this won’t be a retread of GTAIV, a game in which the gushing praise seems embarrassing now.


Maybe, but to RDR2’s credit, I think this is definitely the R* game that most treats its characters as humans with comparatively little of their trademark obnoxious irony, at least in the critical path anyway.

There are still some side stories that are very good, like The Iniquities Of History or The Ties That Bind, but there’s others that are really generically R* in irritating ways.

And I’m also not saying this is some groundbreaking feat of storytelling, even if it wasn’t a prequel, it’s pretty easy to predict all of the major twists and turns. Although the whole “watching specifically American utopianism fall apart in real time, as opposed to seeing the aftermath of it” angle is kinda neat, for games at least. Ultimately, I just think it’s an affecting tale told really damn well.


I also am playing sunset overdrive. It is very good and very fun. Just dumb as hell and completely irreverent and just a blast to experience.

But while playing I ran into a thing that only would have happened because the past few years have been a nightmare that have irreparably damaged my brain. I’m looking through the clothing options having just gotten to the shop and I find a cool looking biker vest. Cycle through the color/pattern options and hmm. Well. That sucks.

Before I just would have seen different colors and gone on my way. But now, because i’ve had to look for this stuff a lot I see the pin with an 88 on it. And another pin with a stylized +. And a pin on the back with the colors of the German flag. And another 88 on the high octane logo symbol on the back.

And it’s just… goddammit. Why can’t I play this stupid game about skating around on power lines while blowing up energy drink zombies without having to remember about real life nazis.


Working my way through dishonored. The second one really thought more combat would be fun, but I disagree. The combat was designed to be good enough to get through a mistake and then get back in the shadows.


There is no other thing in games like starting a Hitman level for the first time. The places to go! The things to see! The secrets to discover! I’ve only played Miami so far in 2, but I’m so excited to know I get to have that experience several times over the next weeks.


Feels like it’s worth mentioning that Sunset Overdrive saves the really objectionable content for the third act, which I’m currently slogging through.