What game are you playing?


Damn, that’s disappointing to hear. Was hoping the edginess would remain at a tolerable volume.


My advice would be to call it after the Rollercoaster Boss Battle Which I thought was the game’s high point. Not only is the game tonally different and worse, it’s also mechanically less interesting. Feel free to DM if you want specifics.


Does RPGmaker MV count as a game? Yes, it does, I’ve decided. Everyone should play around with RPGmaker at some point.

The most I’ve done with it so far was a very simple RPG that basically had all the mechanical stuff set to default, which I made years ago. I’ve started to properly dig into the meaty stuff now though. Ultimately I’m making it much simpler, dealing with lower numbers and probably dropping Leveling Up altogether for my own peace of mind. Mechanically the pitch is that your battle skills are determined entirely by what weapons and items you equip, and there are only two party members. Once I’ve got a mechanical baseline down though I can work on the story part, which I’m more interested in doing.


I did pretty much the same thing. It took me about fifty hours to get to chapter 8, completing all the side content as it became available, and I stalled out after that. It’s a good game, but there’s so much of it.


I’m playing that new Pokemon game because let’s be real as soon as I saw you can have a dedicated Eevee that you dress up and wear matching outfits with I was sold.

The game is watered down but there’s new things in it I really like. Catching wild Pokemon using the Go mechanic I think is really great I just wish it was integrated with battling them as well. I also like that you can get rarer Pokemon by chaining captures such as the original starters.

There’s a lot of quality of life mechanics that are great. You can now swap your party out at any point and send excess off to Oak for candyization. You can also rename Pokemon right from the party menu.

The game is really easy even for a Pokemon game but I still think it’s a lot of fun. If you know someone who is interested in Pokemon but never played one this is a really great entry because it does a lot of prodding to push you in the right direction such as requiring you to have a water or grass Pokemon before you can fight Brock.

Also at the start they just ask what you look like but then Oak immediately calls you young man so they’re getting closer to being gender neutral…


Same. Sadly, I actually stalled on it twice. The first time on PS4, then I got it on PC and was determined to make it farther–I actually did, but still stalled because of all the side stuff. Maybe I’ll try to go back after Christmas break.


I finished playing through all the maps in Hitman 2, which is very much more Hitman (in a good way). It doesn’t quite hit the same highs as the 2016 entry, but the maps are more consistently good.

A little bummed that it didn’t launch with more escalation missions (or even more of the ones carried over from Hitman 1) – those were an underrated feature of Hitman 2016, and I’m looking forward to those rolling out in time.


I’m getting near the end of Dark Souls. This playthrough has reminded me of the second time I played Dark Souls 2, when I stopped using a shield and had to get really good at dodging. This isn’t quite as dramatic as that, but I’ve been using a more balanced build (I usually lean towards dexterity) and I haven’t used any sorceries, just pyromancy, so far. I’m also following Kaathe’s path, so I had to fight the Four Kings earlier than I usually do. I actually made it to the end of the Tomb of the Giants before realizing I couldn’t get to Nito yet. I kind of understand why people love pyromancy so much now? I’m liking being able to use greatswords before NG+, too.

I’m also slowly working through Hitman 2. I’m trying to mimic the way I played Hitman 2016, playing through each map multiple times and completing as many challenges as I can before moving on to a new level. So far I’ve just played Miami a bunch. It seems like a solid map; not on the level of Sapienza or Paris, but there’s plenty to do and based on the challenges it seems like you can do some pretty wild stuff. Last night I got caught up in the medic building trying to make the doctor use the lethal syringe on Sierra Knox, but I couldn’t get it right. As she was leaving, the doctor turned towards me and started seeing through my disguise, so I went into my inventory to see if I had anything useful; the only non-lethal item I had was a bag of sugar, so I threw it at his head to pacify him. It exploded, the target bolted, and I chased after her and ended up assassinating her with a surgical knife that was nearby, before accidentally dragging her body in front of a camera while hiding it. I swapped disguises and escaped through the sewers. Not quite as good as the mascot story mission, but still pretty memorable.


I was so bummed, I managed to pull of an almost perfect suit only silent assassin in Miami, but the target saw me for a split second before I shoved them off of a ledge. Frankly, if the only witness is dead of an apparent accident, I think that should still count. Sigh.


I’ve spent a not insignificant amount of time the last few days just thinking about how to do a suit only run in Miami. When I actually play I get distracted by everything else to do. I love how Hitman has that one ultimate goal to always work towards, where you feel like a pro, and then all the other stupid shit you can do for fun.


I think the crowning achievement of Hitman and Hitman 2 is that they manage to make failure fun. The original Hitman games didn’t make failing anywhere near as entertaining, but every time I get caught I just go on a stupid little rampage to see what absurdity there is, and it’s never not fun. I went on a robot arm bludgeon fest last night. It was great.


Apparently, ask and you shall receive. From the patch notes for the update going out today:

Silent Target Assassin
The knowledge of a target will no longer count against the Silent Assassin rating. To clarify, if a target spots you before you kill them, the SA rating is still awarded. However, if the target’s knowledge is shared to any other NPC, the SA rating is not awarded.


I will personally take credit for this. Even the coding work. That was me. I did that.


I can’t get myself to stick to anything new, so i’m revisiting lots of stuff lately. Just played through Fallout: New Vegas for the XXth time, now I’ve moved on to Dark Souls 3. Trying to do a full flavor playthrough with the Millwood set and weapons. I’ve played souls games dozens and dozens of times, but never once with a fat roll. I hate it.


BEAT freaking SABER.

As a lover of rhythm games, I knew I’d have to check out Beat Saber once it came to PSVR. Well, today is that day, and holy crap does it not disappoint. It is such pure “fun” (I legitimately cannot think of a better word to describe the core gameplay). So fun that I don’t care at all how silly I probably look flailing two glowing wands around (though I’m already doing quite well).

If y’all have VR and like a good rhythm game experience (probably not the largest audience), you owe it to yourself to pick this up.


My Youtube algorithm has been spitting a lot of Sims 4 and Cities Skylines at me recently which has influenced me into playing a bunch of those games.

Having not played much of either since launch, it’s very interesting to dive back into both games now that they have been significantly enhanced with DLC and mods.

Cities Skylines looks a lot nicer, mods have added so many more buildings and removed all the corny giant donut trucks from the base game. I’m making my dream semi-rural Japanese city and it’s great but a nightmare and takes a solid chunk of time to load all 1000 or so mods and assets I subscribed to.

Sims 4’s existence finally feels justified. It runs well and has almost as much content as Sims 3 did this far into its lifespan, but it’s just… not as good. The core system of emotions don’t do enough to justify their importance.You can just stare at a painting to change them and they only affect your interactions maybe 10% of the time.
My Sim now has a toddler and they are probably the most fleshed out and interesting toddlers in the series, but they make my sims feel even more housebound in a game that really has problems with its use of public space.

I’d still much prefer a Sims 3 that ran well.


Replaying Bleach: The 3rd Phantom for an LP series. Still early in, but I’m enjoying how clunky it is. For those unfamiliar, this is considered one of the few good Bleach games, a grid based strategy RPG on the DS where you play as one of two twin characters made for the game and go on an adventure in the series past and during the start of the Arrancar arc.

The AI is rock stupid and a lot of systems are broken (healing nets you thirty EXP every time and spells that cover an area can strike large enemies multiple times for huge damage), but it’s really fun because of all these problems. The real selling point is that you get to be a shonen protagonist and be friends will all of the Bleach characters, including the evil scientist who did all those war crimes who’s just allowed to work for the soul society for some reason nobody understands. The free time scenes are also really funny at points, and get turned into a little minigame by making it into a board game that grants items and stat bonuses.

Also the systems are broken in such a way that they make Rukia the single most useful character in the whole game which is great because Rukia is the single greatest character Shonen Jump ever produced AND I WILL FIGHT YOU OVER THIS IF YOU DISAGREE (not really maybe).


I’m playing Deltarune but it’s taking like 3 weeks to play a 3 hour game because it’s :notes:exaaaams season :notes:

It’s enjoyable so far and I like the goofy sweet jokes and the dynamics between the characters, but something about it feels very ominous – like it gets scary-dark faster than Undertale did (though maybe that’s a result of it being a shorter game with faster pacing?) and I’m curious to see how Undertale’s themes are going to come up if they’re addressed at all.


Two games: one I’m playing, and one I’m giving up on.

I beat Starlink on Switch. Actually, I sank a lot more time into it than I intended to. It feels like the team played No Man’s Sky, and said “this needs less building and more Starfox”. It’s actually a full 6DOF shooter in space, a third-person shooter with jump and hover mechanics on land, and the ability to transition seamlessly between the two at any time. It’s generally balanced towards the easy side, but has some surprisingly deep mechanics (leveling and mods matter, shield parries exist and matter a lot when you’re being smothered by a mob, etc.) There’s also a mini-resource gathering and outpost building component, which depending on what you build can help you open up the map, make money, or spawn NPC fighters to help you in combat.

It’s let down by two things: a very limited selection of mission types, and a toys to life element which both eliminates weapon progression and turns the game into pay-to-win. (I coughed up full price for the digital deluxe edition, but you can probably get by with the digital starter pack, maybe?) The issue here is that the game leans heavily on an elemental damage mechanic, to the point that if you use the wrong type of weapon on an enemy, you’ll do zero damage and possibly empower them.

I think the game is doing for me what I’m told NMS does for other people: it’s a relatively chill experience with a mix of combat, resource gathering, and beautiful scenery. (Well OK, I wouldn’t call the combat in NMS decent, or even good. But you get the picture.) It’s a strong argument for Nintendo just giving the Starfox license to Ubisoft Toronto; I played the entire game as Fox McCloud in an Arwing and had a blast. I haven’t explored the higher difficulty settings yet (just restarted on Hard), but even on Normal a lot of the difficulty is controllable through player actions. There’s a hierarchy of enemies that, when you beat them, level down the bosses above them – but you can just skip straight to the top if you feel like challenging yourself.

As for the other game: for a while, I’d put Dead Cells in the slot of “games in a genre I hate, but whose bullshit I will put up with to see if there’s anything there”. With the announcement of an upcoming balance patch and an Alpha test, I think I’m finally giving up on that.

It’s been clear for a while that the devs have a vision of the game which is hard, grindy, and unpleasant, and the big change in the current Alpha is that they’ve nerfed some of the most obvious strategies people were using to work around that. Timed doors don’t give you cells or scrolls anymore, which makes them effectively pointless, and means that earning cells is a slow grind through monsters once again. There are new doors which require you to kill x number of enemies without getting hit (it starts at 30, goes to 60, and I don’t know if there’s a ceiling for it). The cooldown mechanics on grenades and skills have been changed to be a lot more complicated; depending on the mutation, you have to perform attacks or parries to get them, as opposed to the straight % reduction they were before. Overpowered weapons like Ice Bow are basically done for.

What’s weird is that the devs keep insisting that the changes aren’t meant to make the game harder; in particular, they claim to have finally fixed the broken damage scaling and damage reduction models, and keep claiming that the new player experience should be easier than before. (Their most recent edits to the patch notes were done because they think players are just “misunderstanding” their intentions.) I tried the Alpha, and it was so unfun that I immediately uninstalled it.

I hate that the devs and community have fetishized difficulty and the “right” way to play, to the detriment of every other design element in the game now. But on the other hand, it’s finally given me the impetus to say “Yeah, I’m super done with all of this shit. FOH.”

(On that note: looking for a 2D game with the movement feel of Dead Cells, but without the insane difficulty. No, I don’t want to replay SOTN for the 50th time.)


It’s not a one-to-one match, but maybe Hollow Knight? They get compared a lot and aren’t all that similar in their setup, but movement-wise, once you’ve gotten certain upgrades in HK, they’re both very fluid and twitchy.