What game are you playing?


I’ve just about finished Yoku’s Island Express and gosh that game is charming as heck. Everything just makes me happy.

I picked up Lego City Undercover and Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle over the weekend too and while I’m enjoying Rabbids enough in short bursts, I cannot recommend Lego City to anyone. It runs like garbage in handheld mode on the switch. This is the second Lego game I’ve bought on the platform and both feel like they haven’t had much work put in on them


I dove into Artifact last night.
I know there has been a lot of controversy around the monetization. With the launch of the marketplace, it seems like the majority of cards are pretty cheap. If you have $40 to spend on a card game, I’d super recommend it. I’m having a blast.
I think it’s best compared to The Legend of the Five Rings living card game from Fantasy Flight Games. It’s slow and methodical, so it’s not for everyone for sure. But as someone who doesn’t have anyone IRL who wants to play a really complex game regularly, it looks to be a blessing.


I think Yoku’s Island Express is one of my favorite games this year! It was so much fun to play the whole way through, and the perfect mix of pinball for me to really get into.


i’m back on my Kingdom of Loathing bullshit again.

it’s such a good game, i wish it got more love. there’s so much content, and if you’re at all interested in speedruns/optimizing paths/in depth strategizing in your games, it’s worth looking in to.


I just got the Speedlunky Trophy! It’s my proudest gaming achievement ever.

Rayman Legends
I am nearly done with this beautiful game. Getting all the Teensies and Gold trophies is quite challenging but fun.

Mafia 3
This game had such a strong start. Probably the best in any video game. Sadly the rest of the game so far doesn’t come close to the prologue. My completionist tendencies force me to do all of the small missions in every district, which amplifies the repetitiveness the game. It also has some annoying bugs where I sometimes I can’t interact with a character and have to quit out of the game to try again. On a more positive note, I do love the athmosphere and the music.


I got Yakuza Kiwami off of PS Plus last month, so I tore my way through that and spent about 45 hours doing all the substories and a lot of minigames and stuff. I really enjoyed the game but compared to Yakuza 0 it felt lacking, so I went back to 0 too finish off a lot of Completion List stuff, including all the substories and secret bosses. Really excited to get Yakuza Kiwami 2 hopefully by the end of the year.

Having finished off those two Yakuzas I’m left feeling a little directionless as to what to play. I’ve been playing Black Ops 4 as my podcast game in the meantime. I’ve played like the first 5 hours of Hollow Knight and need to get into that, and I own Pyre but haven’t started it yet. I haven’t played Horizon: Zero Dawn in months but I’m maybe 15 to 20 hours into and it hasn’t really sucked me in all that much. I also have a lot of postgame content in Super Mario Odyssey still to finish up.

Anyone have any recommendations??


Just finished every quest and gilded every challenge and grabbed every collectible yesterday. Still haven’t got every achievement for the Steam version, but I’ll try and get to those whenever I feel like it.

Love Sunset Overdrive. Love its aesthetic, its music, its humour, and most of all, its traversal system. All the grinding and parkouring in this game is so incredibly satisfying to pull off, it’s spoiling the way I feel about my characters’ movements in other games.


I finished Dark Souls: Remastered in a burst of good luck last night! I only had Manus and Gwyn left, and after working on Manus on and off for a week, everything just came together and I defeated him on my third or fourth try. After that I went right to Gwyn, and figured I may as well summon Solaire since I went through all the trouble of saving him from the maggots. Once I was done I realized I’d actually meant to do a few last things before going to NG+, but my attention had already started to move on to other games, so it’s just as well. It was fun playing through it in a new way, making sure I didn’t over-level myself and taking my time with the second half.

I also started Spiderman, which is the first PS4 game I’ve played in ages, and I’m enjoying it more than I expected. The podcast talk about sticky and smooth games made me realize I typically like a lot of friction games, even if too much frustrates me. I think that’s one of the reasons I bounce so hard off of games like the modern Far Cry series and other Ubisoft open world games. So Spiderman is the opposite of what I usually like, but I can still appreciate that it’s well-done, and New York is beautiful. It’s good for right after I get off work, when I just want to unwind and watch pretty things happen on the screen without having to think to hard about it.


My wife and I just finished playing through Return of Obra Dinn last night. We loved it! It works really well playing with someone or multiple people. We both noticed different things and had lively discussions about the identities of the crew. If you have a partner or a game group that you can play with, I highly recommend doing so.

I’m also playing through Spider-Man, and it’s good, but it can get pretty repetitive. I’ve probably played too many similar games. But in general, it’s a solid “most AAA” game.

And Destiny 2. Which is never ending. So much stuff to collect.


Playing Darksiders 3. It’s fine. I don’t think the Souls style combat works that well. Not slow or deliberate enough to be Souls and not fast and lacks the regen ability to be Bloodborne. Weird middle ground that just doesn’t feel right. Cannot believe I need an ability to destroy fucking spider-webs. I have started using cheatengine and made Fury into a overpowered monster and honestly the combat feels a lot better.

In a game that I’m actually into : Warhammer 40K : Mechanicus. A XCOM/Darkest Dungeon type game where you play as Tech Priests who have stumbled upon some dang ol Necron up to know good. I like it quite a bit so far. You take your squads through dungeon like areas where the rooms will have events that can lead to good things or bad things like squad damage or the Necron getting stronger. I do wish there were more races than the Necron but oh wellll.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is my go to atm. So much silly fun and plays so smoothly that I can forgive the sometimes silly or poor dialogue and voice acting as it makes it more charming.


As a person who never actually played much of DS1 in the first place (my trajectory was DS2 -> Bloodborne -> DS3 -> DS:Remastered) I had an extremely similar experience earlier this year. I threw myself at both final bosses for a while and was getting close to just giving up and moving on. Then one triumphant night I got it together and beat Manus, and then rode the adrenaline into giving Gwyn a few more shots and finishing him off too.


Man, I had to completely retool for that last fight. I’d spent the 90% of game hitting things with the biggest sword I could find. Had to learn how to play agile to finish it, but it was so satisfying to finally complete DS1.


So I dipped back into Horizon for a few hours and made it to the next big story beat. Spent some time exploring and hunting machines and got right back into the groove of the combat and am really enjoying that. But progressing through the world and seeing the breadth and density of the map just feels overwhelming, like… jeez this game is gonna be huge and I don’t know if I have the stamina or interest to see it through completely?

I also just started Pyre today, and I’m feeling the opposite way about it—the characters and world are so instantly charming and interesting and I’m just worried that there isn’t going to be enough of it for me. Seems like there are a lot of characters and systems in place and I’m going to want to dive into all of it in its entirety, but I’m worried the game will be too short to let me explore it all really really thoroughly, we’ll see. For right now though I’m totally loving it!


Horizon is the only open world game I’ve ever finished.
It’s not actually as grueling as it looks like it’s going to be to finish all of the stuff on your map. There actually aren’t that many missions, and most of them are pretty cool stuff like going into Cauldrons or taking over a big bandit settlement. The map gets super clutter just because it also shows a lot of extra info.

Pyre could’ve done with an extra 2 hours in my opinion, but it was still my game of the year.


I had the same reaction to Pyre at first! I’d sit and play it for half an hour and then stop so I could make sure to savor it. It’s not much, but I assure you it lasts a little longer than it initially seems like it will, and there’s definitely a case to be made to revisit it.

Lately I started a second playthrough (I played it at launch, so it’s been a while) and have been really enjoying it when I find time, even though I don’t often replay stuff.

I feel like I’m becoming That Guy That Talks About Pyre All The Time… and I’m maybe okay with that…


I was eager to start up OnRush because it’s free for PS+ this month. I didn’t like the beta enough that it was a game I’d pay full price for, but it was a game I’d play more of if it was available, and this lines up nicely

It’s an interesting experiment but the more I think about it, it kind of reminds me of the moments in Mirror’s Edge 1 where they let you take guns and shoot guards. It’s a kind of fundamental misunderstanding of what you’re here to do.

Giving me a game where the goal is to drive fast, use boost, and not crash but then not go “but we’re not a racing game and we ultimately don’t care” is a pretty big misalignment. The game still has fun moments in it, and the carnage is nice to see, but sometimes you feel so directionless, like there’s no point to what you’re doing.


BattleTech. I never hit the endgame, so I’m plowing through to dig into this Flashpoint content that’s sitting there staring me.

Out of necessity I took on an assassination mission with a 1.5 million credit payout. That’s 2x higher than I’m used to. It was also my first 4 out of 5 difficulty mission. I knew I wasn’t ready, but I was one month away from being homeless and I had a financial report coming up in three days. In that mission I lost me, my main character me, me-from-the-beginning-of-the-game me, from two back-to-back pilot injuries in one round and an AC/20 ammo explosion the next.

Thank goodness they saved the AC/20+++, but man. That one still hurt.


I just finished The Red Strings Club and I think I may have loved it. My only complaint is that it’s quite short and I felt like the story was just taking off right as it ended. I made the mistake of dipping into the Steam discussion forum for it, and it was, uh, interesting to see how many people struggled with its politics. The fact that it’s so unapologetically progressive only made me love it more, and seeing the devs take such a strong stance makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Anything that team puts out is an instant purchase for me from now on.


Just finished the campaign of Titanfall 2 after picking it up on a Black Friday sale.

Going to finish up the Battlefield 4 solo campaign next.

Next to make some room in my hard drive for new games!