What game are you playing?


Decided to start a new save in Dragon Age Inquisition because i never finished it and haven’t played in 2 years, which means i’ve spent 5 hours trying to make a character that will look good outside the character creation screen instead of like some kind of fucked up Yoshi gijinka


I booted up Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden last night and got hooked pretty quickly. It’s a mix between XCOM and Wasteland 2, but definitely with a lean toward the XCOM direction. There’s a really satisfying mechanic where you can enter and exit combat at-will provided that enemies don’t know you’re there, which leads to the player looking for enemies that wander too far from the pack to pick off. The setting is weird, with two of the main characters looking like Howard the Duck rejects, but the game commits to the lore in a way that I’m interested to see where it goes. It’s on Gamepass if you have an Xbox, but the PC version is probably the way to go (from a UI/control perspective) if you don’t mind shelling out some cash.


Recently picked up Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943, which, despite its name, is part of the Graviteam Tactics series. I have played a previous entry (Operation Star) but skipped over the intervening game to this most recent one. The basic mechanics are mostly familiar, but the UI has been redesigned fairly dramatically, to the extent that YouTube tutorials for this game have UI elements that are not present or relocated in the current patch. The way Graviteam games present information is pretty ideosyncratic already, so not knowing where to look bogs things down a bit.

Incidental soldier speech is hilarious though. If you put the camera anywhere near British infantrymen, you’ll hear, “I need to eat!” “You call this weather?” “I need a smoke!” They’re just complaining constantly about everything in the same voice, which I’m fairly sure is text-to-speech. I love it.


Playing through Hyper Light Drifter on the Switch. That game is still wonderful to play. And its nice that they added an easier difficulty that is less bullshit.


Have gotten back into Enter The Gungeon since it’s fast and is now also on the Switch.

Still a great game and the new stuff like the item combos are great! That said I’ve had a hard time enjoying the Switch version after playing on PC so long. My shots don’t feel nearly as accurate and where as on PC I can beat the first two bosses without taking damage I’m struggling to get past the second on the Switch.


Playing Mark of the Ninja: Remastered on Switch. Damn that’s a good video game. I love how precise and methodical the movement is and I especially like how you can play it without harming anyone.


I rented just cause 4 and from my few hours I’m enjoying it a lot. Its main progression is more like 2, where you just cause chaos to make progress rather than doing challenges or having to 100% a place (I think that was a thing in jc3?)
I also like the environmental variation, something that I didn’t see in jc3. I think it just helps give you a sense of place and where you are. Like in jc2 you’re like “ I’m in the city so that means I’m on X side of the map and there’s the big snowy mountains in the middle,” etc.

It’s not perfect, I think graphically things are a bit rough, but it’s fun as heck so far??


I’m covering the Devil May Cry series in full for an article series, and it’s going to be interesting because I’ve seen full playthroughs for all of the games but 2 but have only played 3 before, which might honestly sour me a little because that game is almost perfect.

Started with Devil May Cry 1, which holds up better than I was expecting. It’s damn hard, but I knew that coming in. The basic combat foundations for 3 are all here and pretty fun, especially pulling off launchers, and most the deaths do feel like my own fault and not one of the game (except when you’re dealing with bullshit like the Jersey Devil aka Sin Scissors Senior). The actual story content is bad, though. Very, very bad. I’ve already seen the ending and WOW. It was bad.

While I work through that, I decided to start Devil May Cry 2, which I have known for a long time to be a bad Devil May Cry game, BUT I HAD NO IDEA. THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE ONE OF THE WORST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED AND I HAVE ONLY HAD ONE COMBAT ENCOUNTER SO FAR.

The development for this game was an absolute disaster on every level. The original team wasn’t working on it, and the director Capcom put in charge did so poorly that they removed him and had the regular producer for the series from here on, Hideaki Itsuno, come up on the tail end of development when it was FAR too late to fix anything. It really shows.

The attack animations are all poor and lack impact (stinger is insanely limp) and the helmbreaker has been replaced with a bizarre, floaty, and almost uncontrollable kicking air combo. Guns are so overpowered that you can just hammer the gun button forever and win, because they actually do more damage than your sword AND they stun lock enemies, making the chances of you actually getting hit basically nil. A friend of mine just told me he beat the first boss by standing under its head and holding the gun button, and I’m more than willing to believe him, after what I just experienced.



I beat THE FINAL BOSS of DMC2 by standing at the edge of the combat arena and firing guns at him until he died.


I decided that, since I have a pretty good idea for my top 4 of 2018, I would start early on the big list of games I want to play in 2019. So far, I have played through Red Dead Revolver, done an initial run of Dream Daddy, as well as embarked on the sisyphean curse that is Dragon Age Inquisition.

Red Dead Revolver was initially charming in its very unabashed, quaint, reverence for pulpy spaghetti westerns, but it ultimately became a major chore to play.

It’s a third person cover shooter where there’s basically no point in using the cover as enemies will always just rush you and damage is poorly indicated so you’ll be running wildly around the level, looking for health pickups inconsistently dropped by enemies, only to die almost out of nowhere. The only other real gameplay is dueling, which is terrible; instead of using a cursor that you can freely move around enemies, you have to fight against the god damn thing drifting everywhere. Whenever I won, it felt like sheer luck.

The game is also open world, kind of? You, as Red Harlow, can wander around the town of Brimstone and enter various shops to buy memento’s that unlock stages in multiplayer and characters you can play. I’m pretty sure you can also get all these from getting an “excellent” rating on missions, but I had absolutely no desire to do that. It actually made it feel a lot like God Hand, to be honest. In conjunction with how the game generally feels to play, you can tell this was originally a Capcom joint.

The story… is a story in a b-tier Rockstar game from 2004, there’s not much to talk about. Red Harlow is a bounty hunter whose parents were, years earlier, killed in a bushwhacking orchestrated by his father’s cowardly prospecting partner, Grifon, trying to save his own skin and share of the gold. By happenstance, Red catches up to Grifon, who is now the governor of a territory, overcomes the odds, and gets his revenge alongside some newfound companions. It’s a perfectly acceptable story, its just bland and not worth actually playing the fucking game. Although, the Rockstar irreverence definitely works better when you don’t have to take the story seriously. At one point, as Emglish trick-shooter Jack Swift (this game has multiple PC’s), I fought an army of dwarves in clown makeup while trying to kill a “doctor” who drank a green potion to teleport and heal himself. I have no further commentary.

At the end of the day, the only thing interesting about Red Dead Revolver is noticing the ways in which it’s definitely a predecessor to Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2. For example, John Marston’s facial scars are actually a reference to Red Harlow and the concept of an in-game journal actually starts here, even if it’s accessed from the menu and not written with any real personality. Other than that, well, I get why this series went away for six years.

Dream Daddy was really cute. I didn’t expect to be into quite as much as I was, because it all seemed very “preshy” and I tend to recoil from queer media that leans a little too hard in that direction or the opposite (I’m the LGBT game centrist). But, no, I had a fun, wholesome, time with my first real visual novel, even if my “preshy” impressions were 100% correct. There were some hitches with the game not recognizing that I had already seen certain things, like how I learned about Damien’s butterfly collection after I explored his house on our first date, but those never really brought me down.

It was really enlightening finding out just what my “type” is and it turns out I am super fucking basic because Robert is my jam. I actually pursued Joseph the first time around (I FEEL IMMENSELY BETRAYED BTW, THX), but in retrospect, Robert was best dad. It’s weird flirting with Dan “Quick Flip Tricks Mix '96” Avidan.

I don’t have too much to say about Dragon Age: Inquisition, because I haven’t picked it back up since making the character. I think I’ve got a rough outline of personality, that of a Dalish hunter not at all suited for the intricacies of leadership, an impulsive grunt whose been thrust into the spotlight, but we’ll see I guess.

God, I hope I can finally slay this fucking beast, but Inquisition tests even my patience for longevity.

Say hello to the Inquisitor:


UPDATE: Three missions in and I can say with certainty that this is the single worst action game I have ever played, and I do not say that lightly.

I still can’t believe 3 managed to happen and be so amazing right after this complete disaster. WHY IS DANTE SO SLOW. WHY ARE THE ENEMIES SO SLOW. WHY???


I cannot wait to play this myself.


Enjoy the first real boss being only vulnerable with attacks to the head but only sometimes. I actually got stuck because after I got him on the last bit of health within about ten seconds, the match went on for two more minutes because damage wasn’t registering.

Also I fell out of the world once and saw this



Mmmm, love me some Satan butthole


I somehow ended up playing DMC2 before the other games so I didn’t have that comparison of how good the rest of the series was when playing it and it wasn’t that bad as a result. Still not great though. Took me years before I played 3 and was like “OH, THIS IS WHY EVERYONE LOVES THESE GAMES.”


I was so intrigued by the weird duck and boar characters in the trailers that I also picked this up as soon as it was available yesterday. So far I’m happy I did, I am so invested in Dux and Bormin as sad broken sneaky tactics boys. I’m usually someone who prefers the XCOM style of emergent character building instead of more RPG style tactics games but Mutant Year Zero is working for me…

I agree that switching from the real-time stealth mode to turn based combat is super satisfying and is going to make it hard for me to go back to XCOM 2’s much more rigid squad concealment mechanics. I’ll add that the art direction and visuals are great, there’s something about the top down perspective that makes the lush post apocalyptic environments (evocative of The Last of Us) shine.


I hate that you are making me want to play this.


I’m finishing up Yakuza Kiwami 2 atm which I’m loving. I think I like Yakuza 6 a bit more overall despite Kiwami 2 being more refined and having more content. There’s just something about 6 that stuck with me.

Also I’ve got way into Tekken 7 again, trying to learn to play it somewhat properly.

Christmas King is bringing the gift of easy victories to those I play against online, because I still suck.


My weekend just ended, and with that, 2 long sessions of starting and beating Return of the Obra Dinn. What an excellent game, I find the difficulty very well paced, despite me needing to use a bit of guesswork for a few of the crew at the end. There were a couple where when i got them, i was like “oh if i had just paid a bit more attention i could have gotten this like an hour ago.” and the moments where you go “holy shit i was paying attention, i have fucking GOT THIS” are pretty fantastic. I think my moment was Earlyish in the game in a memory you can spot a pipe hanging out of a man’s bunk, and then at basically the last body reveal of the game you find a guy with a pipe in his mouth. I was so fucking hyped because i had held that information for like 4 hours at that point waiting for the right moment. i’m excited to read a guide explaining why and how you can identify each crew member because im so curious to see what i missed, because for like around 10 people i definitly did that whole "I know this person is either x or y so lets just plug the names in and we will see. I think that behavior is at least a little encouraged based on the “you won’t have many concrete answers” style warning, but i’m assuming there is at least a surefire way to identify everyone, even if its small.

Great game, very recommended, and i’m not even ususally that good at puzzlers.


I also just beat Obra Dinn this morning and you do a great job of articulating a lot of what I enjoyed about it. I found the last chapter a bit “meh,” but overall it was a really fun experience, especially this morning at the point that I looked at the manifest and the crew artwork and was like, “Oh, shit, I think I can figure out who just about everyone is!” When I solved like 15 deaths in about 20 minutes I felt like a mastermind.