What game are you playing?


So, I um, got a little sidetracked from Breath of the Wild because Warframe came out on the Switch. I had a PC account from a while back that I transferred over. And I forgot how much I enjoyed this quirky shoot-o-grind game.

It’s even better when I can sneak a quick game in wherever I have my Switch. What a nice/dangerous free surprise!


Smash Ultimate, 'nuff said.


Did anyone find the “unlock Pac Man” button in Smash yet? I’ve been searching for hours.


I’m going to be checking out Ashen and Mutant Year Zero thanks to Game Pass, and starting up a new New Vegas play through.

Oh, and, um, I’m going to be singing an…anthem…wink wink…today and tomorrow. Coughcough


I started two new games this weekend, Unforeseen Incidents and BATTLETECH. I’m on Chapter 2 of Unforeseen Incidents and it’s kinda disappointing so far. Based on the art style (which is beautiful, to be fair) and the praise it received I was expecting… I don’t know, something, but it’s mostly just a standard, if relatively non-annoying point and click. The main character is a bland white dude who’s smarter than everyone thinks, there have been a few weird jokes at the expense of women, and the way it handles mental illness is very touch-and-go. To be clear, it’s not like it’s overwhelmingly offensive or anything and it could totally right itself, there’s just a strong sense that it came out of a time capsule from 2005.

BATTLETECH is intimidating as hell. The opening is one big lore-dump, and it tosses you right into it’s combat system without explaining anything except for the absolute basics. There are bars and meters and terms everywhere and I don’t understand any of them. Despite all that I still enjoyed the few missions I played. I think it could end up being something I really like (there’s interesting world-building going on and I like the role-playing elements), but I might need to hit pause until I have more attention to devote to it.


I’m playing Hitman 2 and I found a joint in a locked bathroom cabinet and… I’m holding it here… surely there must be some way I can use it for hilarious effect. I tried using it with the ventilation system, but that didn’t work though pretty much all 600 forms of poisions did.


Playing Smash right now just to unlock lots of the characters and boy does the whole spirit system make no sense to me. I’ve mostly just resorted to playing the classic mode with different characters as the end of each one seems to unlock a new character. Brother comes in Wednesday night, so hopefully we’ll sit down and play some then.

Watched some of Waypoint’s Stellaris series and I decided to buy Stellaris. I’m not sure my plan of playing my first game as mushroom species religious space hippies was a great idea as my two neighbors are quite aggressive and closing in on either side of me fast. I also feel like I’ve reached a resource bottleneck and I’m not sure how to expand that resource. Might look up some guides at some point, but right now I’m just grasping my head around the main mechanics.

This last update has really changed what the game looked like earlier this year. New resources, different planet management system and the whole corporation expansion which I do not understand any of at all so far. I have the tutorial on, but it’s honestly not explaining that much.

Took me a while to figure out that I needed to expand my housing to get my unemployment down as I guess homeless people have a hard time getting jobs, which makes sense. But when the game designates them as unemployed instead of homeless, I didn’t understand what I needed to do to fix the problem, especially after building new mining and power plant facilities.


I just reinstalled DotA 2 and I’m 100% sure it’s a death drive.






Fuck it, I’m playing more DMC3 tonight so I can remember what a good action game is like. Swordmaster/Trickster represent.


I just finished Pyre and was really really satisfied with that game. Although it didn’t really get remotely challenging outside of the very beginning and very end (I didn’t lose a single Rite), I really really liked the characters and worldbuilding, and I achieved an ending that I was overall very happy with. I said earlier in the thread that I was worried it would be over too soon, and while it did really pick up momentum in the second half, I don’t think it came and went too quickly, nor did it overstay its welcome.

I enjoyed the gameplay in the Rites (though I’ve heard many people didn’t care for the competitive sports portion), and though it seemed like there was a decent amount of depth and tactics available there, I didn’t need to think too hard about my play to make it through the game 90% of the time. I certainly spent more time deliberating the narrative repercussions of my team composition rather than the tactical effects. I do think that the the visual novel-style sections we my favorite part—I really grew to care for a lot of the characters and loved spending time with them in that world in a way I don’t think I’ve experienced since Mass Effect.

Makes me wish I didn’t sleep on the game after buying it almost a year ago! Really wish Supergiant had a nice artbook available for purchase, but I’ve had no such luck looking for one online.


I managed to peel myself away from Smash Bros to play some Valkyria Chronicles 4 and I’m really glad I started it before writing my GOTY stuff this year because if it stays this good the whole way through it’s definitely going to be on there!


I’m giving Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! everything I got right now. Best quality of life improvements the series has ever seen in my opinion. Not missing random battles at all. Hoping many of the changes seen in this title become the new franchise staples.


One thing I love about Supergiant games is the way they let you opt into difficulty. All of their games (except the newly released Hades) has had a method of turning on difficulty options. You have the constellations in Pyre. I really enjoyed being able to turn on as many as I thought I could get away with while still winning.

I also managed to get through my first playthrough without losing, but I started a True Nightwing playthrough and using more of the stars it gets much much tougher. And I love that using them gets you more lore in your book. It’s neat.


An art book would be rad! Their merch for Pyre is a bit of a let down (other than the soundtrack stuff). I’d buy an art book or a T-shirt with a design that had color in a heartbeat. I don’t… I don’t even wanna talk about the dog hoodie