What game are you playing?



DMC 3 > DmC > DMC 4 > DMC 1 >>>>>>>> Vergil’s Downfall >>>>>>>>> A piece of dog turd stuck to my boot >>>>> DMC 2

Vergil’s Downfall was really damn bad holy shit. The demon moveset is absolute trash (HOW DO YOU FUCK UP KILLER BEE), actually controlling Vergil feels like a challenge in and of itself because much of the DLC has small platform fights, and you can tell they did not have the time and money they wanted after you come across the angel lift points in the first mission PLACE BEFORE A BLUE BARRIER THAT MAKES THEM ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE. It has the same issue as the Dante missions in 4 when you come across enemies that are fun to fight as Dante that aren’t a good match with Vergil mechanically, but it’s much worse here and the solutions are slapdash. Still much better than DMC 2, but most things are.

I ended up liking DmC more than DMC 4 overall, surprisingly. I’m not knocking 4 because it is a fantastic game hat’s significantly more complex mechanics, but DmC feels way more complete - probably because it was. 4 was rushed in development due to Capcom wanting money and not wanting to wait while the team figured out the ridiculous PS3 insides, so you can see way more often the shortcuts taken. DmC doesn’t have this problem, and I appreciate that it tries to be a much more approachable game for non-series fans scared off by the technical complexity. I played on the hard difficulty and it felt like authentic DMC, even though all the inputs and moves were changed. Like, everything feels like it’s there for a reason, and once you start figuring out what you can do with your weapons and move set, and lot of fun opportunities start appearing, just like a proper DMC game (btw, I mained shotgun, the dumb hulk hands, and aqualia). I have more mixed thoughts on the narrative, but those thoughts are for a full course piece down the line.


Finished Vampyr last night (loved it on the whole, despite hating many, many mechanics; a prime example of “sum greater than its parts”) so now I’m on the hunt for another game to play before getting back to AC: Odyssey. Played my first few rounds of BLOPS4 (which I got for exceptionally cheap, cuz I otherwise wouldn’tve even bothered), and considering that this is my first COD, I think I kind of like it? Anyhow, also played through the intro for Monster Hunter World, and the first couple towns of Iconoclasts, enjoyed both in small doses. It remains to be seen whether I’ll see the latter through, whereas I’m not sure MHW will even get its hooks into me enough for me to enjoy the whole ‘games as service’ experience. At least with BLOPS I can play a few quick rounds of Blackout and feel like I did something (while ignoring all the various ranks and cosmetics and whatnot), MHW foregrounds the treadmill to the point that the game is the grind, and I have to say that it makes me a little uneasy. I know that a lot of smart people with good taste rep the game, so I’ll probably give it a fair shake, but I’m quite mezzo mezzo about it at this very moment.

As an aside, while it’s always nice to have one single game that I dump all my time into, I also appreciate moments like these when I’m between commitments and I have the time to be promiscuous with my gaming time. Does anyone else like to switch things up from time to time, going back and forth between specializing and sampling?


Those B sides are so intense! I had some real moments of “I don’t know if my hands are dexterous enough to do this.” Way to go!


I just started Assassin Creed: Odyssey a few days ago and been binge playing it over break. I love it(I am weirdly way too much into the Assassin Creed lore). I love visiting Greece and meeting people in the game. I can’t wait for the discovery tour.

When I am not playing that I mostly go a few rounds in Star Wars: Battlefront 2


For the time being, Sonic Lost World was the last Sonic game I did not own on PC, and a friend had a leftover key from the Humble Sonic Bundle he sent my way

I played and finished this game on the Wii U back when that came out (gosh, what, four years ago? Five?) but this is the first time I’ve really sat down and played it for serious since then. I’ve replayed it here and there to capture reference footage for videos, but I haven’t really PLAYED played it until now.

And every time I go back to this game I think it gets more and more baffling as to who this was made for. Like even among bad Sonic games, Sonic Lost World feels like it was made for, and by, space aliens

Why does this game have a scoring system? Previous Sonic games graded you on your score, this just gives you points for nothing. It has a whole combo mechanic, entire levels around amassing points, and score does nothing. Eventually with the DLC they added a mechanic where finishing a DLC level would make it go away until you scored another 10,000 points and then the level would respawn, but that’s a bizarre way to patch up that hole.

Why does this game automatically hide its HUD? If the HUD is inactive for more than a few seconds, it disappears. That means that, for most of your time playing Sonic Lost World, you aren’t allowed to see how many rings you’re holding or how much time is left on the clock for a given level without coming to a stop and letting the HUD reappear. Despite this, the one HUD element that doesn’t get hidden is a giant, stupid suitcase icon where you keep equippable items. Even if the suitcase is empty, it’s always on screen.

I could keep going. I already produced a video review for the Wii U version, and there’s even more I could say about the weird, nonsensical design decisions made for this game.

And I just… don’t know, man. I have played nearly every Sonic game ever made, and Sonic Lost World feels like the abyss is finally staring back at me. There are worse Sonic games, but few to none are more confusing.


So I played Florence last night because it came up so much during GOTY stuff and I cried a bit and I really like that game.


I’m looking forward to Hades but am kinda done with ‘Early Access’ as a concept at this point. I look forward to playing it on Switch or something when it’s a finished game though. It looks fucking coool


Started The Hex, made by the Pony Island team. It is exactly as meta as that game was, but it’s not a pure joke. There is an actual story here, and it’s super interesting and kind of heavy, equating the lives of videogame characters with very familiar existential angst. It also manages to make about six different types of games work together with one unified control scheme, which is wild.


So I think I’ve finally reached the point where I’m playing CrossCode solely out of spite.

There is a character who pops up periodically in the game, who challenges you to forced, unskippable, mostly unwinnable duels before each dungeon. I think he’s meant to be an over-the-top parody of someone’s obnoxious kid brother playing an MMO, but while setting down the controller and doing something else (because why the fuck would I subject myself to 5 minutes of forced misery), I had the idle thought that maybe he’s a stand-in for the game developers. His entire deal is that he’s loud, proud of his skills, and wants to constantly rub your face in it while he’s beating the shit out of you. If you imagine the sort of game that tool would make … it would basically be CrossCode. All the weird pacing issues, the design of the dungeons, the inability to level your way out of certain fights … everything suddenly makes sense when viewed through that lens.

I am aware that the game has assist mode sliders. There is currently no slider for my personal disappointment at having to use them at all. I guess I need to learn how to cheat without remorse when difficulty gets in the way of fun. It’s a piece of advice I gave in a different thread about single player cheating, which I guess I still haven’t learned myself.

On that note, I think I need to make a resolution for 2019 to stop giving games the benefit of the doubt. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve put into popular or recommended games, trying to see what other people like about them, wishing they would get better when they just don’t. My time and mental health have just about stopped giving a fuck about giving games a “fair shake”. If it’s not fun within the first hour, it can fuck off. If it stops being fun 10 hours in, it can also fuck off. I am not here for games as a serviceable slog.


Please stop. I know I defended CrossCode to you earlier in this thread, but if you’ve seen multiple dungeons you’ve seen what that game has to offer. There’s no big gameplay twist, and the story isn’t worth putting yourself through a game you hate. I spite-played a lot of The Witcher 3 earlier this year in the same kind of “why do people like this” mood and that’s dozens of hours I wish I could have back.


After all of the GotY talks I decided to give Into The Breach a try and well

I think I’m just going to go ahead and retire while I’m on top.


I don’t know why nobody is talking about this, but I started playing Heartbeat, and it’s amazing! It’s almost as if Steven Universe, Digimon, and Earthbound had a wonderful beautiful baby, and I love it so. I’m only about six hours in, and I’m hooked. Really worth it. But why isn’t anybody talking about it?


wow, that game does look interesting! i’ll have to check it out sometime.


The problem is that both Dead Cells and CrossCode are examples of games which have elements I strongly like, but wrapped around game design that is hard for its own sake – but just easy enough at the beginning that it seems like I could maybe push through it? I played Dead Cells for way too long because the movement and combat feel good in a way that I haven’t felt in any other game, and CrossCode’s humps are obnoxious, but until the 2nd area and dungeon, seemed almost doable?

I guess what I’m saying is that the worst games are the ones which aren’t flat out bad, but which have really good parts, held hostage by something equally bad or worse. There are games that can be worth pushing through, and I’ve played a few of those in the past (mostly games with one or two terrible mechanics, as opposed to high difficulty), but I guess my tolerance for nonsense is just gone now.

Anyway, I saw Ni No Kuni II on a bunch of best of lists, and realized I’d slept on it. That game is delightful, and while it’s a bit easy, it’s a good palate cleanser for the disappointment of CrossCode. Since it’s Level 5, I’m eager to see what the kingdom building bits look like once those open up.


Thank you so much! I did beat Level 2’s B side as well, though the final screen was a nightmare. I might be hitting a wall with B side number 3 though, we shall see. For now i’ve circled back to just “i wonder if i can get all the strawberries.” Its fun to just vacuum up all the strawberries i couldn’t get to the first time i played. My original run through i had like 65 out of 170 strawberries, and after 2 hours i have 117 strawberries. So its nice to see my skill level has progressed.

I also have played several hours of Into the Breach out of “Okay everyone here has rated it super highly and its only 10 dollars so why not”. I like it? I’m not good, which is super interesting to me considering the above paragraph. Where its just like “i’ve beaten Celeste B sides with out ever putting assist mode on, but Into the breach on easy is still kicking my ass sometimes.” I’ve had very little success outside of the Rift Walkers, (Though i did get a win with the Rusting Hulks so yay). I’ll keep at it, though some of these teams intimidate the fuck out of me.


Finally caved and got Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu despite my misgivings over the capture mechanics being from a bad game, and the lack of battles. i was pleasantly surprised to find that the capture mechanics are just kinda boring instead of awful like the phone game, and i like the outfits. i weirdly miss random battles, despite not liking them before, and also i keep getting confused by the pokemon not having abilities for some reason. It’s ok as a side game thing but i really really hope they don’t make the next main game like this at all.
Also my pikachu keeps stopping in battles to slowly turn its head to stare directly at me with its cold dead eyes and i think i’m about to be in a creepypasta


After learning Celeste has an Assist mode, I finally bought it (and the soundtrack, which I had meaning to buy, regardless of if I bought the game, for a while). Trying it for a bit without Assists, it’s definitely hard (or I am just terrible at remembering which is ‘dash’ and which is ‘climb’ as buttons), but it’s much less frustrating than, say, Shovel Knight. I am not sure that I will finish it, but…


UPDATE: I am now extremely sad about the fate of a fake videogame chef who was put into fighting game because his plight was too real.

This game is something fucking else, holy shit.


Like most other Switch owners (if my friends list is any indication), I’ve been sinking time into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, especially now that I’m visiting home and can play with friends/family. I’m really enjoying it, but every time I play the adventure mode I find myself wishing it had Brawl’s level of cutscenes and stories. There was something really magical about Subspace Emissary.

That said, most of my time at the moment is going towards Persona Q2. I’ve played P2, P3P, and P5, but never P4 or PQ1 or even any of the Etrian games. I’m enjoying it, but, go figure, you get out of this one what you’ve already put in with the series. Without the connection to the P4 cast, I’ve pretty much sidelined them except for Naoto, who’s charming. Weirdly, for a game with so much text (seriously, it just will not shut up and let me explore the dungeon) I feel like I haven’t gotten a good handle on how these characters are interacting yet. Some of the interactions so far have been like, a combination of obvious and underbaked. Naoto and Goro are both “Detective Princes”, but the game just acknowledges that and moves on without going much deeper. There’s a little background scene of the two of them talking while I’m in the home base and they’re just like “oh I’d love to pick your brain/well I’m happy to help/you see I’d like to get your opinion… [dialogue ends]”.

Granted, I’m relatively early in the game - only about 2/3rds through the second labyrinth, and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the P3 cast besides the P3P female protag, who is the first person to join besides the P5 crew. It’s cool seeing her again, though I’m a bit :thinking: about whether she’ll actually have much of a role in the plot or if they’re just gonna go “whoa we’re getting Persona users from across time and across dimensions!!!”


Bought a Switch recently and have been playing a ton of SSBU and it’s a lot of fun. They made Link so much more fun to play, his remote-detonated bombs being my favorite new thing in this. Playing a lot of him and Bayonetta (I’m trash as her but her moveset is so cool), who I guess according to other people was nerfed significantly but I didn’t get my hands on SSB4 to really notice.

Also been playing a lot of Into the Breach and it’s great, I know that’s a controversial opinion on here but I’m not afraid to say it. Aesthetically it’s really doing it for me, love the whole corporate dystopia backdrop and a lot of the flavor text is excellent. My only issue is I’ve beaten the game and tried two different squads besides the Rift Walkers and I can’t get the hang of either? I’m struggling a lot to strategize with a team where everyone can’t do direct damage to enemies. I’ve never been too good at strategy games despite playing a decent amount of them (mostly 4X though), and theres something about this one I find particularly challenging, with the amount of mech abilities being pretty overwhelming. Gonna keep trying though because I genuinely want to improve.

Also this soundtrack is fantastic. Feel like I didn’t hear much about it, but it’s so essential to setting the tone. I shouldn’t be surprised considering how good Ben Prunty’s work on FTL was, but still.