What game are you still excited for even though you know you're probably going to hate it?


I just know deep down in my gut, that I am going to be immensely frustrated by Kingdom Hearts 3. For a long time the series has held a very special place in my heart and were some of my best gaming memories growing up (specifically KH 1 & 2). I picked up Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX for the PS4 to revisit them late last year in preparation for KH3. Fast forward a decade, I’ve come to realize that time has done these games no favors. The combat is clunky at best, as they task you with navigating a literal menu while trying to wrangle with their extremely floaty physics. The difficulty though is simplistic throughout 75% of the game when all of a sudden bosses start requiring you to make precise dodges and blocks and enemies start hitting you for large chunks of health. The plot (the real draw of the series?) in all of its convoluted and self-serious glory, doesn’t start kicking in until that 75% mark I mentioned earlier.

I also know deep down that I am going to play Kingdom Hearts 3. It probably won’t be that much more evolved than the other games in the series (spin offs like Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance have done little to move the gameplay forward).

Are there other games or series you hate/love? I’m sure there are quite of few people in the KH camp as well, but I’m curious to see what ya’ll think.


Detroit: Become Human. It’s going to be flaming garbage. I just want to see David Cage get fucking dunked on, honestly. I’m excited for the critiques, too, but mostly the dunking on.


The Last of Us is not a good game, but I am looking forward to the explosion of critical praise the sequel will get for recycling even more ideas from better post apocalyptic stories and being “cinematic” and “groundbreaking”. Bet the shooting will still be bad and most of the characters will be bland as all hell and there won’t be an original moment in sight but look how good the facial animations are!


A man most deserving of dunks. We’ve come a long way from the broken dialogue of heavy rain…


Dark Souls on the Switch. I’m gonna lie to myself and say that since it’s on the Switch it’ll finally get me into souls games but deep down I know I’ll play it for half an hour, get too frustrated, and give up


I have fond memories of playing the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis on PS2 as a kid. Since then, I’ve very much moved away from the simulation genre as a whole. It’s rare for me to make a purchase predicated so wholly around nostalgia, and while I can’t see myself getting as into the game at this stage of my life as I did back then, I’m nevertheless quite excited for Jurassic World Evolution, and hope it recaptures even the smallest amount of the experience I remember from my childhood.


Don’t hold back, tell us what you really think! :joy:

As for the topic, I read the subject and thought it was going to be about Detroit, so I guess I’ll throw my hat in for that one, too.

So far I’ve played Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain and thought I enjoyed them both at the time, but the idea of going back to play them again turns my stomach. Beyond Two Souls was completely insufferable for the 6 or so hours I played. So, I don’t know why, despite all available evidence, I keep expecting David Cage to put it all together but I keep hoping he will somehow.


Man I loved that game! I kind of forgot about it tbh, but I spent so much time playing that with my neighbor growing up. My thought is that it would be hard to fuck up Dinosaur park creator, hopefully I’m right about that.


Anthem just seems like EA chasing Destiny’s market trends and will likely be a stale loot shooter when it releases. But it’s got that shiny BioWare logo on it so of course I’m interested.


I’m still chasing that Mass Effect 2 dragon, so I can’t help but hold out some hope that it will have a great story and engaging characters and hit all the good points of peak consolefied Bioware. But yeah, I don’t expect that to happen :disappointed_relieved:


Borderlands 3.

I have very little faith in Gearbox these days. Borderlands has been pretty good, but writers keep moving on, and I think I just want more from the genre at this point.

I want more of an MMO. Better PvP. A character creator, instead of 4 pick-your-personality and abilities and bonuses tied in one.

If I’m spending as much time in a game as Borderlands wants me to, I’d love to feel like I can represent myself beyond hats and color schemes, with play customization being locked into characters I might hate. (Or hating the abilities of a character I like.)


I’m excited for Shadow of the Tomb Raider to come out so that they stop making those games and I don’t have to think about them anymore. That being said, I will definitely play it. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a Good Game, and the fact that I enjoyed it despite really disliking the reboot is a testament to its quality, but goddamn this version of Lara Croft needs to go away or go in the bin.


Death Stranding 100% I just can’t wait to get my hands on what it actually is, outside of problematic unfettered Kojima hot garbage.


Red Dead Redemption 2. I think I’m still going to like parts of that game a lot even though I am not excited at all with the story based on how terrible Dan Houser’s work was on GTA V. The small hope that I have is that since they won’t be making ‘jokes’ every two minutes this time, the story’ll be alright (Max Payne 3 comes to mind), but eh.


It’s wild that Red Dead Redemption is as subdued and thoughtful as it is considering the rest of Rockstar’s output. I fully expect them to buy their own hype in much the same way that I expect The Last of Us 2 to be hot garbage.


“Excited for” is too strong a phrase for how I feel about Mega Man 11. There’s just a tiny flicker of hope in my heart that the game will be anything even slightly more satisfying than another NES rehash, this time with more graphics. Only seeing it for myself will stomp out that ember.


I have no idea what Death Stranding will actually be, and I probably won’t play it very much if at all, but I will definitely check it out from afar for that trademark Kojima Madness.


I’m wary of Octopath Traveler because I want it to be the modern day SaGa game I desperately crave and I know I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment. I bounced off the demo pretty hard but I’m hopeful once I have a full game in front of me it’ll hold my interest more.


Yeah, Anthem is pretty much this.

Pretty much all I want is Monster Hunter World with guns and jetpacs but they’re gonna fuck that up.


I’ve never played a David Cage game myself, only watched LPs of his works, and boy, I’m super excited to see the catastrophe that will be Detroit: Become Movie.