What game did you unexpectedly love?


Specifically, what game game do you love despite despite it being completely unlike anything else you play?

I don’t play many 2D platformers, I didn’t grow up playing them and have bad reflexes in general so I’ve never gotten into them. I also not a competitionist, I don’t achievement hunt or complete side-objectives for the sake of checking them off. Despite all this I got to new game ++ in Rogue Legacy. I don’t know what it was but that game just clicked for me.


Overwatch was my game of 2016 even though I don’t like competitive games, aren’t that keen on FPS games, really care about story and structure, and hate multiplayer. It was everything I don’t want in my life but I loved it anyway because it was light and fun (until it took over my life and I had to stop because it became an ulcer of self-inflicted negativity - when I’m up until 4 AM playing and over and over desperate for just one good match, I know I’ve ruined it for myself.)


kittyhorrorshow’s Anatomy is probably one of, if not my favorite horror game of the past decade or so and I bought it on a whim because I saw a little bit of a Let’s Play that intrigued me enough to buy it for $3. Now, I sub to her Patreon, and though the monthly games she makes can be amazing as well, I wish for something as complete as Anatomy again.

A nearly flawless use of dread and suspense, and one of the only games post-P.T. that is as good. I know exactly what’s going to happen, but that story about the truck driver midway through still spooks the hell outta me.

edit: This is probably a bit of a cheat because I do play a lot of games like this, but anyone who frequents the cheap-to-free horror games on Itch or Steam can vouch that the quality of a game like Anatomy is hard to come by.


Every year it seems my personal GOTY is something i did not expect. Last year it was Steamworld Dig 2 - the character leveling loop in that game is SO good. My only complaint is that it was too short.


Anatomy does a thing the best horror experiences do and changes how you view something commonplace, and even positive, forever. So good.


Into the Breach in every conceivable way. I’d bounced hard off of that kind of tile-based, turn-based tactics game before (and I also wasn’t all that into FTL), but I got it on a whim after it came out last winter because I’d been going through a down period and felt like trying something different might give me a bit of a boost. And then I don’t think I stopped playing that game until I’d unlocked the secret squad something like a month later. Either it or Celeste is probably going to be my game of the year.


I had no idea what i was getting into with mass effect 2. i was pretty young and new to gaming in a lot of ways, only having played flea market gets which were few and far between. i distinctly remember that summer after getting a paycheck going to a walmart with a cousin who was able to bypass the age restriction on m games and i picked up2k11? it had jordan on it, as well as picking up mass effect 2 because of a game informer review and new vegas because of the dope cover art. new vegas on an old 360 did not do so hot so i wouldn’t get into that game until after i had built a pc, but mass effect was enrapturing, in all the ways that someone could hope for a a game to be.

the sci fi trappings were new to me, i gobbled up their psudeo-scientific explanations for everything and got way into thinking about the citadel and its impossibly diverse galaxy-spanning population. also, it would turn out that i am WAY into rpg mechanics, and this was a very light intro to the idea of character progressions and customization, i mean this game is probably responsible for the fact that i usually treat the presence of character creators and customization as a barometer for stuff i’m checking out. so much fed back into that as well, the consequences of choices weren’t immediately clear at the time, but i remember a novelty to the existence of choices at all, not to mention the development of the characters through a party system that i would also come to love in games generally.

i love mass effect.


I remember when I got Rayman Origins (wayback on Wii) I was blown away. I’ve always disliked the character design and art style. But when I actually started playing it I realised it was pretty beautiful in motion.
The art style for the Steamworld series is holding me back at the moment… but it seems so highly recommended, so maybe I should bite the bullet?!


Tales from the Borderlands

The Walking Dead Season One was really, really good. But after Wolf among us, which i liked but didn’t love, and Walking Dead Seasons Two, which i emphatically don’t love. I was less than hyped about a project that was a strange story driven adventure game based on a (imo) mixed quality looter shooter series with minimal story beats? Strange when it turns out i think its even better than the walking dead season one (though they are close) and far eclipses in quality anything that they have released since. (although i’m mostly just sour on the quasi trainwreck of a series The Walking Dead has turned into)

But yeah TFTB, one of the best games of 2015, and a game that might make me buy borderlands 3, which would have sounded ludicrous if you told me that prior to playing it.


If you’d asked me last year, I’d have said there was no way in hell that Wolfenstein of all properties could ever win me over, much less stick in my head for months afterwards. Then I played New Order straight through, and immediately moved on to New Colossus, and… yeah. I’m a Wolfenstan now. Go figure. :slight_smile:


The XCOM reboot games. I always stayed away from games of that type, expecting myself to be too chaotic and uncoordinated to play it properly. I’m on the autism spectrum and I find games where a lot of things are going on at the same time to be super difficult. But the turn-based structure of it makes such a huge difference. I’m still not very good at it, but good enough to really enjoy them :slight_smile:


Exactly the same. I did not give two shits about Wolfenstein, or Riddick, which that team had done prior to The New Order. I’ve now played TNO like six times and I ADORED The New Colossus. I fell in love with those characters, hard. This doesn’t happen to me very often. I can count the number of game series that I care seriously about on one hand and I did not expect one of those to star fucking BJ Blaskowicz.


Crusader Kings 2.

It’s so dry and dense and big, and I know nothing about history.

But damn do I love to play a beloved Irish empress presiding over western Europe. …and then have the entire empire fall apart when she dies of old age because of her shitty son that everyone hates.


Binary Domain. I rented it and figured it be an average gears of war clone in which you shoot robots. Ended up being this rollicking adventure, with cool characters and insane boss fights.

Also I was dabbling through the voice commands on my xbox mic, which never worked properly. I ordered Big Bo to go left, but the game thought I was saying Big Bo, I love you. Then he responds ‘can we talk about this later’. We never did.


Forza Motorsport 3

Up until that point my experience with sim racers was Gran Turismo, which I found impenetrably dense and dry. But one day I saw Forza 3 on sale and picked it up on a whim. From the second I hit the initial track in an Audi R8 I knew this game was something special. Assists up the wazoo to take me from a baby racer to (I’d say at this point) a toddler, lack of gating to get to the supercars, and all the car porn and paint designs I could want. I must’ve put at least a hundred hours into that game, then moved on to DiRT, Project CARS, and now Forza Horizon, which remains among my favorite franchises in gaming.


Life is Strange. What looked like maudlin twee coming-of-age bullshit that normally makes my eyes roll to the back of my skull ended up having a tremendous amount of heart. My wife and I were wrecked by the end.


Resident Evil 4 is the only Resident Evil game I have ever liked or probably ever will like. Its this perfect blend of tense, challenging, and entertaining that no other game in the series has ever given me. It was also my first major step into horror games.

I’m also not a big fan of beat-em ups, but GOD HAND is easily in my top twenty fave games. It adds so much to tired, dull formulas and creates something entirely new nobody has quite matched to this day. There are very few games I’d consider near mechanically perfect, but GOD HAND is definitely one of them.


Yakuza 0.
I tried to get into the Yakuza series with 3 and while I enjoyed parts of it I just found it really hard to get into. I picked up 0 because as a prequel people said it was a better entry point for the series. And I loved it. So much, that game ended up making my top 5 list last year and there’s a good chance 6 will make it this year. It didn’t just give me an appreciation for the series it made me love the series. I picked up 0, I picked up Kiwami, 6, Kiwami 2 is preordered and you better goddamn believe I’m going to pick up that Fist of the North Star Yakuza game.

oh oh oh and also Rocket League. I feel like most people went into Rocket League having not even heard of that dev’s previous game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, but I went into Rocket League having both heard of and played it and actively disliking almost everything about it other than the name. So to say I had incredibly low expectations for Rocket League is an understatement.


i had this too, but with grid 2, i hjave no idea what pushed me towards a racing game, but grid 2 definitely got me hooked for a while.


Final Fantasy XII. I had never really played any JRPGs before Final Fantasy XII, but I was interested in it because the folks at 1up and EGM were saying it was like a single player MMO, in terms of its scope and size of its worlds. I was also super into there being no separate stage when combat started. So I picked up the collector’s edition of FFXII at a Gamestop and really loved the game. I fell in so deep with FFXII that I couldn’t get myself to finish it.