What game did you unexpectedly love?


Thank you so much for notifying me of this game’s existence. I couldn’t have imagined a weirder/more exciting combination.

On topic, however, I would have to say the Professor Layton series. I’m not ordinarily super in to puzzle games, but Professor Layton’s atmosphere really scratched an itch for me.


Cameron’s article reminded me that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a game I didn’t expect to enjoy at all. A realistic-looking 2-minute run based game centered around a sport I was really bad at and didn’t care much about did not sound like a good time. But all the positive reviews convinced me to give it a chance, and I’m so glad I did.


Now I think I am going to check out Tales from the Borderlands. Been a while since I played a Telltale game, but I have pretty similar feelings on basically everything you mentioned.


The Saints Row series.

I’ve liked GTA-clone games plenty, but from what I’d seen of Saints Row, the stories/characters/etc. just didn’t seem like they’d be my thing. But from a Humble Bundle wayback I’d gotten games 2 and 3 for free. They were in my backlog forever and eventually I got around to playing 2. And I liked it much more than I anticipated. So I jumped right into 3 and I really started getting invested in the characters. The over-the-top-ness really worked because it was like a really sincere parody of the second game. 2 was still trying to be somewhat serious, and 3 just went bonkers. And then I was so into it I just had to see what they did with 4, which was even MORE bonkers. They had the current versions of characters interact with their versions of themselves from game 2. Previous bad guys became good guys. There was time travel and super powers and meta commentary. Sure, a lot of the humor is the lowest of brows, but the self-referential stuff is great, and I don’t think I’d ever really gotten into it if I hadn’t gotten that 2nd game for free and liked it just enough to play the sequels.


I would defiantly recommend it. Its got some great writing, voice acting, and comedy. it made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me sad. Its just good. I guess i don’t want to hype it up too much, but if we have similar opinions on what i said, then i think its worth giving it a shot if you have it, or whenever it goes on sale (I’ve seen it for 5 dollars and under a lot in sales)


Mafia 3

I’m really not into your bog standard 3rd person open world action game (that’s a mouthful). Mafia 3 is one of those, a GTA clone but it’s setting and soundtrack make it special. I could murder racist rednecks in the bayou while listening to the Stones all day!


The “gritty and dark” Bionic Commando game that bombed so hard it shut down an entire studio was actually something I really enjoyed playing.

To be clear, it’s very clunky, has an absurd story and takes itself way too seriously. BUT, the art was more colorful than a lot of other stuff out at the time and the swinging was pretty fun once you figured it out.

I’m still not sure if I understand the ending, but I had a good time. Maybe it’s because I heard people shit on it so much that my expectations were already very low, but that doesn’t change the fact that I had fun.


Frozen Synapse and Into the Breach. I like strategy games in concept but I find them incredibly frustrating to play because I can’t strategize very well. Both of these games prioritize clean, precise, predictable information, give you as much time as you need to strategize and give you tools to help work through it in your head before you pull the trigger. They never feel dumbed down, the focus is just shifted squarely onto predicting what your enemy could do and countering it.


Uncharted. Not that it’s incredibly unlike everything I play, but I respect the opinions of people who seem to hate it more than my own, so I was surprised to find that I not only really like those games, but also the character of Nathan Drake? A character even people who like the games seem to agree is one of the most cookie-cutter milquetoast archetypes in all of video games. Go figure.


I remember Uncharted coming out and I thought it just looked like a bland third person shooter with a boring generic dude at the centre. Gears of War had come out the winter before and did the cover and combat in such a brilliant way. I wouldn’t see Uncharted in action until a friend got it for PS3 and I watched him play it, instantly I was won over by the personality each of the characters had. And again, after Gears I kind of liked Marcus, Dom and Coletrain (fuck Baird), but the Uncharted characters just felt so much more realistic or at least of a Saturday night action movie. Also the movement and shooting was so versatile. Like you could cling to a rock face and then shoot a pistol with one hand without climbing. That was so cool. Combat did have it’s shortcomings, Uncharted has never felt amazing in this regard, but it was the first time a game pulled of that Indiana Jones style ‘make it up on the fly’ action sequences and I think Naughty Dog just about perfected that freewheeling approach with Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy.


The thread in which I discover I’m extremely basic and everything I really enjoy is very easy to predict…

I think the last games that were truly out of character were probably Virtua Tennis and the Tiger Woods series, back when it was good. I dislike sports games in general, and the ones I usually like are so abstracted from the actual thing it hardly counts. Those games just felt so good and were such fun to play against other people.


7 Days To Die. For me, I’ve always avoided the survival games and sandbox builders like Minecraft because they always had mechanics and gameplay loops that never appealed to me. The closest “survival” thing that I dug was DayZ, but even that had a lot of baggage that kept me from loving it.

However, 7DtD did something where it made the gameplay loop interesting for me in a way Minecraft didn’t. Because I know every 7 days the zombie horde is going to come after me specifically, it gives me a goal to be prepared and ready every 7 days. On top of that there is a skill system that gives me incentive to be more active and out there doing stuff.

I love it so much that it’s like my 3rd highest played game on Steam at 615 hours behind the Civ games. Was not expecting a survival game to pull me in the way this one did.


Agents of Mayhem

I love the Saints Row series, but the shooting was never my favourite part of it. When AoM came out to middling reviews, I wrote it off. But when I picked it up on a lark, I devoured it. I loved the characters, I mostly loved the ridiculous story, and I want sequels that it will never have.


Yes. No one’s ever going to give it a fair shake because it’s not Saints Row, but it was so fun, so colorful, so full of intriguing characters and with so much potential.


world of warcraft and final fantasy 14. mmos where always a genre of game i would look at and be like “why”. even when i first played it i kinda hated wow but something clicked and i just fell in love with just figuring out different classes

also its kinda weird to think about now but dark souls was one as well, when i first played that game it was really “wtf even is this stupid shit” its funny to think about how stuff i actually hated at first became my favorite and most played games for the past 5 years


I’m especially won over (keep in mind I only just played through the series a few months ago!) by Nathan Drake because he isn’t an Indiana Jones type - he’s kind of a bumbling idiot who accidentally climbs up the right walls and hits the bad guys with his guns by flailing his arms around, and, while his chosen career is a colonialist nightmare, his enemies are invariably, say, neo-Nazis, or mercenaries, or zombies. Or… neo-Nazi mercenary zombies. Plus, he and his pals pretty much never actually succeed at raiding lost treasure, which takes the edge off of the whole “pillaging from lost civilizations” schtick.

I also adore how well it connects Naughty Dog’s Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter games to The Last Of Us. Like, looking at that studio’s trajectory… it feels totally organic. Uncharted even has multiple segments of running towards the camera away from boulders or trucks or the ground crumbling away. It’s just Crash. That’s a Crash!


As a SR fan who also wrote this game off, and seeing two recommendations for it, I guess I’ll have to check it out.


The original Dark Souls. I had never played a game like it previously. I don’t like character action games (I know it’s not one but it’s closer to that than the traditional rpgs I mostly played before), I don’t particularly like difficulty. I don’t like obscure bullshit.

But then I played it for reasons I can’t remember now, and fell in love. I got all the achievements for it. I did a Soul Level 1 playthrough. I bought it again when it came out for PC, and got all the achievements for it again as well. It’s pretty easily become my favorite video game series even though 3 was a huge disappointment. I even bought Remastered and got all the achievements for it again recently.

Looking back I guess it’s not too weird I got into it, considering how much the formula shares with metroidvanias, which I have always loved. It was a huge surprise for just how much I fell in love with it though. I didn’t see that coming at all.


gran turismo is the game i feel in love unexpectedly.
hope i will unclock all the tracks and if anyone playing gran turismo in ps4, Do let me know how to unlock the tracks


To the point Crash is in Uncharted 4 and it all plays into the entire story so brilliantly.