What Game Genres Could You Never Get Into?

I like a lot of different game genres but there are a few that never really clicked with me. RTS games in particular. The pace just never meshed well with the obsessive decision-making found in Turn-Based Games. Are there genres that never really clicked with you? Why?

I have never been able to get fighting games. I always get lost trying to remember and execute the combos.


Traditional topdown mobas, I can never feel engaged with em. Not to say that some haven’t grabbed me- Awesomenauts was a game I played a whole ton back when it first came out, and that platformer aspect of the gameplay really made it work for me.


I wanted to like JRPGs so badly when I was younger but didn’t have the patience for random battles and forced grinding.

The exception being Pokemon and derivatives like Dragon Warrior Monsters, where the collection hook was enough to get me past those hangups.

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I had Sega Smash Pack 2 on the PC which included Shining Force II. I was very young, but I could never make it past the first battle. I’ve stayed away from Tactical RPGs. Maybe I should give them another try, but Fire Emblem seems so daunting with permanent character deaths.

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Fighting games, sports games and driving games. Playing Street Fighter II at a friends, where he knew all the combos and I only mashed, kinda soured me on the whole genre. The last one is kinda weird as i like to drive, but I’ve still never cared for them. Sports are dumb.


this feels like the obvious one, but Mobas. I played OG Dota almost daily for two years because I was in Computer science and that’s what everyone and also my girlfriend was into and I never got any better at it. lately I have been dipping into Heroes of the Storm a bit because I want that sweet sweet Overwatch loot but let me tell you it is not going much better.

maybe also RTS’s but I think what I actually don’t like is Blizzard style RTS’s which I am led to understand are a bit more frantic than others of the genre. I thought Star Wars Force Commander was alright.

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I am desperately trying to get into 4X games/grand strategy games

I hear about the storytelling that happens, the joy of seeing a plan happen, but it’s just so hard to turn off my single-player RPG minmaxing mode and start playing like a competitor in a game full of equals

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I’ve tried really hard to get into farming games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley but I cannot understand how people play hundreds of hours of them without dying of boredom.

You might like Chrono Trigger. It cuts the fat associated with many JRPGs, and moves along at a really brisk pace. The whole thing is only 15 or so hours, compared to 60+ for many other JRPGs.

crpgs sadly. I’ve always been interested in the first two Fallout games and Wasteland but I found them impenetrable, despite my love for often slow rpgs and jrpgs. It also didnt help that I got into computer gaming at the height of FPS popularity, and often diverted my attention to those instead of wading through hours of menus.

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I like the idea of RTS games, but I’m terrible at them. I just never know how many units/buildings I need and how fast I need to be building them. Once I think I have enough units to engage with somebody it turns out they have built four times as many units as I have and the game is basically over at that point.

Every RTS match for me is 20 minutes of slow build up, then 20 minutes of knowing that I can’t possibly recover and can only do my best to lose as slowly as possible.


Fire Emblem Awakening is actually super beginner-friendly. There’s a mode that turns off permadeath and makes everything less stressful. I always struggled with them because I always wanted to pull everything off perfectly, so I tend to avoid tactics games as well.

Chrono Trigger was one of the games I got really far in and enjoyed - I made it up to the sky city and stopped playing a decade ago. Don’t remember why.

Persona 3-5 got through to me in a way the other games I tried didn’t, also.

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oh goodness I have this problem too

I think I would have begun to enjoy Starcraft more if I did more planning and prep work before even hitting “find match” or “begin mission”

I’ve heard that some of the newer games like Tyranny and Divinity Original Sin are a lot more approachable than those late 90s games. That may get your feet wet so you can dig further back into CRPGs?

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I really struggle with these sorts of games. Crusader Kings II is the closest I’ve gotten to feeling invested in one of these. Civilization V as well. For me its mostly how bland and sterile the UI tends to be. I always feel super disconnected from the world, like an observer rather than a participant.

MOBA’s, Racing Games, Fighting Games.

I tend towards singleplayer/noncompetitive games. Fighting games have way too much of an entrance barrier, racing games are fun but not something I spend endless hours on, and MOBAs just never hooked me.

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re: the whole JRPG thing

I’ve found that the more linear a game is, and the more strategic/not-actiony the combat, the more I enjoy it

which ends up with weird stuff like me LOVING FF X and dropping Chrono Trigger, FF 7, FF 15

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I think a 4X game with a really, really great and inviting UI would definitely tempt me to play more

maybe it’s one of those things that doesn’t bother you nearly as much once you get invested? I wouldn’t have the experience to know