What game have you put the most time into?


Been addicted to Path of Exile and I’m up around 1,100 hours. Rookie numbers compared to some who played since the early beta days, but man, I can’t stop playing it.

Haven’t checked my WoW account sine I’m no longer subscribed but I think it may be more than POE.

Totally forgot about Ragnarok back when I was in high school. If only there was a way to look that up!


I have put 809 (and counting) hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Damn, now I just really want to play that game again.


There’s no way to properly tally the hours…but it has to be Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri for me.

While I may have binged on other games harder it’s the game I went back to over and over again through the years.


If I am being honest… Simpsons Tapped Out.


Final Fantasy X, by far. I have multiple 100+ playthroughs on PS2 (including one that broke the in-game clock), and save files on PS3, PC and PS4.


I haven’t played properly in years, and despite that TF2 is still my most played game. Somewhere in the region of 1600 hours, which is weird considering how little I can stand it now.


Free Simpsons game on mobile, time for me to download and give it a shot. Need something for my commute!


Hmm, probably the Diablo series, specifically 2 and 3. At this point, I probably have more hours in Diablo 3, but I’ve put hundreds, if not thousands of hours into those games. And, if I am being very honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually get to that amount with Stardew Valley. Fuckin’ love that game.


Either FFXIV or Destiny. I played a lot a lot a lot a LOT of Destiny with my buds, but playtimes are hard to judge (apparently timers online don’t catch time idling in space? Or at least that was the case?)

I’ve put around 1600 hours into FFXIV, and that’s verifiable in-game.


Yesss, i remember pouring a lot of time into that game and messing around so much with the sphere grid. Loved that system, one of my favorites from the Final Fantasy games.


WoW, by a large margin. I could log in and type /played right now and it would give me the exact figure…but I genuinely don’t want to make that public…

Discounting WoW, if I look on Steam, my #1 game for time played is Kerbal Space Program at 172 hours, followed by stuff like FTL, Skyrim, Civ V, Stardew Valley, and The Witcher 3 all above 100.


I have at least 700 hours in Dragon Age: Inquisition, i might have put more into Dragon Age: Origins but I don’t have any way of finding out since I played it on a PS3 that died.


WoW pretty easily tops this list for me. But that aside, I think the next contenders are Morrowind and Skyrim, which both a few hundred hours in them.


I put nearly a thousand hours into Street fighter 4 (I am… Still pretty shit at it) and about half that much into V (definitely still bad at it).


Probably DMC3 or the Witcher, both over a hundred.

Not one to stick to a specific game in that manner.


I could never get into Skyrim, not that it was a bad game at all, I would just start veering off exploring and getting into random fights, and then not even remember what I was doing before. Maybe I should get back into it and play a bit more focused ha.


I’ve put 1,181 hours into Spelunky, according to steam.


I put a good 3 or so years into Maple story during my college years. I found a community early on and was hooked. It’s the only MMO I put any real time into.


It’s either Okami or one of the Souls games. I’ve definitely put a few hundred hours in each of them after all the times I’ve played through them.


I threw 200 logged hours at Fallout 3, and in hindsight I really regret it… I’ve not managed to muster the ability to give New Vegas or 4 any real love.
Unlogged, I think I might be several hundred deep on Street Fighter 4…