What Games Are You Catching Up on During This Sleepy July?

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Probably none because Octopath is coming out in like a week to interrupt whatever I hypothetically start from my backlog.

I’ll probably just play some more Cross Tag until then.


I hope to finish Vampyr, get more into Mafia 3, and maybe Quantum Break? Assassin’s Creed Origins too.

Honestly I’ll probably just dabble a bit into each game other than vampire which I plan on hopefully finishing!

I’ve been playing a bunch of Darkest Dungeon and Invisible Inc recently and I just started Prey. All of which are amazing games that I have wanted to put more time into

I wanted to start Banner Saga – the first one though – but that also is something that I’ve been putting off for a very long time and probably won’t get to

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E3 hype added a lot to my backlog, so i’m playing through DMC3, KH Birth By Sleep, and Hitman 2016 among others. Still working my way through Vampyr and Yakuza 6, but I wouldn’t mind if Octopath came out a week later to give me a little extra time to work away at everything else. Games are so good right now!

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I caved and bought Mario Tennis for the Switch and boy oh boy am I terrible at it. I really need to figure out the systems better, so I’m working on improving in that at the moment. On top of that, I turned all of my free trading card money into Jet Set Radio in the Steam sale, so I’m picking my way through that. Now that I’ve finished Hitman and unlocked level 20 on each map, I’ve finally put it down and will probably finish Nier: Automata before moving on to starting Prey.

I stream a lot now so we’ve been working on Obduction and I just got Riven to work!

Ni No Kuni 2 and Nier: Automata.

I kept convincing myself for awhile i didn’t have the time to get into these big games. But i realized i need to stop buying games i’m not gonna play or at least not gonna play for awhile and july and august opened up a perfect opportunity to dip into the backlog because while they are not completely devoid of games i want (captain toad , overcooked 2) i really don’t need those day one.

Also i can’t wait to finally play Nier: Automata way after the hype cycle and GOTY. Now i don’t feel a time pressure to be “apart of the conversation” and can just take it at my own pace.

I started playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, it’s been a while since I’ve played a big game like this and I’ve really been enjoying it. Also I made a bunch of cat friends in it:


Right now I’m going through Hollow Knight, which I am loving. I was never a big Metroidvania person, but that was more out of just never picking them up – I’ve heard Hollow Knight is one of the most Metroidvania-ass Metroidvania games available, but as a newb to the genre, that doesn’t affect my judgement much. The game is extremely fun, extremely satisfying, and the world is so nicely fleshed out.

I’m hoping to get that done before Octopath comes out next week, because that looks like my shit exactly. I was also looking at picking up the mobile port of Final Fantasy VII – I was a N64 kid so I missed out on all the Playstation Final Fantasies, and that remake is never, ever going to come out. But I think I’m going to have to space that out from Octopath. playing two lengthy turn based JRPGs in a row would probably kill me.


I decided to be a bad boy and buy some games for my Switch to play during my honeymoon (my future wife loves the beach and I’m not a fan, so I need something to occupy my time). With my $60 budget I was able to buy West of Loathing, Stardew Valley (I now have it on three systems… oops), Battle Chef Brigade, and Hollow Knight. To the say least, it’s been awesome having these indies on my lil Switch. I’ve mostly dug into West of Loathing so far, and, man, what a game. It’s made me laugh out loud a lot, which is high praise in my book. The way it pokes fun at RPG tropes is so darn clever and charming. Video games aren’t bad, y’all!


I was planning on playing more Prey, Mario+Rabbids, SUPERHOT, and Battle Chef Brigade in July, but DiRT 4 just came along and said NOPE to all that. Guess I’ll be rallying a lot this month, and maybe squeeze in some other titles in here and there.


Hollow Knight and ME: Andromeda. Andromeda has me hooked, even though there are a lot of bugs/issues I have. I really appreciate the flexibility in loadouts and abilities afforded to me.


Right now Prey: Mooncrash is what I am enjoying the most. I have loved it so much it is making me reconsider my feelings on the main game. I am considering a second play through.

Other than that I will continue with the Assassin’s Creed: Origins dlc.

Like many it would seem I have been playing Hollow Knight on Switch, but I may be done with it. I was having a good time at first, admiring the beautiful art and world, but the more the design was revealed the less fun I was having. After losing a couple of times to the Mantis Lords and having absolutely no fun making my way back to try again I decided to call it quits.

Lastly, I have had God of War since launch and never made it more than a few hours in before going back to AC:O (a much better sad dad game, from what I can tell). Maybe I should finish that, since it is certainly a game that a lot of people felt ways about. Plus I would be able to finally go back and read Dia’s piece.


Into the Breach has been awesome but I thought it would fill up more of my time. Right now about to buy a Switch and get Mario Odyssey, which is long overdue. Need to get Captain Toad too which is way long overdue. Also got in the backlog Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Fez, and Axiom Verger.

If you’re an oldschool JRPG fan and Octopath Traveler is one of your most anticipated games of the year, then this July is anything but sleepy. But I guess I’m not the rest of the world.


I never finished God of War, so I will be dusting that off. I tend to have problems with my fingers/wrists if I play too much. But if I take a break, it’s not always easy to get restarted. “Boy. Where were we going?”

Same thing happened to me with Horizon Zero Dawn because I was constantly clicking the thumbstick for bullet time.

I have to hold out for a few more days until the Humble sale ends. Hopefully I am not add any new games to my backlog…

plz send help

I recently acquired a 4k TV and a Xbox One X so I’ve been revisiting various Xbox games I never finished. Gonna finish Rise of the Tomb Raider, maybe Sunset Overdrive. Play more State of Decay 2.

I’ve even playing playing some Condemned and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (in 4k!).

Also still have some God of War to play, so I’m going put some time into that too.

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I’m going through the DLC for Assassins Creed, like most everyone here it sounds like. I’m also finally getting on with Dishonored 2, which is even better than the first one so far.

I recently fell into the rabbit hole that is XCOM 2 (thanks Waypoint, between this and Into the Breach you’ve turned me into a strategy game person), but other than that I’m finally going to finish Nier: Automata and a bunch of older/shorter games I’ve been ignoring—Inside, Psychonauts, The Final Station. Maybe if I have it in me I’ll finally get to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Edit: whoops, mixed up Final Station and Last Express.