What Games Are You Catching Up on During This Sleepy July?


Still working through the Witcher 3, and hope to finish Doom(2016) before I head off on vacation later this month. Picked up Into the Breach last Friday and have been enjoying the hell out of it. Planning on using the PS Vita quite a bit while away from home to play Stardew and Persona 3 Portable. Finally at the end of the month I am picking a PS4 with plans to jump into God of War. If I can manage to fit all of this in I will be pleased.


I got to the point in Yakuza 0 where they told me that I had to progress the story because the real estate thing wasn’t gonna go anywhere until I did

I also picked up Life Is Strange finally and played through part one of that last night. All the choices give me anxiety!!!


Hyper Light Drifter for me. It’s been sitting in my Steam library taunting me for what seems like ages.


I Started playing AC Origins toward the end of last month and I’m hoping to finish that. Once I do that I’m gonna try and get down on Hollow Knight.


Definitely do play it! It’s a master class at sound design, movement and use of pallate, among just being a good damn game!


HLD is a brilliant and beautiful game and I love it so much and hope you enjoy it too!


I just finished Dishonoured Death of the Outsider, which I thought was nothing special. Hoping to play through DMC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 1-4 now, seeing as there is a lot of excitement for DMC V.


I am about a dozen and a half hours into Battle Chasers: Nightwar. I had a hankering for a good old JRPG, and this seemed like a good one. I’ve definitely lost the thread on the story on this point though. Our heroes are trying to stop the evil lady … for some reason. Even if the story’s bad, I honestly just wish there were more moments to help flesh out the characters and their relationships with one another. I still have little sense for who they are, outside of the broad tropes that they pull from.

The combat though is pretty great. The metagame becomes more about building, spending, and conserving resources in a dungeon, rather than outright killing everything. It’s pretty easy though, but the combat is entertaining enough to probably keep me going until I finish the story. I don’t know what the post game looks like for this game, but I bet there’s a superboss or something.

I’ve also fallen back into the WoW hole. Save me…


I’m on the cusp of finishing Gravity Rush 2 and thinking about what to do next. Maybe I’ll go back and finish Wolfenstein: The Old Blood? I started it soon after The New Order but got distracted and never went back.


I’ve been playing my Wii U as if it were a Switch and beating every game I’ve had stockpiled for it since 2016. Captain Toad is way better than I remembered it being.


I just picked up and am really enjoying Gridd: Retroenhanced for the Switch, which is a Tron-y cyberpunk hacker third-person rail shooter that’s somewhere between Rez and Star Fox.

I also just jumped back into Splatoon 2, which was a surprisingly great idea, because they added a whole bunch of clothes, weapons, levels, modes and some quality of life updates (changing gear between matches!)

And I started up Ziggurat (2014) again on PS4 after the new DOOM announcement. It’s a magic-based roguelite first-person shooter, and coming back to it really made it stick for me. Once you start unlocking characters and learning weapons, it really gets addictive.

Beyond that, I’ve been loving Sky Rogue, which I got on Switch on Austin’s recommendation, and I might come back to Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, the surprisingly good 3DS military tactics game, after watching a bunch of Tactical Tuesday streams.


I’ve already finished What Remains of Edith Finch, A Normal Lost Phone, Far From Noise, Florence, and Butterfly Soup.

I picked up Firewatch, VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa), The Fall, Beyond Eyes, and The Fall during the Steam sale so I am hoping to get to all of them in July.

Twitch Prime giveaway this month has excited for or curious to investigate : Battle Chef Brigade, Observer, Tacoma, The Red Strings Club, and Broken Age.

All this while maintaining a healthy diet of Stardew Valley and Fornite on Switch.


I’m finishing up Yakuza 0 and working my way through Disgaea 5 (slowly).

If I have enough time, I might finish up that run of Final Fantasy VI that I stopped halfway through.


Apparently Gravity Rush 2’s servers are shutting down on the 18th so I should probably play that. I liked the first one and have been meaning to play 2 for ages, but never quite got around to it.

I’d also really like to finish up Yakuza 0 and Fire Emblem Echoes. They are both great games but it’s taken me ages to get through them. It’s partly because I have pretty limited game time and tend to gravitate to something quick to pickup and play because of it (lots of Splatoon 2 lately). But it’s also because I’m drawn to do way too much of the side content in Yakuza 0 and I’m playing Fire Emblem on Hard/Classic which slows things down considerably (I also constantly forget you can rewind turns in this one and just end up soft resetting out of instinct when things go wrong).

After that I want to get Hollow Knight. Castlevania is one of my all time favorite series, so I’m very excited for it. Almost all the Metroidvanias I’ve played that are not actually Metroid or Castlevania have been kinda disappointing to me, but this one seems very promising.

I’m also pretty intrigued by Octopath Traveler, but just off the top of my head I have Dragon Quest 7-8, Tales Of Berseria, Trails in the Sky and like half of Etrian Odyssey 5 sitting in my backlog and I’m also very interested in getting YS8 and Xenoblade 2.

I should probably just confront the fact that I don’t have the time or the commitment to play those sorts of games anymore.


Wait this is another I’ve been meaning to play—will the single-player still be playable or should I put everything else down and get to it before this happens?


I’ve been trying to catch up on Nier Automata, a game that i bought last august, finished Ending A in a few weeks, then set it down for a break to play something else for a bit, and literally never picked it back up until about 3 days ago.

I know i’m in the minority because of how i played it, but i’m kinda glad to be doing the repeat campaign, just to give a refresher on what actually happened, and the side quest list is trimmed down as well, so i feel like its been a nice package. I’m about 2/3s of the way through the B route atm, looking forward to finishing it.

After that its the rest of my backlog that I’m planning to finish before i spend money on new ones. I picked up Dying Light and it’s DLC last year too for 10 dollars, and bounced off of it after a handfull of hours. I’ve been playing Enter the Gungeon off and on since February, getting hyped by the incredible amount of polish to getting very burnt on how incredibly difficult it is. I picked up Prey: Mooncrash the day it came out, and i love me some prey, but i haven’t done more than a handfull of runs because i haven’t touched the game since last fall and am rusty as hell and just not very good at it atm. I may start a ng+ or survival new run to get just a bit more acquainted with the game again, but maybe not. I still do want to finish mooncrash though


I have half a dozen JRPGs partially finished that I hate going back to because I forget all the story. Every year at the GDQ events I stop watching the big RPG runs before they spoil parts of the game for me until I finish it, did it with Chrono Trigger and now FF6. I’m also probably going to dive into Bayonetta 2 and try to finish Night in the Woods at some point.


It’s Destiny for me. It came along at the perfect time, I started about 2 weeks after the release of Warmind and have now sunk over 350 hrs into it. I am officially hooked. I’m also glad that I haven’t been missing too much in this quiet period. But on the other hand I haven’t managed to reduce my backlog so…


The single player is untouched and there were no trophies tied to the online features, so you’re good.

What you’ll miss out on is the ability to do treasure hunts and compete in time trials against PSN friends. Those activities were fun and I wish Sony would support the game for longer, but the only stuff you lose out on are a few unlockable costumes (mostly from the original game), extra gestures and props for the game’s photo mode, and some equippable talismans that aren’t very good.


I have been going through the Dishonored series for the first time. On the last level of 2. Should I do a Corvo run or go onto Death of the Outsider?

I have also been playing Sword of Ditto. Which I have been really enjoying. I think Austin may have liked the loop a little more if grinded up to level 7 when you can buy items from you’re last run for the next one.