What Games Are You Catching Up on During This Sleepy July?


The Witcher 3 DLC is where I’m at. Just started Heart of Stone with great expectations, and heard great things about Blood & Wine. I’ve had it waiting for a year, and it feels great to wear Geralt’s boots again.

Also, Battletech. Completely new to this series, got to it because of Austin and Rob. A bit intimidating, but I think I’ll manage.


Nintendo Switches are on sale here in Canada for some reason, so I finally got one and Splatoon 2 and wow is that game wonderful.


Definitely go on to Death of the Outsider first. A strong case can be made for it being the best Dishonored content of all. It also thematically syncs better with Emily’s story than Corvo’s.


I picked up a switch after E3 so I’m working through all the indies that I was holding off on elsewhere until I could play them on switch. I’ve picked up Golf Story, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Battle Chef Brigade, the mini Bloodstained, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. Wanted to get Dead Cells but that game was $10 on steam and $35 on Switch, and I just couldn’t justify that.

Supplementing those with getting back in to Elite Dangerous on PS4, trying to save up for the new ship they just released with the recent large update.


Last night I finished both Unfinished Swan and What Remains of Edith Finch.

They are both so beautiful and let me do things I’ve never done before in games.


I loved What Remains of Edith Finch the whole game just took my breath away. The fish cannery, the kite, and the painter particularly got me.


This is what we’ve just done! It’s good imo! Have fun!


I’m trying my best to finally finish New Vegas. It’s not going as smoothly as I’d hoped, considering that I’m playing on PS3, and every game from that generation that even so much as briefly associated with Bethesda freezes constantly after you’ve played for a certain number of hours.


I’ve been completing a second play through of pillars 1 on an easier difficulty because I was not happy with the world state I imported into deadfire (sorry Aloth). I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than my first playthrough now that I have a better understanding of the world/factions.

Also I finally finished Hate Plus last weekend.


I’ll be doing some travelling so I hope to sink some more time into Mario + Rabbids.

Other than that, I’ve got a backlog of indie stuff on PC that I’m planning to dive into – Night in the Woods, Edith Finch, Brigador, Hyper Light Drifter, and Battle Chef Brigade.


Fiiiinally finished all of DS3, and am now slowly playing through Hollow Knight. I probably should have saved a Soulslike for later, considering how burnt out I am on DS3, but it’s just different enough to keep me coming back in spite of that. Excited to start an XCOM2 playthrough soon, with the expansion in tow.

My friend and I decided to stop trying to endlessly pursue the gaming zeitgeist, and have started playing older games concurrently to have our own little zeitgeist. We ask each other where we are, what our builds are like, etc. It’s nice! I recommend it, especially if you’re feeling the pressure like I was.


I’m into post-apocalypse stuff at the moment and Fallout 4 is my only real experience with the series, so I think I’m going to give New Vegas a go. As far as I’ve read Fallout 4 is paper thin when it comes to narrative compared to 3 and especially New Vegas, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Obsidian have to offer - just hope I can get past how dated it’s going to be.

Currently I’m finishing Mad Max which I think is decent. Looking forward to the Waypoint 101 on it when I’m done.


gonna dive straight in and try to catch up with the Noid series before the release of Yo Noid! 3
i’ve spent hours poring over Noid lore on the Noid wiki and I admire the depth the Noid writers put into crafting the Noidiverse


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

i’m real behind, y’all


I recently finished The Witcher III’s base game where I got the bad ending and haven’t recovered enough emotionally to start the DLC. I’m about 30 hours into Assassins Creed Origins, which I’m loving for its straight forward problem solving as opposed to moral decision making. I like killing dudes and scaling building. I’m a simple man.

I also picked up Celeste during the Steam Sale and I’ve only died about 250 times in two hours…so that game rules.

I’m not likely to pick up any new games so I’m just chipping away at my backlog. Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider are on my to-do list, along with another playthrough of Dishonored.


The Shrouded Isle. Spending my July glorifying Chernobog and ridding my cult of sinners. Well, in theory. Mostly I’m disappointing Chernobog and then my community gets too headstrong, loses faith, and we all die.


I’m slowly catching up games I missed after a long drought from gaming (due to budget, mostly). Picked up the Supergiant Collection on the Steam Sale last week, already beat Bastion and Transistor, now about 9 hours into Pyre. Loving all three, will probably go through New Game Pluses in each before the year is out. (I missed out on Bastion when it first came out due to not having an XBox, and missed Transistor completely due to the drought)

Also been trying out The Flame in the Flood, off and on. Enjoying it, but it’s got some challenge to the survival mechanics, at first.

Next will be Banner Saga 1 & 2, then Dead Cells.


I don’t know if this counts as “catching up” because it originally came out in 2014 even though it just released on Switch, but I just got 20XX on Switch and it RULES.


I’m super behind on games from the last couple of years, and kinda don’t care! That said, I’m playing some Mad Max and enjoying the comforting checklist, uh, checking and icon chasing. Chasing down convoys is fun as hell. Next I’ll probably check out Hollow Knight.


Chipping away at two highly held classics that I never finished.

  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Symphony of the Night (inverted castle)