What Games Are You Catching Up on During This Sleepy July?


Prey. I never got to play that one when it came out, so I bought it on the most recent Steam Sale. It’s pretty amazing. I’m doing a human powers run first. Can’t wait to mess with the typhon powers on the second run.

I’m also trying to slowly finish Hitman. I never played it when it was actually episodic, but I can understand why they did that. The levels are a lot of fun, but they’re also dense and labor intensive when you’re the type of person who wants to check every box. After every level I need a bit of break. Sadly, not wanting to miss the reactivated elusive targets doesn’t help.

@Arenow Where are you at the moment in the Witcher 3 DLC? I’m so sad I can’t enjoy that for the first time anymore… Hearts of Stone was something else.


I think I bought Darkest Dungeon in 2016 just after it came out of early access and I’ve just now started playing it in earnest. I also picked up Assassin’s Creed Origin on the cheap so I’m working away at that but that seems like it’s going to take a minute.


As a huge sci-fi fan it’s been on my list forever but I didn’t have an Xbox when it came out so it passed me by - I just finally played and finished the original Mass Effect. I share a lot of Austin’s taste so when he mentioned it on a recent pod as a game he occasionally revisits and always 100%s, that finally pushed me over the edge to jump it. It was fascinating, especially because I approached it from the perspective of seeing how far Left a very mainstream RPG about a military hero would let me be in my politics. In some cases surprisingly so, but it most cases it was pretty much as I expected.


I have started Banner Saga and I’ve quickly realized this is not the game I thought it was in the least. I knew the tactical board game like gameplay but this whole Oregon Trail gimmick has thrown me for quite the loop. I’m bad at tactics games BUT I’m also apparently bad at Oregon Trail games where there are important choices to make. It has been a lot of fun to see how far the game pushes the tactics and that story driven aspect. Not a hidden gem by any means but wasn’t expecting to enjoy this in quite this way.


Are you behind on RPGs in general or did you just miss Oblivion? I’m curious how it holds up now that games like The Witcher have blown open the fantasy RPG landscape so much.


I played Bastion years ago and I STILL listen to the soundtrack. What an incredible game.


I went into Nier Automata thinking I would try to blast through all of the endings in one go and burned out halfway to Ending B, but I never thought about revisiting it later and actually using the multiple playthroughs as refreshers for a later date. That’s a good idea. I might do that also.


So, I should be playing Dishonored 2, but every so often I get fatigued from failing and quick-loading repeatedly, ending up with very little progress for the amount of time I’m putting in. I set the game down for a while, and rummaged through my backlog for a palate cleanser, and picked out Kirby Mass Attack for the DS. It is exactly what I needed to relax, and I’ll probably give Dishonored another stab after I’m done.


To be totally honest, the soundtracks for Supergiant Games are how I found the games. One of my daily recommended playlists on Spotify is always generated from soundtrack stuff. One day, Transistor’s soundtrack had a few songs pop into it.

I then decided I had to buy the games.


I just beat West of Loathing on my Switch this morning, and afterwards, I purchased my first Fortnite season pass, cuz I figured that $10 isn’t too much to spend to figure out my actual feelings on the thing. As an educator, I figure it’s a small, but worthwhile investment; if I actually try to accomplish all the challenges for this season, I should at least be fluent in Fortnite memes and idioms to stash in my pedagogical back pocket.

Anyhow, I’m also nominally playing through The Division still, and I’m also finally playing Shadow of the Colossus Remastered for the first time, and I know this is heretical to say, but I don’t love it that much. It’s inarguably a milestone for the whole “video games as art” timeline, but there’s something about the repetition that’s draining. I’ve beat 5 or 6 Colossi so far, all without dying, and yet, I don’t find it that enjoyable to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to climb those big boys, and then another 10 minutes dangling from fur in between stabs. Plus, traversal is difficult, and the map is large, but linear, so if I take a wrong turn, I’m losing upwards of 10 minutes to gallop back around big honkin’ mountains. Don’t get me wrong, the game’s reputation is very easily earned, and the remaster (recreation?) looks mesmerizing and just perfectly unreal. I just don’t enjoy playing it much is all, which is strange, because I found The Last Guardian to be much more fun, whereas that one was more mechanically frustrating overall. Maybe it all boils down to variety? Or maybe I just prefer to try to protect my creature friends, rather than mournfully slaughter them?


this july is anything but sleepy for me. i’m deep in hollow knight and paladins on switch. finishing up vermintide on ps4 in anticipation of the vermintide 2 ps4 release (when is this happening!?). working in some mario tennis with my partner when she’s available. i’ve got a brand new copy of octopath traveler sitting here and i haven’t even opened it. being in a situation where i’ve got a new game that i don’t have time to play is pretty rare for me, and speaks to how busy of a month july has been for me, games-wise. it’s great!