What Games are You Looking Forward to at E3?


In a meaty 2-hour-long Waypoint Radio, Rob, Austin and Danielle get down to business talking about E3 Judges Week, slightly broken games that we love (like State of Decay 2 and STALKER), and the ARG Danielle fell all the way down last week.

Discussed: Dreams, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, STALKER, Battletech, State of Decay 2, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Asemblance: Oversight, Michal Clayton, Jessica Jones Season Two, Sky Rogue.

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I find myself repeatedly checking this post from last year about Sony’s TGS event. I’m really hoping for more on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Left Alive, and other mech games. I have had to experience Battletech vicariously through Waypoint since I won’t have time for a game that brutal for quite a while.


I’m going to listen to this podcast and answer this question later, but I’ve gotta put this somewhere

“Well… I really liked that car.”


The only game that comes to mind is whatever the heck “Shadows die twice” is, but I don’t even know if that’ll be at e3. I guess i’m curious to see if nintendo’s new smash game is actually a new smash game, or just smash 4 for switch. Plus, announcements are always fun to see.


Every year I hope for Devil May Cry and it never happens, but this year for sure. Honestly either Devil May Cry 5 or DmC2, I’m 100% down for both.

Other than that, some more of that teased Sonic Racing game would be nice, maybe something from Fromsoft about Shadows Die Twice, assuming that’s a title and not a tagline. Though From doesn’t seem to feel obligated towards big events so that’s probably wishful thinking. Also, a port for Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Whatever Nintendo’s doing, since they’ll always have my love and loyalty. And, strangely enough, Kingdom Hearts 3. I haven’t played any of the other games, but I do have a vague idea of what’s going on plot-wise, and think the mechanics and combat are really cool. I don’t know, the concept of keyblades is just dope as hell. So, when Squenix drops more information, I can try to figure out whether or not I’ll pick it up.


I am one of the dozen people that will be shamefully waiting for a new 2 minute video of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord.


i’m looking forward to the 1000% certain announcements of definitely in development, completely not made up games Dragons Dogma 2 and Elder Scrolls 6


there are multiple dozens of us, I’m sure


Its me, the other fan

But obviously I wanna see Death Stranding cos it’s super fucking weird.
After my time recently with Watch_dogs 2 im interested in 3, apparently rumors say it’s set in London which will be different, especially because of the lack of guns


I know that they probably won’t announce Elder Scrolls 6. But I’m holding out hope. Anyway, if they don’t, I expect they might announce whatever else Bethesda Game Studios is working on, probably a new IP, which could be cool. I’ve always vastly preferred Elder Scrolls to Fallout, so I’m not exactly loyal to BGS, but I’d still be interested in whatever new thing they’re working on.


Think this year is going to be relatively light on excitement for me. Just not a lot I’m expecting to get announced (with a meaningful presentation of what the actual game will be) or even shown.

I think it’s coming off such a great time for game releases (some of which I was eagerly awaiting, others appeared almost from nowhere) that I’ve got less focus on the “what’s next” part of the cycle (especially as there’s less “new” that seems to come from annual iteration compared to a couple of decades ago where a whole new sub-genre would be birthed several times a year - a time where I became professionally very excited with doing preview coverage).

My expectations are a load of sequels that look better than they’ve ever looked before, some that play a bit differently and others that don’t and so rely entirely on the strength of the story to do something new. We’re now in quite a comfortable period of 4K and temporal reconstruction leading to some very nice technical results and some great creative decisions being made on top of those foundations that really lean into filmic tone-mapping etc to get an evocative result. Also I have almost no idea how much of that will play because the quality of even streamed 4K is such that you really can’t tell many of those technical details that well before the game actually arrives and you can play it (nothing but the details being swamped by compression macroblocking will be the norm again this year is my bet). Lots of SDR streams of games I’ll be playing using the HDR tone-mapping (often a completely different curve with very different results when viewed on my TV) - not even sure I’ve seen YouTube streaming working with HDR on my system, even if they offered two streams.


On an episode of the bombcast recently i’m sure there were rumors of a sci fi/space Bethesda open world game in the same vein as Elder Scrolls and Fallout. I could be dreaming though

Edit: Starfield I believe it’s called


i extreeeemely want to see Sucker Punch’s new game Ghost of Tsushima


This 100000 x ! I completely forgot about this


I’m also really interested in seeing what direction From Software is taking with their new game. I’ve liked them since Chromehounds but I’ve become a huge Soulsborne fanboy


I want to know what Shadows Die Twice is. Gameplay would be nice. I would love it to be a Bloodborne sequel that focuses on the area to the east filled with hunters where the Rakuyo and Chikage come from. I would like a stealthy Soulsborne ninja game but honestly FromSoft has so much goodwill right now I am pretty much already on board.

I would like to know more about Smash Bros 5/Sma5h/5mash. Ideally it cuts the roster down a ton from the last game and adds Waluigi and Geno, but again, I am already on board.

I am possibly interested in that CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk thing. I never played any of their games other than an hour of Witcher 3, but if they nail the soundtrack along with the aesthetic and don’t have wack Batman style combat, I will be intrigued.

UFO 50 but it is on Switch

Metroid Prime 4 but it is like a smaller BotW with cave systems. Also a good physics system. Also no talking or cutscenes

As far as dream announcements go:
Mario Golf but on switch and it looks pretty
A Mario RPG but like don’t ruin it somehow
The Pokemon game doesn’t actually have anything to do with Pokemon GO
Marvel just rip off Overwatch but with the X-Men. I will also accept Avengers.
Arkane makes a game where you don’t fight things but there are still problems.
A pretty game that is only like 3 hours long.
A rhythm game with music I like
Labo Music. For the children.


Yeah, I’ve heard of Starfield. I don’t know how seriously to take the rumors, as I think they’re kind of old, but considering they’ve stuck around so long, there’s probably some truth.

I don’t really know what a Bethesda game in space would look like, though. Fallout and Elder Scrolls have basically an identical skeleton in terms of the world, the movement controls, etc. If Starfield actually involved piloting a ship in 3D space between planets, that would be a huge departure. The important thing about BGS games to me is the truly open and organic quality, which I still think is largely unmatched in modern RPGs. I think it might be hard to maintain that in a space setting.

If it’s just set on one planet, or one a space station or something, then I don’t see the point. Anyway, I’m excited to see their conference regardless.


I just discovered that Taleworlds will not be attending E3, so nevermind. Hopefully they’re close to finishing…


If it would allow me to be a furry space alien than I think, it would be a very good game.