What Games Do You Love Despite How Much You Might Suck at Them?


'Injustice 2' reminds us that it's ok to like games you're no good at.

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After last night, I think my answer to this is Thumper.


I love Blazblue and Guilty Gear, even if I can´t really play them very well, also Dark Souls.


In my college days, many nights were spent watching my room mates adeptly play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. DESPITE the fact that I was terrible, I loved (and still do) getting some matches in. Cant say I EVER won a match, but damn that soundtrack paired with lovingly crafted animation was fighting game perfection.

I can however hold my own in some Clayfighter.


I have semi-regular fighting game nights with friends and we’re all varying levels of proficient at them and have a good time hanging out being bad at fighting games.

Also, Nethack has been the bane of my existence for over twenty years. I love it dearly but I’ve never beaten it once in spite of thousands of hours in the game. I perpetually make grand tactical miscalcuations that sink a character I’ve dropped dozens of hours into. (By extension, I also love Caves of Qud for its worldbuilding and cool abilities and stuff, but if I’m just playing a normal game, I typically eat shit and die pretty fast.)


Counter-strike for damn sure. I am so bad at that game, but I still love playing it.


While I think I eventually became pretty okay at it, I was absolutely atrocious at The Wonderful 101 when I started playing it. (I was bad enough that I only had enough money after the prologue to buy the block OR the dodge, so I bought the dodge, not realizing that the next level was literally unbeatable without the block.) Pretty much the only reason I was able to adequately play that game was because I started playing it at the time Chip and Ironicus started their LP of it, so I picked up on a lot of very basic “how do I play this game” from that LP. The rest came from replaying levels over and over and over again.

Another game/series I love to pieces but am atrocious at is the Rhythm Heaven series. I am generally pretty bad at rhythm games and there are some minigames in that series that I just cannot wrap my head around. (I hate Moai Doowop!!!) At least Megamix was easier and I was able to beat that one.


I’m currently in the middle of a playthrough of Bayonetta, and I’m having a lot of fun with it, despite getting completely destroyed on every single level. I can count on one hand the number of levels where I earned even a bronze rank, I rack up like a dozen deaths on every level, and I mostly stick to the couple of combos that I can remember, but I’m having a blast with it anyway, both with the bonkers spectacle of it all and with the satisfaction I get when I do survive a fight.


I think there are rather few games that it’s enjoyable to be bad at.

I wouldn’t say I suck at Overwatch, but I’m basically mediocre at it. And something I admired about that game while I was playing it was how it felt fun most of the time whether winning or losing, and it achieved that by allowing you some moment-to-moment awesomeness even if in the end it isn’t enough.

Super Meat Boy was another game it was fun to fail at. Retrying was instant, and no matter how much you did, once you win you get treated to a replay of all your failures and your one success, all playing at once.

I suppose some possible features of a game that is fun to fail at include:

  • As little downtime between failing and getting back into the game as possible
  • The ability to look cool while failing
  • The ability to succeed in small ways while still failing overall.


I’m generally pretty bad at most video games, honestly. I have bad coordination and am easily overwhelmed and/or stressed out, though most games have modes that can accommodate for this somehow or other. I’m pretty bad at overwatch, but man is that game fun. I’ve also been loving Borderlands 2, but it wasn’t until I played it with a friend that I realized that I kinda suck at it a lot.


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.


I’ve sunk thousands of hours into Civ V but still never managed to beat anything above King difficulty.


Crypt of the Necrodancer :cry:


I’m powerfully mediocre at Overwatch, AT BEST. But boy do I love that game and it’s design and characters. Because I’m so bad at it, I don’t play it for long when I fire it up, but I love to do so fairly regularly.

I’d also Civilization and Stellaris to this list. I’m not particularly good at these games or strategy games in general, butt I really love those two in particular and play hours and hours of them despite often having things go poorly quickly or at least dropping the difficulty.


Right now I can’t even finish the first target on Flinthook (I’ve only reached it once in 10 tries) but I am still enjoying it.


Fighting games are the only genre I can really think of that I’m not at least “competent” at. I’ve only recently gotten into Street Fighter, so I’m still pretty trash at it. But even getting over that initial hump to where I could stop thinking about execution and start thinking about larger strategy was a hefty reward in and of itself.


Oh man you just reminded me of how terrible I am at Necrodancer. I’ve been throwing myself at the 2nd world and failing for months now, and I can barely beat the first world consistently. It’s like running into a wall repeatedly. God I love that game.


Oh, also Spelunky. I’ve played it for hundreds of hours (the freeware version from ages ago) and only been to hell once? Twice? It’s always fun even if I know I’m probably not going to get halfway through the ice zone.


How much I enjoy a game is directly proportional to how good I am. I am beyond terrible at Overwatch so I just kinda gave it up. Fighting games I can at least do research or practice, but Overwatch I just have to bang my head against humans who are vastly more skilled than me.This is also my experience with the Quake Champions beta.

Sengoku Jidai, or basically any tactical wargame, I am garbage at. In a 4X strategy games, a bad decision or two wont screw you over, since those games last over dozens of hours. Sengoku Jidai is short and intense. I love thinking over tactical decisions and feeling like a cool general. But the AI(which might be bad?) kicks my ass.I always turn the AI down, until I feel confident enough to raise, and then turn it back down again.


Long time listener, first time caller.

I find myself really digging games with a theme of mystery or discovery even if I never get the hang of them. The ones most prevalent in my mind right now are Starseed Pilgrim and FTL.

The former I just have no idea what’s going on and FTL is such a challenge I’ve only seen the boss…I think twice in 30 hours? But the vibe I get from both of those is so enticing I keep playing them just to see something new or learn just a little more.

I think games that require a more mechanical excellence I find myself a bit cooler on if it doesn’t click with me. A friend bought me Overwatch to play together and I’m middling to bad at it. It’s still fun, but my enjoyment is primarily from hanging out with a bud, not from the actual gameplay (still a good game though).