What Games Do You Think We're Never Going to See?


E3 is often a time of excitement, but also lots of disappointment as certain games don’t get shown that people desperately want to see. So what game have you anticipated year after year only to give up on ever seeing?

The obvious one for me is Beyond Good and Evil 2. I just don’t expect it anymore even though Ubi says it’s still in the works. I think if they were serious about it, they would have been pushing it a long time ago.

The other obvious one is Half-Life 3. As the years go by, I just find myself not even excited by the prospect. And as news comes out that it doesn’t exist in any meaningful way at Valve, I doubt it’ll see the light of day.


Guys, I’m really starting to think there might not be another official Mother game.

The ones I am most sure about and moset sad about are Konami ever doing any more proper entries in their franchises, outside of Metal Gear Survive-style asset cash-ins or Pachinko titles. They got so close to making another good Silent Hill and bailed, so…

Willing to have my assumptions about a TimeSplitters 4 to be confounded!!


You picked the first two I thought of already. Half-Life 3 and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Both games I’d love to see but have accepted I never will.

I don’t think a new Mother will happen, as I’m fairly certain Itoi said Mother 3 would be the last.

Since HL3 was brought up, I’m also certain we won’t see a new Portal. I’d love a new L4D and thought that was on lock for a while, but it’s been a longer while. I’d love a Team Fortress 3 to revamp the game and build it from the ground up with a more cohesive philosophy. I’d love a new IP, but hahahahaha. There is the VR stuff, but I think that only exists to sell VR, not to make a cool product. I’m very cynical about Valve at this point, I guess. But who knows, maybe the VR games will get the right kind of reaction, encouraging Valve to re-enter the single-player game market again. Although all the people they hire who would do that sort of thing eventually end up leaving, so…

Dwarf Fortress with a good UI!!!



Or maybe I just hope we don’t because Capcom would probably make it with their ugly ass 3D models.


[quote=“Twig, post:4, topic:4644”]
Dwarf Fortress with a good UI!!!
[/quote]lol, that’s never going to happen.


There will never be another Golden Sun, especially not one that feels like the original GBA titles.

There will never be another Elite Beat Agents.

The world is a darker place with these truths.


Well, that is the point of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:



There will never be another Hotel Dusk/Last Window game :sob:


I’m afraid I’ll never see a Red Steel 3.


We’ll never see a Pokemon Snap again.


and neither the Another Code/Hotel Dusk crossover the series’ writer told us about.

I can also add no season 2 of D4 : Dark Dreams Don’t Die. We’ll never feel the coziness of David’s house again :cry:


Well unless Konami fixes their attitude about games we are never going to see another Silent Hill or Castlevania which is super depressing to me because I love both of those series, even the bad ones.


Considering Silent Hill, Konami doesn’t have any key staff left afaik. I don’t think I want another outsourced Silent Hill going on, nor I think Konami has the staff to make a good one. Akira Yamaoka doesn’t even work at Konami anymore.


Well, we have Bloodstained coming up, so there’s that. I would love to see a good SH remaster, but that series and P.T. are probably definitely dead and gone forever.


I’m still holding out hope for KOTOR 3 or another Obsidian-made Fallout game but… It ain’t looking good.

And yeah Half Life 3… I don’t think Valve even makes games anymore. They’re content updating TF2 and DOTA on occasion I think.


Shadow Hearts and Blood Omen.


As long as Bethesda owns Fallout, I don’t think Obsidian will make another game. They got burned hard by Bethesda with New Vegas.


Another good Silent Hill :cry:


We will never see Booglbob’s Radtastical DreamTeam Deluxe because it is a game I just made up.