What Games Do You Watch More Than You Play?


Oh, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by far. But that’s only because my computer still needs a stronger rig (Papa needs a new CPU) to be able to run it. Once that happens, then I’ll go for that chicken myself.


I bought Dark Souls on PC but don’t have access to the PC to play it any more.

A month or so ago I started up ENB’s final Dark Souls run and more or less mainlined it in a week or two. It was really, really good. On the one hand I was sad that I didn’t get to experience it for myself … on the other hand, I’m glad I was able to see the world in so much depth. I doubt I would have wanted to do that if I had played all the way through already.


Growing up, my friends would often take turns playing single-player games. We often talked about how weird it was that, despite just “back-seat gaming,” we enjoyed just watching the game get played. For me, watching a stream has that same feel. I prefer to watch games I plan on purchasing to see other’s experiences with the game, and have an affinity for online competitive games like PUBG, Halo, or Overwatch.


Overwatch for me. I used to play it quite a bit, but I have hit my skill plateau, and the community has reached a level of toxicity that pushes me away. But I still want to keep up with the game, and it’s an enjoyable, colorful thing to spectate.


Football Manager - where I do both equally. At the same time. Sometimes watching while I play while I watch it whilst watching someone play.


Pretty much all fighting games. I love watching pro competition but rarely play them anymore.

Persona 4, specifically the Endurance Run. I’ve played P4 twice(original and Golden) but have watched the ER all the way through probably 6 times plus a bunch of random viewings of single episodes. I didn’t enjoy playing it much but I love Vinny and Jeff making jokes over it.


Same for me. I watched a playthrough of Resident Evil VII because that was a level of scary I just couldn’t deal - even though Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games ever.


Right now the games I watch the most are fighting games like Street Fighter 5 and Overwatch. I own both those games but don’t really have much time to hone my skills in like I want to, so I try to make up for it by watching pros play them and break down their fundamentals and other important stuff. I might end up becoming an inadvertent scholar of those games :sweat_smile:


Dota 2 is a game that I dearly love, but I quit after my grades were complete shit when I was playing it and the community ingame is genuinely one of the worst in online games.

It’s still one of the best spectator games out there, and Dota really shines at the professional level due to the sheer variety in its heroes and items, not to mention its crazy meta changes every now and then