What Games Have You "Platinumed", and What Makes You Decide To Try?

A few months back I got a PS4, and after one of my co-workers got his Persona 5 platinum I decided to give it a go. Even though I’m still nowhere near the trophy (I still have an entire second playthrough to do) I’m really enjoying playing in an optimized way, and having to think even more strategically about the time I spend in game.

So my question is: What games did you enjoy platinum-ing, and what do you look for when deciding if it’s worth it? I guess a shortlist of requirements for me would be:

  • No difficulty trophies, or if there are then it shouldn’t be insanely frustrating to play on the highest difficulty.
  • Trophies that you can actively work towards rather than trophies in the Overwatch style like “Get 3 solo kills with a single clip of Reaper’s shotguns in Quick or Competitive Play.” I find these difficult to do intentionally and don’t really like trophies that I’ll probably just stumble into eventually
  • Trophies that encourage the player to explore all the aspects of the game, rather than just existing to be difficult or time consuming (although they could still be both)

I like 100%ing games, but I don’t think I’ve played a game that could be “platinumed”, except for maybe some Platinum Games’ stuff, if you count it?

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I have only got 100% achievements in two games: Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Abzu. Neither of which I actively aimed for it until I noticed I was over 90% and the missing achievements seemed very easy. Though, I have also come very close on other games such as Assassin’s Creed 2 but lacked the willpower to figure out a way to do some of the more specific fighting trophies.

  • In Abzu it was a case of wanting to look in every nook of each level because I simply adored existing in it.
  • FFXIII-2 was a case of enjoying the battle mechanics and also the post-game conceit of alternate endings if you returned to earlier times. It basically has a bunch of “What if?” endings after you beat the normal ending allowing you to see what could have happened if you were able to do some things earlier (such as kill a boss meant to stomp you early-game).

The only two games I actively tried to platinum and failed were Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the HD collection. The former was halted by me not having the patience to learn every level perfectly to beat it in under 2 hours. The latter was a case of me not being able to kill the 3rd Collosi within the hard Time Limit (it’s the only one I couldn’t do).

I’ve platinum’d three: Transistor, because it was an incredible game and I didn’t want to stop playing it, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, because it’s super easy to get all the achievements and it’s fun besides, and The Stanley Parable, because I took the impossible achievement as a personal challenge.

I keep meaning to go back and try to 100% Dark Souls II, too, but can never seem to find the time.

This makes me think it’s time for a Transistor replay. I love Dark Souls, but I’ve never made an attempt at getting 100% in any of them. Maybe I should, that would take a while but it’d be fun.

To my understanding, Dark Souls 3 is the easiest of the three to platinum by a country mile. DS1 requires you to farm for random drop weapons, which can be a breeze or an agony, and DS3 requires you to advance sufficiently in their (frankly terrible) online covenants, or grind for punishingly long hours.

DS2 was my favorite of the three, and being easier than the others for these things, too, helps with that.

I got 100% of the trophies in Faery: Legends of Avalon, but they didn’t have a Platinum. I recently got my first actual Platinum (& I’ve been playing since the PS1 - I’m no trophy hunter!) for Cosmic Star Heroine. I noticed I’d gotten all but two so I actually made a point to try & get them - first time I aimed for trophies!! I got one of them fairly easily, but had a hard time with the second. Had already given up on it, but decided to try for it again while I was waiting for a download to finish & got it!!!

I think the only record I’ll get is the one for longest time owning trophy-awarding consoles with fewest acquired trophies!! (My overall trophy level is only 13!)

Nice! 13 still beats my 6 :stuck_out_tongue: I’m working on FFX also right now since apparently I hate myself. Those damn chocobo races…

None, because I’ve never owned a PlayStation. I’m not a NERD.

Bad pedantic jokes aside, I’ve gotten all the achievements on Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. And the Walking Dead. I SHOULD have all the achievements for basically every other Telltale game but for some reason they fail to register.

the only thing I’ve platinumed was The Witness, which only has two achievements which amount to “beat the game” and “No, really beat the game” so that feels like it doesn’t count.

I am real close to “platinum” on Infinifactory and that is a rare case where I actively tried to do so, it was a combination of seeming eminently doable, and all the achievements being stuff like: Solve this puzzle but faster, or more efficiently, or without using a part you almost certainly used… fun challenges that let me go into earlier puzzles with everything I had learned beating the game. the only ones I don’t have, and I should get back to them, are for beating a certain number of workshop levels, which is more a matter of finding good interesting workshop levels, and one for beating e level very slowly, which is proving surprisingly difficult and very tedious.

Platinum’d Bloodborne before I even decided to platinum it. Just ended up doing it because it’s literally the best game ever made and I wanted to play it more. Still playing it, obviously, in the middle of another run now before I start on The Surge.

Off the top of my head I’ve also done Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut, since it’s Well Ace and it only has a few and I really wanted to wring as much play out of it as possible. It’s a relatively short thing, all considered, but man, best space combat game yo. BEST.

Otherwise, according to Astats I’ve also done Highway Blossoms(A brill Visual Novel yall should play), Pony Island, and Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos(another brill visual novel that was supposed to start a series, but got canned due to over-ambition), and none of those are particularly taxing so nyeh.

I keep meaning to get the last few achievements for Dark Souls 2 and Scholar of the First Sin, since I’ve almost done both, just need the ones for getting all Pyromancies and Miracles on one character, which means getting to NG+2. Salt and Sanctuary too, just need to join 2 more covenants.

I platinum most games that I play and I have 17 total, which looks and feels weird to me because I know I’ve played way more than 17 games in the past 3 years but there are multiple games I’ve played that don’t have platinum trophies or were way too hard.

The first game I ever tried to 100% was Child of Light, which doesn’t have a platinum, but I didn’t fully understand trophies at the time so I thought if I got all the trophies I would still get a platinum (I was wrong). I decided to complete that game because the trophies were woven into the natural flow of gameplay pretty well and generally I adored that game.

That false platinum experience did wind up leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth, so I didn’t pursue a platinum trophy again until I got about midway through Grim Fandango Remastered and realized I was on track for my first platinum. In that case I restarted the game immediately after I finished and basically speed ran my way through to get the tank controls trophy.

My experience with Grim Fandango really influenced my decision to continue platinuming games, because my pursuit of that platinum led me to explore more nooks and crannies and search for easter eggs I never would have seen otherwise.

Some of my favorite platinums include the entire Uncharted series, Fallout 4 (that dumb settlement trophy not withstanding), Bastion and Super Time Force Ultra.

My most recent platinum was Final Fantasy XV. While I platinumed it out of habit, my pursuit helped add structure to my playthrough, which ultimately made the game more enjoyable.

As far as my list of requirements for platinumming a game I usually try to avoid lengthy games that require multiple playthroughs, unnecessary multiplayer trophies and trophies that try to restrict your gameplay in a way that makes the game less fun.

The only game I have platinum for is Destiny. I only decided to go for the platinum after getting most of the way there just by playing. I ended up making lots of friends through Destiny and a few of us made a clan to get the clan trophies; the only one that required planning to get was Flawless Raider (nobody dies while completing a raid).

Destiny is the only game I’ve ever had all the trophies / achievements for, but then again I’ve spent more time playing it than any other game since the original Quake!

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100% trophies but doesn’t have a Platinum: Noby Noby Boy

Platinum: Virtue’s Last Reward, Zero Time Dilemma, Danganronpa 1

I don’t go for Platinums that require you to finish the game on difficulties higher than normal. I dislike hard+ difficulties in games and it’s just not something I’m ever going to do. Unfortunately that seems to be most games so I’m just not going to get all the trophies for most games.

Technically the only plat I have is Life Is Strange. I have 100% on Firewatch, but it doesn’t have a plat. I was trying to platinum The Witness but I gave up on the challenge a bit ago. I’ll go back to it at some point. I’ll only do it really if feels actually achievable; this does help though in that I only really play story-type games, the main exception being Overwatch, so I’m not playing your Niers where (unless like Nier you can buy the trophies) it requires several playthroughs or the same thing and a lot of -skill-, rather than just finding the right thing.

So like LiS I got what I could as I made my way through, and then I went back through the chapter select with a guide to find all the other pictures to take to get the trophies, bc I wanted to. Firewatch I got the bonus trophies (the raccoon, the tort, etc) that I didn’t have by using free roam mode once I’d finished the story. I like to try and get through a story in my way, and then if I can go back and get the rest. I’m working on plat for Oxenfree, but I didn’t check what was required for all the trophies before I started, so I haven’t done it in the most economical way…done 3 playthroughs I think, will take another 2, so I’m in no rush. I’m working on as many trophies as possible for Night In The Woods but they still haven’t pushed that PS4 patch, so half the trophies are currently broken…sigh.

Ack - FFX!!! Did you dodge the 100 lightning bolts? I swear they come up with these ideas just to torture us!!! :wink:

@D.va I absolutely loved NitW!! That’s a shame to hear about the bugs. I played on PC but if they patch it I would totally take trophies as an excuse to replay it. I didn’t pay much attention to Oxenfree when it first came out, but after how much I liked NitW I wonder if I should go back.

@Jbumi 200 strikes actually :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Chocobo races are seriously the worst thing ever. Terrible controls. All I have left now is maxing the sphere grid on everyone and optional bosses, which is just time consuming. I’d like to finish before the 11th though so I can give Zodiac Age a shot. I never finished FF12 my first time through.

Oh I’ve played it through twice already, haha! But most notably the trophy for completing all the dream sequences, and the ones for having done two playthroughs and three playthroughs are still borked; I got my trophy for one complete playthrough after my second one bc they patched that whilst I was doing my second one! >.< So I need to do at least two more, but I love NITW so much that I don’t care, I just want to get on with it!! Whoever runs their twitter account promised me it was coming ‘soon’ weeks ago, alas :frowning:

200!! - Obviously, I’ve blanked it out of my memory!!! :trophy: - I give you this for your patience doing all the tedious side challenges in X!! I enjoyed 12 much more than 10. I had actually just gotten done replaying it when they announced the remake. That worked out well because now I have no interest in buying the PS4 version - I can put that money towards a brand new game!!!

Most of these are based on Steam achievements, unless otherwise mentioned

-Zero Time Dilemma because just beating the game normally gets you like 90% there already.
-Orcs Must Die because OMD is an amazing damn game that more people should play.
-The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because something inside me is broken.
-Hitman Season 1, all stages at level 20 mastery and all escalation missions completed. Basically everything except the Silent Assassin Suit Only challenges. I did this because (almost) every escalation mission I did taught me some new route or secret or trick for a level that I’d never seen before. There’s just so much to see and do in that game.
-Hitman Blood Money, all missions SA rank.