What Gundam would Ilhan Omar Pilot?

Ilhan Omar has joked in the past, and strongly suggested, she is a fan of Gundam. Yesterday she tweeted “Standing by and ready to suit up” with a retweet of the Gundam in Yokohama; she has now tweeted a pretty rad portrait of her in a flight suit with a mobile suit.

This all begs the serious question: if Omar was going to pilot a Gundam which would it be?

Austin has, of course, provided what is likely the most true answer but still…


I can’t quite get over the fact that there are people in Congress young enough to have grown up watching Adult Swim


Ilhan Omar and AOC are easily my most favorite of problematic faves. Thank you for giving us the update. I had seen her reply about being ready to suit up, but I hadn’t see that art of her in the suit standing next to a Gundam.

She’d pilot the Tallgeese. I base this on nothing except the Tallgeese being rad as fuck.


The 00 Qan[T] since it’s basically a really cool communication device that was only used as a weapon of war for a few minutes.

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