What Happened to 'Scale,' The Game That Let You Shrink and Grow Everything?

It’s easy to see why people fell in love with Scale’s pitch. Players have a gun that allows to you to increase or decrease the size of almost any object around you. Transform a tiny butterfly into Mothra, or a massive canyon into a sand castle. It’s not hard to imagine building a set of clever puzzles out of such a concept, which explains why designer Steve Swink and his team managed to raise $108,020 in October 2013. When the Kickstarter launched, Scale’s release date was estimated to be a little more than a year later, December 2014.

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I’m glad Patrick was able to get some kind of statement about the development status. As a backer, I’m not very interested in playing Scale anymore. It’s been a real long time and my interest just isn’t there anymore.

Hey, I love this series! Glad to see there’s more articles coming out in it!

This game sounds incredibly familiar, but I don’t think I’ve actually seen it. I’m kind of curious as to the depth they’ll actually be able to get out of these mechanics, and how much of a typical puzzle game it will be. The art design is wonderful!