What Happens to a Game's Legacy When its Creator Dies?


In a piece for The Outline, Rollin Bishop examines the uncertain future of 'Divorce! The Game.'

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The description of the mother is startlingly similar to some people in my life.


This is a hell of a story, thanks for sharing it.

I remember when Andrew died. I only knew of him through his occasional appearances on Weekend Confirmed, but the grief from the community was palpable.

While his mother seems like a real piece of work, without any paper trail to support David’s case the legal aspects seem pretty cut-and-dried. It’s a harsh but important lesson about going into business with friends.

I think people get the idea that paper trails and legal documents make it seem like there’s a lack of trust, but this just shows how if you really want to protect people you care about, you need to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’.