What Happens to a Streamer Known For Opening Loot Boxes After They're Gone?

Amid the ongoing discussion about the ethics of gambling elements in games, the developer behind Rocket League recently announced it would remove loot crates later this year. (Being bought by Epic probably helped.) When the news was announced, besides the disturbing amount of people who were actually upset at the change, a whole bunch of folks started tagging and mocking YouTube creator Jon Sandman, who has nearly a million subscribers.

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It’s interesting coming back to this interview now that the whole shift away from loot boxes in Rocket League has settled. I’ve watched Jon Sandman for maybe a year or more now, and it’s actually been wild to see how his content evolved. I’ve also got like 2500 hours in Rocket League, and it always surprised me that there was a whole community within the game that really didn’t actually play the game all that much. Not to mention the surprise at finding I enjoyed the dumb games he and his community came up with, and I even enjoyed getting to see the new items they were adding to the game in his plain old loot box opening videos.

Ironically, Psyonix replaced the loot boxes you used to pay a dollar to open with blueprints you can open for free then pay to build once you see if you want it or not; so Jon is still doing a lot of the same random-drop-based content until his supply of converted crates from before the switch is used up.

I really appreciated this article at the time probably entirely because I’ve invested way too much time in the Rocket League community. It was nice to see that quirky corner of the Rocket League community get an earnest look at what makes it tick for the people who follow it.

Also, I truly recommend giving the Rocket League Championship Series a watch! It’s extremely watchable and easy to follow thanks to ball-sports analogs, and there should be a new season starting in the next week or so.