What Hath Anime Wrought on Eve Online?

I have not played more than 3 hours of eve but I think it’s one of my favorite games of all time at this point. What are your favorite Eve stories?

I love love LOVE reading about EVE Online stories but I don’t think I could ever play it. It just seems so overwhelming.

I have the EVE Online history book (Empires of Eve) and the whole lead up to The Great Eve War is fascinating.

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The most fun I had playing EVE Online was in the character generator, where I made a dude look like a Super Trooper Highway Cop and put in the good ol name I use often for smt games, Swaggy McJagger.

Then never saw him and was a tiny ship doing bs in space and got bored real fast

But all those stories of real life money damages? Golden.

EVE online is one of those games for me like Dwarf Fortress, where it’s more entertaining to read the stories than it is to play the game

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Give me the game where I am an investigative journalist in the universe of Eve


[slow jazz playing] “Another day, another case. It’s always the same old story. Same old perps, same old ships, same old spreadsheets.”


Maaaan this whole conflict is like me vs Me.

I am become milkshake, destroyer of worlds.