What have you backed on Kickstarter?


Just backed two board games recently, Hardback and Circle the Wagons both of which I am really looking forward to!


The last game I backed was Monster Prom. So excited!


More than I can easily list here. Luckily I’ve only really been burned on one project. Overall I’ve had very positive experiences with crowdfunding and I’d be happy to give Obsidian money for as long as they’d like to keep making infinity-style rpgs. Currently, my oldest still ongoing backed kickstarter is 6e6e6e’s “Radio the Universe”, which I still have high hopes for.


Just 3 games, Hyper Light Drifter, Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, and Yooka Laylee.

I came so close to backing mighty no 9. SO CLOSE. I dodged a bullet.


Some terrible pen that lasted me about a week and then exploded in my backpack.

Zombie Playground, played an alpha version? Then just stopped paying attention to it.


The Imposters is an anthology of seven tabletop and live-action roleplaying games from seven different designers. Some of these games are brand new; some are revised and updated versions of games that have won prestigious indie gaming awards like the ENnies, Golden Cobra, and the 200WordRPG contest. All seven games offer a play experience you’ve never had before, which is why we think you should back this project now.

Axon Punk: Overdrive, made by Wrong Brothers Gaming in conjunction with the Sugar Gamers, combines hip hop and classic cyberpunk to synthesize a tabletop Roleplaying Game where players improvise, collaborate, and develop a community together to oppose corporate oppression in the gritty megacities of 2085.
Gameplay like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, but with hip hop and cyberpunk

And then Rising Sun. Because I got caught up in the craze. So many miniatures included in the pledge though, had to had to had to.


A couple of things;

  • Night In The Woods, which I thouroughly enjoyed when it released earlier this year
  • The Dark Souls Boardgame, which was expensive but is now safely in my house where it belongs
  • Shardbound, because it had really pretty art
  • Familiar Feelings, a set of enamel pins themed on witches familiars
  • Feng Shui 2, the sequel to Feng Shui, a tabletop rpg system
  • and finally Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic. I don’t remember what that was, because to be honest I only backed it for the cool metal Gunnerkrigg Court coin.

Lets see lets see

Sealark which is absolutely dead cause the creator underestimated what they were doing but I’m not mad at them I’m mostly just kinda feel sorry for them and a lot of early kickstarter games were probably that. Folks who’d never made a full game before getting in over their heads.

Then the second game was Radio the Universe which is coming out still but is taking its damn time.

Third was Ava’s Demon Book One, a print version of a web comic I used to read at a time with fantastic art but writing that could be better.

Fourth was the legend we all know and love, Undertale. Best project I ever backed on Kickstarter.

Fifth was Omori. Bad bad bad idea. I mean it doesn’t look terrible but Omocat’s dark Earthbound fan game isn’t very enticing to me these days but at least it’ll have a good soundtrack.

Then the last one was Cucumber Quest Book Three in like 2014 which was a very good decision. Haven’t backed anything since besides Indivisible but that’s not Kickstarter. I refuse to back another game though cause they never fucking come out even close to on time usually.


I have a bad habit (no, I take that back, just an outsized habit) of backing tabletop RPG kickstarters… But I’ll happily share why I got sucked in to each (in order of when they kickstarted)!

  • Blades in the Dark: Scoundrels being scoundrels, with a cool Dishonored-inspired setting
  • The Warren: Intelligent rabbits being rabbits, dealing with predators and hazards, and surviving
  • Microscope Explorer: New ways of playing the collaborative history-building game Microscope
  • Apocalypse World 2E: A revised edition of the original Powered by the Apocalypse game by Vincent and Meg Baker
  • Burning Wheel Codex: I have still never played Burning Wheel, but the ideas and mechanics tend to circle in my brain (particularly as a comparison point against D&D despite being so crunchy).
  • Big Bad Con 2016: My favorite (and local) RPG/gaming con
  • Ghost Court: A delightful and often silly LARP about ghosts… in a courtroom
  • Bluebeard’s Bride: Dark feminine horror RPG based on the classic fairy tale
  • Monsterhearts 2: Revised edition of the RPG about teenage monsters being teenagers with poor impulse control
  • The Watch: Dark fantasy RPG, PbtA, military focus. The Shadow corrupts men, twisting them into something else, leaving non-men to fight back. Highly structured, with a specific focus and setting (but with room specifically for collaboratively defining what the Shadow is and what it does in order to build the setting and conflict). The sessions I’ve played are incredibly dark, with people just barely holding on to their composure, and morality.
  • Sig: Manual of the Planes: I backed this as the setting seems super cool – think an updated and more flexible version of the central planar city from D&D
  • The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power: Dark fantasy RPG, PbtA, focused on politics, intrigue, and allegiances. Inspired by things like A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones.

Now to just be able to really play everything…

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In terms of games that have been release, I backed Hyper Light Drifter, Night in the Woods, and the updated Zoombinis port. Very happy with all of those, to say the least.

As for upcoming games:

And game projects that unfortunately weren’t successfully funded:


I don’t back video games anymore, but I’ve had a lot of great luck with tabletop/card games. There’s something to the tangibility of the supply chain that seems to keep those gears turning and deliver actual product. And even when a game isn’t for me, I can usually pass it on to a friend or sometimes sell/trade it on my local board game exchange group on fb.

I started with the Machine of Death card game, which I love, and I haven’t slowed down much. Mostly I Back small projects by trusted creators like Scott Almes (the whole Tiny Epic series is incredible) and anything Tim Fowers makes. Paperback and Burgle Bros. are the two games my friends ALWAYS want to play. I’ve never taken the plunge on a Rising Sun or Kingdom Death: Monster. I did come close with the Giant Killer Robots one that had miniatures by WETA Workshop with Jet Grind Radio aesthetics. That was a narrow escape from a $100 purchase.

Thanks to the person who posted the link to The Imposters. I GM’d a session of Ten Candles for the first time recently, and now I want to play as many narratively focused RPGs as I possibly can.


So far I’ve backed:

  • Tales From The Loop - this is the pen and paper RPG based on the art of Simon Stålenhag. That arrived fairly recently and I got a cool dice set as well

  • The Future Is Now - backed the printing of the second volume. I got both books and a host of postcards, art prints and other stuff.

  • Killscreen - got my 1 issue, bit bummed it looks like it might be a one off.

  • Cleaver - a magazine about Chinese cooking. I really like getting magazines, so I ended up backing this.

  • City of Darkness - this is the re-issue of the classic photobook of the Kowloon Walled City. It’s an amazing big book, really happy with that.

  • Unwinnable - backed a year’s worth of weekly updates, pretty happy with it.

  • Outerlands - backed back in 2014 but it’s been fairly quiet apart from the occasional livestream.

  • Z - a zombie themed deck building game; lots of updates but no real sign of the final version.

  • Shadowrun Returns - cyberpunk reboot, got that and it did well enough to spawn two sequels.

  • Wasteland 2 - similar story, rebooting a classic RPG, happy with the end result.

  • DoubleFine Adventure - I mean, didn’t everyone?

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I’m pretty hesitant about backing things, so the only thing I contributed to was Childen of Zodiarcs, both because I wanted to support the team’s work and it pushed a lot of my personal buttons for a game. There’s a few things I wish I’d been around to support (e.g. Read Only Memories), but I’m stingy enough that I have probably let plenty of opportunities pass me by without knowing it.


Initially came to back the last Mindless Self Indulgence record. Quality product, highly recommended.

Video game wise the only thing I’ve ever backed was Torment: Tides of Numenera. Despite being a bit shorter than expected (the promised 2nd hub City was very noticably scaled down) it’s still one of my favorite video games this year. Second only to Neir.

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I’ve previously backed Armello, Michael Bowmen (former musical artist for Homestuck), and most recently the ClickPack Pro. Pretty excited about that last one, not gonna lie. As someone who travels a decent amount, and has been in the market for a backpack design that both fits me needs and also has some neat anti-theft tech, I’m eager to try it out at conventions and as my new carry-on luggage.

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Just the one. 13 True Ways, a book for 13th Age, a TTRPG that’s a blend of D&D 3E and 4E. Too much 3E for my taste but hey, it’s aight…


Perch (small little itouch game, well worth the dollar I backed it with), cryamore (a cool looking rpg that’s been a while in development), Shovel Knight, Mighty Number 9 (don’t judge me, it was the last day and I was curious), Strafe, Bloodstained, and Yooka Laylee (though I admit I did it purely to get my friend’s name in the credits, of which they’re very happy about now).

On indiegogo, I backed Indivisible (good), and Shaq Fu 2 (bad). Overall, I think I have a good track record.


Backed Arcadia Quest Inferno, Massive Darkness, Sub-Terra, Spinagogue, and Roll Player M&M. Also preordered Big Trouble in Little China and am waiting to order The Thing.


I’ve backed Broken Age (Double Fine Adventure), Yooka-Laylee, Prey for the Gods, Secret Hitler and the Unofficial SNES Compendium, all have been decent so far (aside from PttG and the SNES book, both yet to be released but seemingly on track).

Also backed Psychonauts 2 on Fig as I was a huge fan of the first.


I try not to back too many things on Kickstarter.

I find they’re really bad for evoking FOMO. Back now! Kickstarter Exclusive! Never available at retail!

Any time I feel myself being manipulated by bad KS practices I just don’t bother. Most recently, the 7th Continent KS campaign. They’ll be fine without my money given they hit 6++M dollars.

I’ve backed 7 campagins total.

3 videogames. One board game. and 3 other campaigns.

Videogames I’ve backed are
Omori - This thing is taking forever, I’m not super sure I’ll even be interested by the time it is out. It still looks neat… I just find as KS project dates slip I feel more annoyed than if any other game had a delay.

Mercenary Kings- Didn’t like this. It was cool looking, just found the gameplay dull.

Butt Sniffin’ Pugs - We’ll see how this turns out. I’m not holding my breath for a Jan ship date.

Other stuff:

Secret Hitler - This campaign ran behind while they spent forever designing a dumb wooden box (that I didn’t even order). The game is fine, but while I was waiting I discovered Avalon which is a cheaper/faster/better game. Oh well.

Pebble 2 - I got my watch late, one day before Pebble went out of business… so the kinda-rough software it had is never going to get better. Not happy.

A zine - It showed up and was what I ordered. That’s fine.

MTG John Avon Playmat - It just finished, and won’t ship til Dec, but idk… how do you mess up printing playmats? It’s being handled by Ultrapro so… it’ll be hard to bungle.

All in all, I’m just going to try to avoid Kickstarter. Not worth the fuss on untested games\products.