What have you backed on Kickstarter?


I backed a lot of indie games. Out of all of them, I think I’m most pleased with Frog Fractions 2.
Oh yeah, I also fell for the Mighty No 9 hype and that kinda put me off backing anything else lol…


I don’t know that I’ve backed any games on kickstarter but I have backed a couple of books that I’m very excited to receive. One of them is called “Tabula Idem” and is a tarot anthology book by a number of different queer artists, each tarot telling a short story involving LGBTQIA+ characters &* themes.

More recently I backed “Becoming Dangerous” which is a very cool-sounding book, again with a number of different marginalised folks contributing. It deals with feminism, witchcraft, and resistance.


I’ve really only backed a few games.

The Doublefine Adventure
TAKEDOWN (Rainbow Six clone)
and The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy

The last one was the best of those 3.


Boy I’ve backed a few things, some that I regret (MN9). Because of those regretful backings, I pretty much don’t back anything video game. But I do back a lot of table top related games. Such as

  • Kingdom Death: Monsters
  • Zombiecide Black Plague
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Satanic Panic

And many others. My biggest motivator is miniatures, sadly. Table top games takes so long to play and I have so many balls in the air that I don’t really have that much time to play them. At least with miniatures, I can spend a few hours painting here and there without going through the logistical pain of inviting people and scheduling said people only to have those people bail anyways.


Only a few things really!

  • Pebble 2 - Had the original, so it was a no brainer I’d go for the new one. Very glad I did (though a shame they’re no longer running)
  • Yooka-Laylee - Used to be a huge Banjo-Kazooie fan when I was younger so I was keen to get a copy of this. Not sure if it lived up to my expectations

Only two so far.

  • Yooka Laylee - which was alright. I mean. I think I played about an hour of it before I got bored and went back to comp overwatch
  • Indivisble - which I am really excited for and enjoyed the little playable alpha test thing last year! Plus the art style is really pretty, so that makes it even better!

Out of 3, 1 has been made into a product so far.

  1. Banner Saga - Great game, glad I backed it.
  2. Some Starcraft documentary about the e-sports scene, hasn’t been made yet.
  3. Recently backed Hell Let Loose and I really hope that gets made. Realistic WW2 shooter for PC.

I backed this, it owned


I have only backed both divinity original sin.


I backed Boss Monster, which was incredibly well-handled/well-scheduled and v fun to boot, and I also backed LA Game Space which,



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I backed the Dark Souls board game, Massive Darkness, Divinity, The Darkest Dungeon, Yooka Laylee, a Hat in Time, Banner Saga, Shadowrun, Shenmue 3, and a couple of others. The only one I regret is Yooka Laylee.


32 things.
Nothing since 2015 though. Too little money, too many already existing games.
It’s a gamble I’d say. When/if the thing will be released and whether you’ll think it was a wise choice.
Looking back, I would cut the number of things by half.
Looking forward to the eventual Shenmue 3 and Dreamfall boxes.
I pledged $525 to the latter, 4.5 years ago?!

I am likely to throw some amount at the eventual The Good Life kickstarter.


Shenmue III. It looks like it will actually come out one day so I can’t complain.


My roommate backed The 7th Continent so I didn’t have to! It’s like a big giant choose your own adventure game played across over a thousand cards. There’s something about the ambition of trying to do a procedurally generated game in card form that’s intriguing.

I’m really excited to see it - the people who got the first print run adore it.

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Broken Age

Exploding Kittens

Pebble Smartwatch
ManchesterWatchWorks Morgan Chronograph
Under The Dog anime

I like watches. Sue me :sweat_smile:


It looks really cool, but the NOW OR NEVER vibe of the campaign is a turnoff…

I kinda wanna back for the base game, but also that$80 could get me several games right now… Today instead of next year sometime. I wish I could try before buying but, well… That gets back to the now or never thing. I wish they’d do retail.


Exploding Kittens
Shovel Knight
Ghost Song
Shantae: Half Genie Hero
Hollow Knight
Double Fine Adventure
Psychonauts 2

and a handful of projects that were unsuccessful in their funding. I think I can say I’m happy with how things have turned out or are continuing to turn out.


Well, it’s the second time they’ve issued it, and it made over 7 million. I think they’d be nuts not to do another.

I buy their argument that the sheer amount of stuff they’re producing probably makes it prohibitively expensive to sell retail. By the time it got to a local game store it’d probably be like $150 for the base game alone.

That said, they have been somewhat squirrelly about how final this one is, so I can’t blame ya for being soured on it.

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I backed two. The System Shock remake and Fight Knight. Fight Knight is currently being developed by a friend of friends and is pretty great.

I’m looking forward to backing The Good Life when it hits Kickstarter.


Yeah, this is my biggest complaint with KickStarter and table top games. CMON is notorious for having so many KickStarter exclusive items that it becomes disheartening knowing that if you wait for retail you’ll be paying more for less. Zombiecide is the prime example of this.

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