What have you backed on Kickstarter?

I’ve got Gloomhaven and The 7th Continent coming, as far as board games go. Gleefully excited for both.

Video games-wise, now that Original Sin 2 has released, I’m waiting on Ikenfell, Battletech, and Cultist Simulator (from the lead writer behind Sunless Sea).

Kickstarter has been good to me.

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As a 1st edition Gloomhaven owner, a word of warning: Start planning your organization now. Don’t do what I did and buy a bunch of crap from craft stores and leave half of it unused because of buying too much and/or the wrong thing.

There are a ton of pictures floating around I’m sure, and I believe Broken Token et al are also making kits for box organizers.

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I might late back it and flip the copy if I don’t enjoy it. If it truly is the cats pyjamas like it seems to be it shouldn’t be hard to sell… Or I won’t want to sell it.

Yeah, I’ve been eyeing various organization kits. It’s tough to buy them sight unseen, but I have a feeling that one glance into the Gloomhaven box will be a come-to-Jesus moment and open my wallet right up.

The kickstarter exclusive stuff reminds me of bad DLC practices, like pre-order exclusive DLC. It really really makes me not want to bother with backing a campaign if I’m going to pay a bunch to preorder a game and still feel like I missed out because I didn’t also get the exclusive ks only expansion or something… Just sell a good, complete game please!

Just scoped my KS and I’ve backed a lot of projects. I have a few that are hella overdue, but I don’t really think about them anymore. I think the longer they go, the less interested in them I’ll be when they actually come out. Just gunna go through my favorites and what I’m most excited about coming through.

My Favs:
Proactive Insurance: The Pros - Issues 1-4
"This is Fine" Plush Dog
Diamond Trust of London(Love getting physical copies of KS games)
Idle Thumbs Podcast
Redux: Dark Matters for the Sega Dreamcast
Pier Solar HD(Sega Dreamcast copy)

Most anticipated:
Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!

I’ve only backed 3 things so far. I would have backed a lot more but I wasn’t working during that whole Kickstarter boom. The three I backed were Hyper Light Drifter (which I loved), System Shock remake, and My Time at Portia. HLD is the only one finished so far but I was very pleased with that. System Shock and My Time at Portia are both looking like they’re going to be very worth it as well.

Little Witch Academia 2 is the only thing I can remember at the moment.

I kick-started a bunch of videogames back in the day, Double-Fine, Dreamfall Chapters and Shadowrun being the biggest names, along with a bunch of smaller indies, some of which I went on to enjoy, others I regretted, but I think the last was Shenmue 3. Oh, and Anomalisa, which I was really happy with.

I think the sheer length of time between pledging and receiving anything is part of what puts me off these days, plus the increasing number of projects that I backed that haven’t amounted to anything or just been a bit of a disappointment. I still think it’s a good idea for budding devs, but the sales pitch really has to be something special for me to want to lay down these days.

I backed The Comedy Button, Shadowrun, Project Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera,
Satellite Reign and SUPERHOT.

I also backed Star Citizen :frowning: but I got my money back a while ago.

I’ve backed a few games in the past and present, but lately I’ve been backing a lot of enamel pin projects and artbooks/anthologies from indie artists.

I’m backing this and it’s gonna be glorious:

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I’ve only ever backed two things, one of them on kickstarter, and the other I don’t remember which platform.

Kickstarter was Tropes vs Women in Video Games after I saw the backlash, hell if I wasn’t going to show them my support.

The other thing was actually the first crowdfund I ever participated in. It was back in the early days of Extra Credits when Allison injured her hand and needed help with her medical bills. I’ve still got the reward T-shirt :smiley:

Only the 1 on Kickstarter, that was Yooka Laylee.

I’ve backed 2 projects, one was the Double Fine adventure game that went on to become Broken Age, the other was a miniwargaming tabletop miniatures project.

I don’t really take notice of kickstarters anymore.

Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun. The CRPG genre was basically dead at that point and I really feel like these Kickstarters helped bring it back to where it is today.

As far as games go I only backed Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained and Mighty N.9

Backed a few game books, namely the Mega Drive collected works reprint, the Dreamcast collected works and the Super Famicom visual compendium. Love me some of those nice coffee table books.


I’ve backed more things than it makes sense to try and list here, mostly tabletop games (because it’s a safer bet. Videogame development is hard and prone to failure, tabletop kickstarters tend to be already finished and just need money to print and ship copies.)

But, most recently.

  • Consentacle - a card game about the consenting relationship between a woman and an alien tentacle monster.
    *Hardback - prequel to what is possibly my favourite card game. Paperback was a game that combined Deck Building with a Scrabble-esque word game. I usually don’t like either of those things but combining them was just perfect so I’m on board for everything the prequel has in store.

In terms of Videogames, i’ve only backed a couple and neither are out yet. They both have early builds available though.

  • Koe - A JRPG which intends to try and help with learning Japanese. I backed this a few years ago when I was planning to learn Japanese (which i fell off of pretty quickly because of lack of time.)
  • Drift Stage - An awesome driving game with a great art style. It had an amazing demo and some really fun early builds. Can’t wait for this to finally be finished.

I’ve only backed two projects:

  1. Project Eternity (now Pillars of Eternity) and

  2. Wasteland 2

Is Kickstarter still the most popular platform for crowdfunded projects?

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Yeah, for sure. The closest competitor is probably IndieGoGo but it’s not as successful.
Fig has been a bit of a dud and outside of games there are things like Inkshares for books which seem to do some all around great stuff but aren’t as well known as Kickstarter.