What have you backed on Kickstarter?


These are the most recent things. As a backer, and a creator, I find it important to stay up on things. I mostly back cool looking things that are made by marginalized creators. The exception to this is Rewordable, made by a friend. (which I just recently got)

My oldest is a game being made in Brazil that I backed 5 years ago. Still being worked on!


Some day… (and yes, I realize I’m responding to a nearly 6 month old post)


I just backed Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Looks super fun to me!


Shenmue III - $100

Always said I would personally finance the game if I were ever given the chance, and I put my money where my mouth was. Really hope Suzuki comes through with an experience that you can really only get with this series, and doesn’t attempt to streamline it to make it more appealing to modern gamers.


So far video game related all I’ve backed is Divinity Original Sin 2.

Board games I’ve baked are Yokohama, Tiny Epic Western, ThunderStone Quest, Brass Lanchasire & Birmingham, and The Flow of History. After that I started taking a break from KS :slight_smile:


Only 2 albums by Murder by Death so far. No games.


I have backed the GCW zero (bad decision), Double Fine Adventure (good one), Mighty No 9 (bad again) and Shenmue 3 (Time will tell)
I loved the principle of KS at the start but the lack of accountability, transparency and the broken promises of some of the projects I backed (the GCW zero was a proper shitstorm of all of the above) has really dampened my enthusiasm.


Bright side!: I backed KC Green’s question hound plush and got it sent to a friend. Whole thing turned out really great yay!

And I backed Omori. I was really excited at the time but so much has changed since then… :no_mouth:


I backed Armikrog way back when, and I think they made a pretty bad game in the end. Didn’t back anything else since.


I’ve backed:

The Comedy Button podcast - Which I don’t listen to anymore cause I didn’t like the direction it went after they started a patreon.

Yooka Laylee - I haven’t really dug into it yet because all of the bad word of mouth put me off.

Wrestling with Pixels - A wrestling video game book that became a big old mess of a project so I ended up requesting my money back.

UnDungeon - This one hasn’t came out yet but it’s a top down action RPG roguelike game. I’m not really following it that closely, I’m just hoping to be nicely surprised when it’s released.


I backed a friend’s KS for their podcast back like four years ago. They were trying to reach $1000 to buy new mics, etc, but they ended up ending their run like a year later. It was fun while it lasted, I think they broke 100 episodes after four years of recording, but they both kind of burnt out and lost interest after a while. I’m still glad that I contributed to it