What I Would Like: No Man's Sky Space Expansion

If Hello Games ever decide to do another expansion (maybe a paid one?) I think it would be pretty cool if they really focus on what there is to do in space. I like the idea of never actually having to land on a planet. There could be mining platforms on large asteroids to explore. Metroids you have to destroy before they hit a ship. Pirates in large capital ships to fight. Creepy animals that live in the void to hunt. Abandoned space stations to explore, not like the ones currently in the game but smaller ones that look like the ISS and are basically the space equivalent of the bases on planets.


I would be down with larger, explorable asteroids and stuff like that. All of this would be very rad.

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I just picked up No Man’s Sky two days ago because it was on sale and think that this would be a cool idea.

The thing that originally had me interested in NMS way back before it’s initial release was the idea that maybe I could BE a Space Pirate, so if they were to do an expansion allowing me to do so, I’d be over the moon.

I just wanna become the next Ridley

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