What if it were legal to play videogames?

I know it’s a little outré to break kayfabe on this board–I love rping as a ‘gamer’ as much as everyone here does–but do you ever wonder what you’d really do if it weren’t a crime to game?


Look I’m cool. Were all cool thats why we pretend to talk like we play games. But where are you going to buy those games when they are not totally illegal.

I want to build a store (It will probably be right next to a stop sign) where they can come in a stop and game. Maybe I will open up a part of the store where they can sell me back there old games. Then I can sell them back to other people for a cheaper price. I’m going to call it stopgame. All one word.


Hi, I’m definitely not the Crime Police checking in on this topic. So how many Gamers and High Scorers would you say Waypoint has right now? Just on average. Like a guess. And I heard…I mean I know cause I’m one of you all, but I heard everyone loves “achievements” and/or “trophies.” If everyone could just post a list uhhhhhh identifying your biggest scores and achievements that’d be great. Just for research so we know who you are. By “we” I mean fellow gamesters.


im the cops and im here to take you all to crime jail, gamer scum


semper games, comrades



I remember the day they made games and gaming illegal.

Hard to believe we actually saw historically improbable levels of bipartisan support from both chambers of Congress in favor of the bill, which called for a complete and total shut down of video game production, sales, and media in America. Rand Paul was the lone Congressional voice of dissent. He said, “First they ban our vidya and then what? Higher tariffs on anime imports!?”

Of course, certain people tried to appeal to the Supreme Court, claiming misandry and violations of free speech. But no matter how many waifu bedsheets the nerds trotted out, the Court unanimously upheld the law. Justice Ginsberg, who along with Justices Sotomayor and Kagan had been stoic in the face of public criticism from FOX News, was said to have laughed as the gamers cried. Clearly, a big win for womz.

Interestingly enough, FiveThirtyEight crunched the numbers and found that, at least by certain measurements, the internet is a nearly 50% better place to be without gamers.

Graphics card manufacturers, meanwhile, hope to recoup losses by further increasing sales to bitcoin miners.

On a positive note, I’ve got lucrative side gig selling bootleg copies of games, as well as consoles, headsets, and more. HMU if y’all need anything. (Except Dr Monocle. He sounds 5-0 to me.)




I would hate to imagine it. As much as I love getting into the fantasy, video games are illegal for good reason and I’m glad they are banned

“The Unincorporated Man” is a technically post-apocalyptic book where everybody is a stockholder in their own self. The apocalypse in question was almost entirely due to videogames and the subsequent society makes everybody go to game aversion therapy.

No word on james being illegal.


in a world where video games are legal, one person does what is necessary to bring an end to this foul pox

honestly, as much as I enjoy the romanticism of gaming and all it’s trappings, personally I don’t think I have it in me to be so cavalier about the consequences and the human cost of that kind of lifestyle.


I, for one, hope they stay illegal. If everyone played video games, they just wouldn’t be cool anymore.


I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s a crime to be this cool.

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(Flees the scene.)


The fabled Video James! The chosen one!

I really appreciated all the media created around the proposed “Night in the Woods” game for this reason. It’s really neat that they acknowledged how much crimes you’d be doing by gaming.