What if video games


:thinking: …except you were the video games :thinking:
abnd the only way to win was to
play yourself???


There are a lot of people who have theorized this, and lots of good literature if you’re interested.

Most recent big names to get thrown into the “Earth is a simulation” pool being Elon Musk I think?

I think it generally is referred to as “the simulation argument.”

For my part, I dig it, but don’t really know what, if any, change that makes for philosophy outside of possibly leaning into nihilism slightly, or being slightly more flippant about preservation?


then I would be genuinely touched when DJ Khaled congratulated me


In situations like these Big Daddy Kane would tell me to put a quarter in my ass


I’d want to be, like, Style Savvy


I initially read that as “play with yourself” and I’m like, dawg, there’s a whole genre for that.


it’s videogames. thanks.


I want to be a stealth/mech/Cyberpunk game.


The video frames version of my life:


Silently, into the middle distance, I mouth





You die in real life, you die in the video game.


We’re all Sims.


this is owild. **wild

if im a game then by that logic i am a npc (not player character). if im npc ,to play mself is to do a quest (in game[myself]). if i do quests as npc then i have 2 be a party member for the main characer (the world??") & of course the best way to be w a main charcter in a mission is to be escorted with no gun/sweaposn. it ergo follows that the best way to plya urself is to have a lot of dialog (INTERNAL MONLOOGUE) in missoin so player character wants to protect u & wants to here it alls o they keep u safe and beat the quest n ur alive at the end. therefor the best way to play yourslef is to talk a lot so people like you!.

thats why im on twitter anyway


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