What is a Doke?


Is it a type of sandwich?[poll type=regular]

  • Yeah
  • Nah
  • Doke


If question the meaning of doke we will fall victim to severe violence by some unseen force. We who value our safety respect the sanctity of doke.


Uphold Doke thought


One might say you gotta… Stay Doke


nothing much what’s a doke with you


Waits for the inevitable “Are Dokes sandwiches?” thread.


New Doke City .




Real talk. How do you pronounce “Doke”

  • Duh-oak
  • Doh-kay

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I figured it had to rhyme with joke. Isn’t that the joke?


I guess but for some reason I can’t read it any other way besides doh-kay


someone please tell me what a doke is


You, a filthy plebeian: Joke
Me, a shining patrician: Doke


The doctor from goleneye 64.


All sandwiches are dokes but not all dokes are are sandwiches.


32:40, but someday this will all be deep lore. Someday? I mean Monday. Last Monday.


If Patrick got a PhD would that make him a Doketor?

Sorry, I’ll leave.



Folks, say hello to the new (unofficial) mascot of the waypoint forums…


Lore so deep, I forgot it existed.

This is a whole new era of doke technology.