What is a game or genre that you love but are just awful at?


What comes to mind for me is just the strategy genre as a whole, whether it be an RTS like Age of Empires II (which was one of the first pc games I owned) or turn-based ones like Civ V, which I have spent too much time in while also not getting any better.


Tetris and Puyo Puyo. I respect them as some of the best and purest puzzle games of their ilk, but I’ve never developed the mental strategies to become particularly good at them. I’ve been playing Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine for literally my entire life and I’ve never beaten it.


I have always loved Tactical JRPGs. FFTactics, Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, all the Nippon Ichi games, Shining Force, etc etc. But by god I’m awful at all of them. I remember the first time I tried playing Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1 and could not for the life of me get past one of the very first missions. I just kept dying over and over. I’m just awful at thinking several steps ahead. I tend to just make decisions on the fly and sort of go with the flow but that never goes well for me.


Fighting games. I can never get passed button mashing and become deliberate in my movement and strategy. Watching the cutscenes only YouTube walkthrough of Injustice 2 was the logical conclusion to this state of affairs.


Real-Time Strategy. I am terrible at those games. The only RTS I ever got into was Rise of Nations and I just cannot play them well. You have met the worst StarCraft player ever.

Oddly, I think they’re one of my favorite genres to watch, though.


This is a kindasorta, I guess: I’m pretty crap at anything that requires fast reflexes, but I love team-based PvP, including shooters. I would play them more if people were less terrible to one another.


Pretty much everything? I love games, but I’m not really good enough to win any PvP encounters. Unless it’s Halo 1, I was untouchable at Halo 1.


Seconding this! I loved Vandal Hearts as a kid and have since played all the Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics (and even contributed to the Kickstarter for Massive Chalice), but I completely lack any kind of capacity for strategic planning and just kind of get through any battle by the skin of my teeth. Usually I bail on the first encounter which proves insurmountable to my usual approach of “rangers at back, melee people go forward, oh no a pincer move has separated them/surrounded us.”

To contribute: love horror as a genre in other forms, and I’ve dropped a fair amount of money on Steam sales picking up first-person spoopy games like the Amnesia series, but I cannot play them for more than a few minutes without getting completely freaked out, refusing to advance any further down a darkened corridor, and closing the game. Mostly I’ve been desensitised to horror in films and books, and I can play third-person survival horror games without having such a visceral fight-or-flight response, but even non-photorealistic stuff like Slender squicks me out too much to play.


For me it’s Souls games. I have only played Bloodborne and even then I farmed areas over and over so I could beat bosses. If I struggled with that game I wouldn’t stand a chance with the Dark Souls games. Though I love their atmosphere.


I’ve always really appreciated shmups, but I’m really bad at them and haven’t really even finished most of my favorites. I’ve only beat Ikaruga because you can skip the bosses(I don’t even remember if it had a different ending based on that or not), but it’s still one of my favorite games.


Fighting games. The fighting game genre has some of the coolest style (art, music, sound effects) but I’ve never been anything but competent at them. I love the immediate energy they give to their players and onlookers. I love the nature of the strategies involved. I think they’re some of the best “e-sports” games in that any person can look at the screen and figure out what’s going on immediately–there are fighters, there are life bars, there is a timer. I find the FGC community more interesting than the game community as a whole, as well. It has its share of grossness, but it seems that if you are a skilled player, you’re going to get your respect regardless of who you are.


Def fighting games.The only fighting game/series I have ever been any good at is Dead or Alive. I still play matches against the AI every now and again.

I like Mortal Kombat and Tekken as well but I’m terrible at them. DOA is more free form in its approach to combos. One of those easy to learn, hard to master style games. Every other fighting game is… hard to learn and I’ll never master them lol.

But also I only rarely play DOA with other people because you can only introduce so many non-close friends to a game you’ll probably rightfully be judged for liking.


Strategy games in general. I love Civ and Stellaris a ton but I rarely ever finish the games I start and when I do it usually ends with my Beautiful empire being destroyed. I’m just not good at long-term strategizing and I’m generally not aggressive enough to secure my Civ’s future.

I’m even worse at games like Total War. I’ve played a bunch of Shogun 2 and it stresses me the fuck out. I feel terrible if any of my units come away from a battle sustaining any sort of damage, even if we were victorious and they only lost a fraction of their men. I lack the stomach to send men out to die for the sake of capturing one castle or something, even if they’re little barely discernible virtual samurai.


I’ve played a ton of PUBG, but although I’ve made it to the top ten multiple times, I would never say I’m good at the game. I don’t know good ways to get around the map, I take forever to do anything in the inventory menu, and I always panic when I get shot at.
I’ve also put some decent time into Overwatch, but I’m never sure I’m playing a character correctly, and I don’t really put enough thought into how to work with whatever team I’m with.


Fighting games, which is probably going to be a common answer since it is such a tough genre to get into. I’ve tried getting into MK multiple times because I like the feel and flow of that game a lot and love to spectate it, but man I just can’t do combos. I also don’t have any friends that play fighting games, so that doesn’t help either.


Fighting games? I’m probably awful at fighting games, I just… I don’t touch them. I don’t have the drive to really improve enough to where I’d be comfortable playing against people? Which is dumb, and offers no credit to matchmaking.

But I love it.
EVO remains my favorite esport or sporting event every year.
I love concepts like using hold frames to increase the feeling of impact on hits.
I love concepts like invincibility frames, which have spread into some other genres in real good ways.

I just… I don’t enjoy playing them. I’m not good at them. I don’t want to be good at them. I love 'em though.


Anything that requires practice/memorization. I love games like Guilty Gear, but I hate playing them and am terrible at learning how they work. This also applies to things like StarCraft, wherein I struggled to complete solo missions for lack of skill and willingness to take time to learn how to get better with hotkeys. I enjoy difficulty in games, but I bounce off hard on anything that asks me to set aside my own time to practice. It’s the difference between learning through play and having it be a job or chore.


I have a very hard time performing melee attacks in shooters. (Team Fortress, PUBG, Left 4 Dead, Overwatch, etc) . I always misjudge the distance and it always ends up with me dead. The only shooter in which I can count on my melee skill even a little bit is the Halo games. Halo melee attacks have a little lunge which is exactly what I need to correct my terrible perception of virtual depth.


With you on RTS games. I love Starcraft II and remember Age of Empires fondly, but I’m just terrible at them. My strategies might be sound but I’m just too slow-going to formulate and carry them out most of the time. I think I’m much better (but still not great) at turn-based stuff because to this.

On Starcraft II, thank goodness for the custom maps and modes otherwise I would’ve never touched the online portion. The first Starcraft did enough to scare me off any sort of traditional or ‘ranked’ mode in that game.


Freaking Xcom. I love turn based strategy games, always have, but it’s so damn hard that I can’t get any meaningful progress done. No matter what move I make, it’s always the wrong move. But it’s cool and interesting, just wish I had the skills needed to kick ass in that game.