What is a game or genre that you love but are just awful at?



I enjoy playing them in the sense that I like the combination of strategy and randomness from a deck shuffle. It’s like chess if you were adding pieces to the board randomly so you got a chance to see your opponent’s thought process in advance and prepare.

That said, deck building and meta are two things that completely elude me. I look at a card and think how it might be fun to use in a vacuum. I can’t think of how this compliments the other cards in my deck, or how it might interact with an opponents. I have no strategy beyond using what’s immediately in my hand.


I’ve fairly recently come to terms with the fact that I’m not very good at puzzle games.
I love them, so much… in theory.

I came to this realisation while watching opus magnum gifs on twitter. That game looks really good, but, I know if I played it I would enjoy it at first, and then it would get actually challenging and I would get frustrated and give up, like I always do… with all these games…
I’ve got cosmic express half finished on my phone. I don’t know, I get stuck, and I don’t have the patience to sit and think about A Puzzle for more than about ten minutes. I give up, I come back later, look at it ‘with fresh eyes’ and either I get it then or I don’t and eventually I just accept that I never will.

Quick colour matching stuff like Tetris Attack I adore and rule at, though.


How do you feel about walkthroughs/hints? (In general, I should clarify.)


Puzzle game walkthroughs are tough because a well made puzzle game stacks knowledge on you in layers. If you are told the solution to a puzzle but the walkthrough doesn’t explain the trick or you just don’t get the trick, then you’re only setting yourself up for failure down the road. Something like the witness is nigh impossible if you don’t get the gimmick of a certain puzzle.


bad! I mean, if I’m playing a puzzle game, and I just look up the solution to the puzzle, well, what’s the point of playing it at all.
I solved one puzzle in cosmic express by accident and that was unsatisfying enough, never mind just being told how to do it.


Oh, I see. I guess both of these indicate that the sorts of problems I imagined (being stuck on one particular puzzle or mechanic, impeding progress onto others that could be figured out without help) were not the actual root of the problem!


Oh yeah I get that. In a linear puzzle game, might be the case once or twice, but generally I find I just reach a point where the puzzles are going to continue to be too difficult for the level of patience I can muster up.
And then non-linear…ly, I currently have 24 (I just counted) open levels on cosmic express I’ve basically given up on (and most of those are at the ends of various paths, so,)


Fighting Games are so fun and I love them but I am complete shit at them.


Going to second the people mentioning strategy games. The Shadowrun series especially comes to mind. Woof. Even on casual I find myself getting frustrated with the game because I simply cannot think more than one step ahead.


i wouldn’t say i ever bothered becoming “good” at any game except maybe pokemon and a few specific multiplayer modes in halo reach but, as for games that i’m awful at, i’d have to say the soulsborne series. love the world of the games, love watching my friends/family play them, love talking about and analyzing them, but i hate playing them. it’s just too much pressure!

it’s a similar thing with the dishonored series: i havent’ actually played any of those games, even though i watched a full playthrough of the first one and really liked it, because i’m just too scared of messing up! maybe someday i’ll have the confidence to try dishonored 2 but this year is not that year, i don’t think.

gonna second puzzle games too. i’m pretty good at certain types of puzzles, like logic puzzles, but a lot of types of puzzles i just have a really hard time thinking through which makes me nervous about trying out a lot of the cool puzzle games that there are. i’ve played several prof. layton games and there’ll be like a third of the puzzles i can do without much of an issue, a third that i’ll need some time with but can solve with a few hints, and then a third that i absolutely have to go look up the answers to because i just can’t deal with 'em. it’s partially for the same reason that other people in here have a hard time with strategy games - i just don’t think very far ahead. i also have a difficult time not like, trying basically the same thing over and over even though i should already know it doesn’t work.


Props to DROD’s hint system, which is just a web forum with clever friendly people ready to give progressive hints about the specific part of a puzzle you’re stuck on. “Do you remember how (mechanical detail) works? You need to (general goal), but if (some event happens) you’ve lost and need to restart.” Just point-by-point nudges, avoiding complete directions unless they’re absolutely necessary.


RTS games. I love them in theory, and the Dawn of War series are the best Warhammer 40k (a universe I adore) games out there, but they are so frantic and difficult for me to manage that I just can’t handle them. I either focus too much on micro managing the battles and forget to be building stuff, or I focus too much on my base and just send my units out to die.

Also, I think I’m bad at the Puzzle Fighter reboot.


I’m similar with RTS. I can cold-start SC2, and get placed in gold, which seems fine? Proficient enough? But I can’t put up with the constant stress of always being incapable with my hand/brain of doing everything I need/want to do.

Being below the infinite skill cap turns it into a grueling stress-fest. Which I hate, because I really love the visuals, and the strategy, and at least some story elements. I played a lot of brood war with friends as a child, and when it’s all casual players, it’s a ton of fun. When it’s a low enough skill match that wild strategies, which have no place in competitive play work, and face off, is tons of fun.

I just can’t find that place for myself. I watch too much professional Starcraft. Too much Day[9]. I know what I’m doing wrong. I know how I’m supposed to play. So I don’t.


I’ve never played an RTS game, but I know I’m shit at fighting games and I purposely avoid them because I don’t like losing and they’re a genre of games that feels completely obtuse to play if you’re not already entrenched. Last time I felt welcome to play a fighting game, skill-wise but not content-wise, was Skullgirls.


Roguelikes/lites. I realize theyre supposed to be hard and everything, and I do really enjoy banging my head against some of these walls, but I never get the sense of improvement I see others playing them have.


All of them, literally all of them. I cant memorize combos to save my life, I’m always too aggressive in any & all RPG/RTS games. It’s a miracle I can get a kill in any FPS because I can’t aim to save my life. Also the moment I get frustrated with a puzzle game I end up giving up on it hence why I have played a total of one.

Platformers may be the only game that I’m actually not terrible at & actually enjoy.


Do boardgames count? In that case… All the boardgames. Well, all the boardgames that aren’t games that focus around traitor mechanics (Battlestar Galactica, Secret Hitler, etc) and such. I can sort of play area control and strategic games but I’m still mediocre at best, and I’m downright terrible at almost every other big boardgame genre. But I love it, well except most Eurogames, nonetheless. It’d be different if I just applied myself but… Nah. University requires me to think enough as is, can’t be bothered to do much of it in my spare time.

I make a pretty dope RPG game master though.

In terms of videogames I have a hard time enjoying stuff I’m not at least somewhat competent at, mostly because I need to make a monetary investment. I just play other people’s boardgames so I don’t mind sitting down with friends and playing something I’m bad at, it’s still a good time with friends. Videogames not so much. I wish I was good at fighting games though, and that I regained my ability to play RTS games.


Gonna jump on the Fighting Games train here too. I love watching them, and the level of craft that goes into a well-made fighting game is some of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere, but my fingers just dont move fast enough to be able to play at anything other than a beginner level.

Also? Horror games. They’re absolutely fascinating but i turn into a gibbering baby whenever i have to play one.


I feel no sense of improvement in roguelikes, but I’m never sure if it’s because I’m bad at them or if it’s because I find it difficult to realize when I’m improving at anything.

I think that it certainly helps when you realize that death is meaningless and that when you die, it basically gives you a new opportunity with a blank slate. It’s kind of freeing, in it’s own way. Looking at it like that has made roguelikes a pretty solid stress reliever for me.


SAME!! I kind of want to get into more of them though! They’re for sure fun. I know I want to buy Spelunky and Flinthook. Pray for me man, I’m going to need all the help haha