What is a game or genre that you love but are just awful at?


If you’re looking for a fighter that’s easy to get into and teaches you, all the while being fun to play (no matter what skill level), you should check out Injustice 2. It’s a fun, pick up and play fighter but it does a great job of teaching you all the mechanics the game has to offer. I was very much in the same boat, but I was terrible at fighting games and never bothered buying one until Injustice 2. I think you should give it a shot! Should be on sale somewhere.


Seconding (thirding?) shmups. In a way, the genre is simply a distilled test of mechanical skill, designed around being able to execute flawlessly rather than improvise creatively. Very antithetical to what I think a lot of us look for in games today. While there are bad shmups, there are plenty that do a lot with such a simple formula. Plus, I think the games from the late 80s onward have a great aesthetic appeal. See also: bullet hell.


I always liked music, but I am so unbelievably incompetent when it comes to playing it. I’m awkward with every instrument out there, don’t have an ear for any level of sophistication, and have a complete lack of rhythm and timing. Maybe it’s the huge fingers, maybe it’s the hearing loss, maybe it’s that I just never learned or understood any of it.

That being said, I do like playing Rhythm games. For example, I love, love, LOVE me some rock band, but playing any mildly difficult song on Normal is an accomplishment. Trying to get through other games I adore with stricter timing and more things to keep track of like Guitaroo Man or Rhythm Heaven? Forget about it.

This is part of the reason why I adore games like Rez that incorporate music into its gameplay, but is in a genre I can actually play.


Madden. There’s just not a difficulty level I’ve found that works for me. The lowest is baby easy and I get no pleasure from it, the next one up has some frustratingly competent opponent AI. I’ve recently found that there are apparently independent AI skill sliders, so I’m going to start experimenting more with those.


Just curious, what are your thoughts on watching or playing American football?


I enjoy watching American football most of the time, and I played a great deal of pick-up games at the park as a kid and into high school. Something about playing Madden is just particularly tough for me. I might actually be better at real football, now that I think about it.


I adore, no, love platformers but the only serie I could honest to god say I didn’t had any big problems with is Kirby. I think they might also be the only ones I beat, not watched someone beat or watch LP of it, but beat myself.


Fighting Games and 4x Grand Strategy whatever games.

Fighting Games, I can get good at. MVC3, real good Taskmaster. But I am far more interested in the characters, the setting, and the story in fighting games. Lot of them have these really interesting characters and the only reason I got into Mortal Kombat was “These ninjas look cool”. I usually just play fighting games for the arcade endings and with Injustice and MK, I have gotten real into the story modes. I want a TellTale styled Mortal Kombat game where I can still see these characters interact but without the whole fighting gameplay.

Strategy games I just am not great at thinking the many moves ahead. I find myself overwhelmed with what I should upgrade or research. I really like that games like Endless Space/Legend come with a lot of quests with a fair bit of narrative because that keeps me playing those games. The actual strategy part isn’t something I’m great at though.


Open world RPG. I always wanted to explore every aspect the those huge worlds and try everything I can imagine, which usually is impossible:joy:


Fighting games for sure. I “recently” got Injustice 2 and I love it, but I am Not Good. I also really wanted to get Dragon Ball Fighter Z, but I just don’t have the time to really git gud.
MOBA’s as well. I’m pretty decent, but I have so many other games to play, that I just won’t put THAT many hours in to them.


I dearly love Spelunky but I’ve only gotten to the Ice World twice. The twice world. I find defeat more demoralizing in that game than in most other roguelikes, maybe because it’s so easy to die by accident? The instant-game-over bottomless pits in the ice world being combined with yetis that brutally throw you at the the slightest touch is one of the meanest things in any videogame imo

Otherwise, I love stealth games and I’m not awful at them per se, but I can almost never get through a metal gear or a hitman or splinter cell or w/ever level without being seen and having to murder, and then being caught while disposing of the body, then having to murder that person, until I have a whole pile of bodies and I can no longer truly call it a sneaking mission.


I feel ya. I think I was in third grade when Street Fighter 2 came out, and it was all anyone talked about at school. I think the embedded a love for the genre in me, but I’ve never been very good at any fighting game. That’s why I love that Nether Realms makes these epic story modes in MK and Injustice. I understand all the mechanics and can see how I COULD get really good at it…but I’m cool to just play the story and appreciate a well made game.


Adventure games might be my favorite genre, but I am inescapably bad at adventure game puzzles. It’s weird, since I actually really like (and generally am at least competent at) straight-up puzzle games, especially ones with strictly defined rules and mechanics - I love both of Increpare’s commercially released games, and really enjoyed The Witness even if I do agree with a lot of the criticism it’s received around here in retrospect. Something about trying to parse the internal logic of adventure game puzzles just doesn’t compute in my head, I guess, and I spend the majority of my playtime bouncing between being totally stuck on a puzzle and inevitably slinking back to a guide to figure out how to proceed. (uhs-hints.com has been a huge help with this; it’s basically Professor Layton’s hint coins but applied to other games)

It’s even worse with IF games, since I’m also not great at parsing written descriptions into mental maps of places. I have a folder filled with countless IF titles I’ve collected over the years, and I’ve started most of them but finished exactly zero of the ones that require concentrated puzzle-solving. More obscure ones are particularly bad since they often don’t have walkthroughs.

The focus of adventure games on story and the expanded set of verbs for interaction they allow still keep me hooked deep into the genre, but no matter how experienced I get I still seem to flounder even in “easier” games (I haven’t even attempted any Sierra titles or intricate IF stuff like Varicella for this reason).

Also, it doesn’t help that sometimes the puzzles are just straight up nonsense. I’m still mad about that rubber duck.


Oh man, I’ve played several adventure game as a kid and I don’t think I beat a single one. No, wait I beat one with my brother for sure, the one based on Muppets Treasure Island. An amazing achievement since we didn’t knew a word of English yet this is the one we beat (our parents helped a bit but at that point they didn’t knew English that well either).

Anyway back to the main point: adventure games are the true dark souls of video games.


MOBAs. I adore the quick creation of an overpowered feeling build and getting to use it on other people. However I’m rubbish at battle awareness, useless with buildcrafting, hate the toxicity and flub shots all the time. Before HOTS came out I despised them but now I feel like I’d really love them all if only they were just less complicated and toxic.


BOTW, with stipulations. The puzzles are what fucked me up. Everything else was fun and super fun, but I used a whole lot of guides for the puzzles. The Divine Beasts made me want to throw the Switch across the room. Most of the shrine stuff was fine, but that was more of a “I have this really stupid idea, better test it immediately” sort of thing.

Also: stealth games. I lack the patience and impulse control needed to be good at sneaking around. It doesn’t help that stealth mechanics are bullshit a lot of the time.


I really loved what little I’ve played of Resident Evil 4, but I’ve only gotten a third of the way through it. There are two things about that game I am just not good at.

  1. Projectile Enemies

  2. Whenever an enemy does a side step from where you’re aiming

For whatever reason my brain can’t figure out how to deal with them. Every time I’ve encountered them I’m always like “DAMMIT YOU’VE THWARTED ME AGAIN!


This one makes me kinda sad, but tactics games. Like I can deal with it if my reflexes become less sharp over time, but I used to play these so much, but I’m just so dumb now…


I rarely love things I’m bad at because I just don’t find any joy in the initial phase of constantly losing and not knowing how to get better that I just don’t bother to push through them. The only thing I can think of that sort of fits the bill is fighting games. I really enjoy playing fighting games, getting a feel for the characters and the combo system, and beating the story or whatever the game has. I will try and beat the game with all my favorite characters, unlock whatever I can, etc.

The moment that content is exhausted and I need to fight actual humans, I nope the fuck out and never touch it again. I just can’t even begin to compete and I have no desire to try. I’ll get competent enough to beat the single player material, which I’m sure does nothing but reinforce awful habits that only work on AI, and then that’s it.


The entire genre of real-time strategy games. I put hundreds of hours into Warcraft 3 as a teenager and never became good at it. Ever since then, I’ve been cursed to wander the earth, finding these games compelling but being unable to micro well enough to play them in any legitimate capacity.

Unfortunately the genre died enough that it has retro Kickstarter revivals like Iron Harvest, the true sign of any dead genre, so I don’t even have to worry about it much. Weird.

Also, fighting games. I can’t combo at all and can barely parse what the enemy is doing, regardless of how good the animation is. And shooters, I’m truly not accurate enough to actually shoot anyone.

Wait, I think this thread just made me realize I’m bad at all games.