What is a game you love but Is seen as awfull by everyone else?

For me it’s Dragon Age 2.

It’s weird. Back when the game came out I was really active in fandom communities on Livejournal. The reaction I saw from a lot of the people active in these communities was overwhelmingly positive. People liked the story, loved the characters, and had a blast both playing it, and creating different fanworks based on it. I look on one particular fanfiction archive site and Dragon Age 2 is still up there as one of the more active video game fandoms.

Then I came to reddit, and everywhere I saw it was, "Dragon Age 2 was an utter shitshow of the game. The companions were all annoying, and the combat was terrible.


Sonic Unleashed.

It is unfortunate for so many reasons. It was the game to directly follow the notorious Sonic 06. It’s also… just… a 3D Sonic game, which works against it in general. And even though I love it, and even though I’ll tell you the Werehog isn’t that bad once you level it up a bit, the game has a collect-a-thon element that kind of hangs around in the background where you don’t think you need to worry about it, until you’re nearing the end of the game and suddenly it forces you to grind out collectables to unlock the last few stages. Which sucks. A lot.

But, man. When it’s good, it’s really good. You could probably say that about most 3D Sonic games, but when Sonic Unleashed is good, it makes me want to say it’s the best Sonic has ever been. It is unquestionably better and more exhilarating than Sonic Colors, and it’s got a much higher skill ceiling and is far more rewarding to “do good at” than Sonic Generations.

And I have zero faith that Sega will ever make a 3D Sonic game like that on purpose ever again.

It’s a bit disingenuous to say Sonic Unleashed is “seen as awful by everyone else,” though, because it’s been slowly gaining groundswell as folks give it a second chance. Most of the people these days that write it off are the “Sonic was never good” types. Being down with Sonic Unleashed is like knowing my secret handshake.


honestly, i feel like the answer is morrowind. as much as the people who like it love it outside that bubble is everyone thinking the dice roll combat is the worst thing in the world for some reason.

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It was a weird case where the PS2 version was one of the best versions. That’s the version I played and I was initially annoyed because I discovered content was cut. Years later, I saw how long night levels went on in the X360 version and realized I dodged a bullet.

As for me, it’s difficult to say because I have a few games that everyone says is bad that I love that I would also agree are bad, so I don’t think so bad it’s good counts. I would have to say in terms of my level of enjoyment compared to the general interest around the title…Luminous Arc on the DS, but just the first one. 2 was a fucking trainwreck that was somehow both very aware it was tired anime bullshit and yet completely unaware, and that tone didn’t work. The first one, though, was very sincere and really clicked for me in a way a strategy game hasn’t clicked for me since FF Tactics Advance (and later Chroma Squad).

Luminous Arc had a cute and yet engaging story, very cliched filled but never with a knowing wink and sold the comedy and drama it offered. I appreciated that, and I appreciated the low difficulty because it was such an easy to pick up and play game. I think that one is a genuine gem nobody seems to care about at all (also Lucia is basically a Rukia archetype back when that was a trend for a short bit and I always appreciate something having a Rukia character).

Plus the designs are just all kind of great. I genuinely love the character art to this day (LUCIA’S SLEEVES JET OUT TO LOOK LIKE SHE’S A LITTLE SHINE IT’S ADORABLE).



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Unleashed is basically perfect now that you can easily mod out the Werehog bullshit and just play the good parts now. I think it’s a conversion mod for the Sonic Generations Steam version.

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I’m sensing a “Hey, even the bad BioWare games have their defenders” here, but . . . Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Is the storyline really weak compared to the other ME games? Yes. It’s fine. It’s serviceable. The biggest reason I think everyone hated it is because it’s a mediocre story, which is what most games have, but not most ME games.

But the combat? It’s so, so fun. The verticality offered by the jump jets / biotic lift (you know I play a Vanguard, shotguns and charge forever babey), the way each weapon does feel appreciably different from the others, and hell, driving that big Mako-ripoff that handles even better all over and doing chill stunts off cliffs? I just loved the way playing the game felt.

So yeah, I’ll defend ME: Andromenda and I’m bummed all the open threads meant to be tied up in DLC will never be answered in-game and that we’ll never see that crew (or likely, galaxy) again.


Wet is a perfect video game with a fantastic soundtrack:


Big same. I loved my time with ME:A, despite it having a weaker story (though not bad, just not on the level of the original trilogy). I thought it had some great characters and a lot of nice little moments between the crew (and the loyalty missions are genuinely pretty awesome!), and the gameplay felt so satisfying.

I hate that the gaming world discourse is so built around every game being considered either a 10/10 ZOMG TEH GREATEST or “this is a total garbage fire disaster with no redeeming qualities whatsoever,” because Teh Gamers decided that’s what ME:A was and I find it absolutely baffling. It’s a solidly good, not great, game, but there isn’t any room for that in the great gamer discourse so there’s just endless waves of Twitter comments and YouTube videos going on about it being the worst thing ever made in all of human history.



@Blaze This is funnier to me then it has any right to be, the avi makes it a work of art


The Bionic Commando reboot.

Yeah, all of the plot criticism is deserved, wife arm was not the best choice, but once you got the hang of the swing mechanics it really felt great. Made the multiplayer super fun while it lasted. Was by no means a perfect game, but not nearly as terrible as people made it out to be and it’s unfortunate that it was the last major release Grin put out.

Final Fantasy XIII. The tutorial is overlong and slowly unfolds over the course of tens of hours of randomly jumping between different characters. There’s a lot of linearity and everything is just a series of hallways apart from one overworld that you don’t get to until late in the game. The worldbuilding is a mess, taking the form of people in the know just throwing jargon at each other and counting on you, the player, to piece together what they’re talking about or to read the codex.

But also the combat is incredibly well-designed and interesting, with being able to switch up your party’s class composition on the fly leading to a ton of flexibility and interesting tactics. Also Lightning, the only Final Fantasy protagonist good enough to model for Louis Vuitton


I LOVE Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced and A2.
They get a lot of flack for the judge system and not having the emotionally gripping as the original FF Tactics, but I love the sprite work and cute monster designs. Plus it’s easy to make a nice team of randos who you fall in love with over, say, 200 hours of gameplay (I love you Bloodranz, the memorably computer named Hunter who’s sole job was to use the same ability over and over and was always my MVP).


Honestly I think the story of FFTA was amazing and emotional, while I struggled with even beginning to get into the historical political fantasy of original FFT.


FFTA was a great game! A2 was was fine. Liked the story depth that made the first great though. Really nice art on the plus side

Do wish the laws in the first game capped out at two or three though having 4 by the end was a too much

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The Last Guardian doesn’t seem to have gotten its place in history I feel. Sure it was frustrating to all hell and the frame rate would jank the fuck up at times. But that was a great boy and his dog-bird-rat story and your relationship with Trico was so worth the price of admission.

And yes, you can pet the dog.


I will direct you towards my official statement on the matter.

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I bawled at the end of TLG. I also never had trouble controlling Trico for some reason.

People already took my responses of ME:A and Dragon Age 2 so I am going to say Assassin Creed 3. It was my first Assassin Creed and I loved fighting for the revolution and taking down the British. I thought the story was good and I didn’t mind Conner being bland.

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It’s the best Sonic game of the 00’s. I don’t think anything has actively improved on it.

XCOM: APOCALYPSE WAS BRILLIANT DAMN YOU ALL. I don’t understand hwo people can talk about stuff like Frozen Synapse without giving enormous props to XCOM:A, which had a faction-riven simulated city with internal politics and huge amounts of player freedom. AI factions could go to war with each other, and raiding gang headquarters and turning XCOM into a bunch of drug dealers was a viable strategy!

Mercenaries 2 was the most fun of the Open World Chaos Games of its era and I will never stop loving that 1) Peter Stormare’s mercenary’s whole motivation for wrecking a country is a guy not only ripped him off but shot him in the ass and 2) each of the three playable chacters spoke English and 1 other language, so depending on who you played as, you would understand some enemy dialogue, but never all of it.

post script: I don’t think Three Moves Ahead ever did an XCOM: Apocalypse show and that’s a fucking crime for which I feel betrayed by Robs Zacnydes.